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This is a symbol that represents the SUN.  It can be seen as an eye and a breast, and if you go back far enough you will find that ISIS was originally the SUN.  People believe they have solved the puzzle of religion, by revelations of Sun God myths.  Go further, the "male only" Sun God myth, is but one stage in distancing people from something so that the weak can assume power that is not meant for them.  


The SUN is a multi-dimensional thing---and is androgyne.  This is why Jesus is androgynous, the idea is for weak men to appropriate the divine feminine and make women endure the experience of a guy with a beard representing the Divine Feminine for them.  Today, people think they are progressive when identifying Jesus as a symbol of the Divine they are enlightened in contrast to patriarchal modes.  


Shut the hell up, fools.  The Divine Feminine is an image of a woman.  It is because of the manipulation of our language that a woman cannot be the SUN, due to SUN=SON but not DAUGHTER.   


                                                                             DIVINE-division of the VINE

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sun glyph.jpg

ZOOM IN close enough to the DOT in the center of the is another circle.  Eventually, another dot will arrive---an illusion of distance, that is merely a far off circle appearing as a dot.  

THE CIRCLE----it is our ZERO.  It is the O that begins the word ONE.  It is the O that ends the word O.  ONE suggests beginning with the circle, ZERO suggests ending with the circle.  

We have a SUN and SON

and DAUGHTER---a trinity......

Who put the DOT in the middle of the circle?

That which places this DOT must surely be.......A DOTTER.                  The EARS have always been denied their place,

"Son and a DOTTER?" 

Emphasis on THE ONE EYE ensures that the EARS


Sun and Daughter.  Son and Dotter.  


There is no ONE THING ONLY.   

In some schemes, the O represents the feminine and the I represents the masculine, due to the basic "thing fits in the hole" which makes sense.  Some say that "spirit" is represented by the O and I prefer to disagree for the sake of maintaining that spirit rhymes with spear it.  The I is clearly going to spear O, and so O becomes a symbol of matter.  

But those who say O is the spirit, are not wrong.  The O and the I are the two extremes that the ONE BEING THAT IS ALL BEINGS, the COSMIC SERPENT finds that are possible to its form.....the serpent may form a circle, it may straighten itself to a line.....mascu-line.  

The Glyph above can be seen as actually being the I engaged in spearing the O....the DOT is the I penetrating the center of the O.  SPEAR, or the the DOTTER.   

The Sun glyph is the symbol expressing the act of penetration by the SPEAR of the HOLE.  

When prudes talk of the Holy Spirit and try to sound like they're having a lot of insight in their interpretation of the Trinity "I think it's symbolising Mary!"  Holy a third apart from the other two....males.   

This is wrong.  The idea of 1 is male, the idea of 2 is female.  The Christian interpretation has deliberately reversed this to cut us off from the greater universe.  The Earth is disconnected.  Perception has fallen.  I, or the ODD is the mascu-line.  II or 2 (a snake image) is feminine.  All odd numbers are masculine and all even numbers are feminine.  This is nothing to do with social or political ideas regarding masculine and shut up.  

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SPEAR IT=SPIRIT The ears know one word, while the eyes know two words.  This is likely something to do with why we have ended up with a trinity assigning HOLY SPIRIT 

The disgusting problem here, is that the Christian Trinity is really about a Father dominating his Son, the "Holy Spirit' is anal penetration.  If you know as much as I do about the history of Christianity, everything FOUL and WRONG has been given license, the spirit moving through the organization has been HATRED of life, and all foul deeds display a "loyalty to God", who rejects a fallen world.....his agents reject all things in a fallen world by committing all possible foul deeds in His Name, and turning a trinity into the Father who rapes his Son, the raping being the "Holy Spirit" (they are all consubstantial)..

The Trinity is many, many, many things.  By the VAGUE idea of trinity, people will believe.  Of course there is a trinity.  

If the Holy Spirit is really Mary, who is spearing the hole? Words are made of magic and they shape what becomes, they are the DNA coding of events.  Is she the Holy Spirit with a dildo? Or are both Father and Son doing her? Rembember, its core, is the negation of life.  All deeds which negate the value of life on Earth are endorsed, but privately.   The nature of evil is inner schism.  A face to show outsiders, and the other extreme in private.  I have volunteered to be in hell so I could witness how things operate on the inside of life negating philosophies.  Whatever is most disrespectful and wrong affirms the philosophy rejecting a fallen world....only a life affirming philosophy can result in respect.  Christianity is has never been a moral guide.  


The perverse mind of priests, would likely have turned the Son/Lover of the Goddess concept into exactly why there are things carefully guarded from the profane.....

To say that the third part of the Trinity is "Mary" is to be claiming that the Son and Father are both the Goddess, due to the claim of the Trinity being consubstantial.  the Three are one.  


This is the proper symbol of "The Holy Spirit" which IS the ORIGINAL Trinity.  There are 2 hemispheres created by I, the penetration of a sphere seen from a certain perspective, reduced for convenience to this symbol.   

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