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The Cross itself, what is it, really? Here, we are dealing with the unfolded cube.  The cube is a symbol of the 3rd dimension, and the cross...or unfolded cube, is a symbol of the second dimension.  Who hangs on it, perpetually? Who do people most want to be two-dimensional?  Who is that? The most advanced and beautiful man, of course....a consequence of his achievement is fame, which people want to believe is the goal, whatever is created or achieved is about getting applause., it's the other way around, applause is the success of a goal.....that enriches others' lives.   Just for the praise? The goal was never genuine, just willingness to go to extremes, for extreme attention.  To achieve great things, which advance human civilization, is mere vanity....when achieved by a man who is quite beautiful.  People insist that such a person is merely driven by the applause, rather than the goal itself.  Praise him.  In His name, etc.  Make him deal with everything, he knows that he owes everyone something.   




Looking at things as an unfolded cube, a reduction of dimension.....a lot is put into perspective.  You are being invited to become two-dimensional, and who invites you? An image of a person of a type that people most WANT to be two-dimensional, as their own excuse to become two-dimensional.  Give Him all the Glory!!! It's all for the glory, rather than a goal that benefits everyone....a life dedicated to causing a constructive change of our mythology into something higher, because myths feed back into human experience so much that dysfunctional myths need to go, lest they continue to influence a destructive feedback loop.  Change the myth? How? Only one the foundation of a myth, and hope that people respect the achievement!!!  Oh dear, it appears that a lot of people are so perverse that a beautiful man can't be taken seriously enough, so they are stuck on this thing about male beauty = someone who wants attention for it's own sake and cannot see outside of his own pretty appearance even though his eyes look away from his face, and is he only capable of thinking of how cool he looks while doing substance, nothing going on inside but what other people put their with their attention and projections, the perfect savior.  Give him your crap, to give him substance!! The myth changed, and for the worse.  

A lot has been done to uncover various historical Christs that come together as a composite, and yet.....there is not enough focus on something which seems very important.  Alexander, and his dream taken the opposite direction......the image of death on a cross, contrast with life in a cube.  

The cube is a symbol of the six coordinates of reality around a central perceiver, the death on the death in the second dimension, a reduction of dimension.  People have been warned about experriencing the "second death", the first being that the soul "dies" when physically incarnating.  The second death.........oh, dear.  What about the second coming? Is it the second dimension coming for you???? 

Religion displaces people from their centers, to focus on two-dimensional images on the wall, and two-dimensional ideas like light is good and darkness is evil....or even worse, positive and negative are good and evil.  If you are not in the NOW, because you have no self-centeredness.....(beautiful physical features are not vanity because other people volunteer to stare).  If you are not in the NOW, what is the anticipation of the second coming?  Consider the LORD's face, it is a clock.   

The CLOCK.  It is the minotaur of Daedalus, symbolic of the minute and hour.  MinuteHour.  The second hand, but there is no first hand.  The Clock is the LORD of the second hand experience, of the second dimension.  The measure of the second hand experience is on the wall, a two dimensional reduction of it's origin from the Sun and its' shadow.  

five to one.jpg

The characterization is largely based on a prejudice that people have towards certain types of men, that is not allowed to be acknowledged.  It is a huge taboo, and I am breaking it.  This is the man who has Venusian qualities that is being insulted here, and the popular religion is a manual for understanding how people will relate to any amazing gentleman, a "son of god", who comes to this planet to advance humanity....only to be interpreted by those who are only able to see how much admiration and attention he gets.....which in realistic situations, is an unavoidable consequence.   

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