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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was GOD and the Word was with God and the joke's on you, buddy.....GOD has parents, MR. I and MRS. O...."IO" as they appeared together, and when he went inside her, he split her in two! Oh, the universe is a crass place.  GOD was embarrassed by his parents universal displays of affection, and IO became HIS commandments? Ah, but his friends and family knew that the IO's had a child, and a Vesica PisCis-gendered one at that.  I mascuLINE --and O for O yeah....and the rest is history, which should really be MYSTERY. 


What is feminine? 59 (from "How To Annoy A Feminist")---0-59 points around the O, and without a mascuLINE -- you might fixate on SEX (latin for six) and wait for the second coming (you cannot know the minute and the hour of the second coming) or you might get caught up in a counter-culture revolution, waiting for that second that never seems to arrive.....not until achieving transcendent schizophrenia, the bliss of total disconnection from eternity in NOW!


A clock is a counter which shapes culture....c'mon. 

GOD is a WORD, and IT said "let there be light" WITH LIGHT -- it was not specified that the words were SOUNDED -- the second dimension claims credit for the existence of light every time we imagine an origin story where GOD is speaking.  You are suddenly altered...die to the third dimension of space, reborn in the "place beyond this world" (the second dimension)....and to whom is he speaking?  LIGHT has no origin.  I'm gonna go for a walk and point at the sky and say "let there be clouds" and take great pride in myself. 

If you think THAT is boring......check out King Izas bar Manu VI of 1st Century Edessa...he was a silly man...and his sister was even sillier....some "Mary Magdaloo" somebody or other. 

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While they were doing what autistic kleptomaniacs do, which is taking things literally, some of us were considering that medieval sexual metaphors might still involve literally taking a thing (pulling out)...and only the one TRUE may have the honor of pulling out----after the fact of her insertion and all the rest..."are you TRUE?" "Yeah, sure baby.....I love you....whoah...aaahh yeah".  King Arthur the FISSURE king (fisher king, whatever).  Other than that, there are no other valid interpretations of the symbol of The Sword and the Stone.  If you are true, pull out and you will be king. Fuh, Smoh, Dreen, etc. and the King of Cartoons. 


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Either Amanda Sage knows about some very obscure stuff, possibly maybe regarding the deeply buried and/or never known truth about the USA and how she transmitted poetry at the event of "pushing General Crook out of the Valley of the Rosebud", since some high cosmic wisdom is encapsulated in this image....that or she is super psychic.  This image was two clock towers down from my contribution to a big damn "horizon clock" in the desert 11 years ago.  (raven image) -- sharing "8" with Chrystya's poetry, which extends to the third dimension of now-flowing space time -- this was a reflection of my deliberate 'divine masculine following the lead of the Goddess into "One I", through the upward blade of FIRE -- and the downward delta manifested as above -- a reflection of my offering, it seemed....we did not consult, it was a happy affirmation of my own message to myself.  FIREWATER.  That the two triangles merged over her heart is just fascinating. 


"Inner child, take the wheel....I'll shoot out the window" kind of approach to life....most people don't operate that way, and so they allow a piddly human to stand in the place of the World Teacher --- Sophia, or whatever name you prefer.  Maria. 


What is a woman? People often cannot answer this question these days, which is super.  Warrior and psychic door of the most obscure knowledge mirror coincidence of god....that's my answer. I know about Chrystya, and by the cosmic rule of "like attracts like"....Amanda Sage is clearly also a door of knowledge--a high priestess to replace Tuesday Weld (of 2-2 Tuesday fame)- Like attracts like, and whether or not people know about the erotic war of an America least I do....and maybe that is why people want to kill me. Fake America surrounds you......if you have made it this far, then Grace Slick says howdy-doo.  

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