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When she was hurting and needing love, her family instead, did what I tell here....I I am the WARPATH...and it is this amazing betrayal that we both experienced which was the price taken from us by what guides knowledge that Maui led me towards....and this knowledge, I have suffered for and I show my dedication to the exiled, abused and tortured oracle--

I AM CARE and active. I am the WARRIOR and have been lying low, as I am very unwelcome here and yet I am a wanted man....wanted, loved, needed, I am the MAN who knows the identity of NO WATER to be Captain Fredrick Benteen, and I KNOW WATER---she is a Mother equal to the Earth, and she is CANCER....the curse word that has influenced a nation to abandon her....


CANCER is CARE, CANCER---as a dirty word, is the curse of children who are used as objects, and without CANCER --the psyche and medium of poetry spoken by the Soul of the world to me.

This is an invitation to relate to this message with contempt, and see what you invite to your life by rejection of what I say to stick up for her......

She was abused, and many times I have felt she might die from a heavy heart....I know that I cannot, so I will die gladly defending what no one else will.....

Alone, or with a tribe that recognizes me.  I invite all challengers, if you are a greater leader than I, than show me and I will get behind you. 


Otherwise, I am the WARPATH,

Maui was my destiny to have this amnesia cured.  

CANCER --- I know you, typical male---you think astrology is so extremely stupid, and yet have no answer for how it might work, because YOU are intimidated by being called stupid. 


Call me stupid all you want, I will be the humiliation of many typical men, because it is not smart to be interested in anything that might result in being subject to disapproval.....come at me, I invite all men to the challenge, I invite you to try to stop me....not with abuse, or petty competition....but show me that you are any worthy rival of me.  I invite you to be greater than I can be in every category, I want to invite every challenger to the crossroads of NOW....I am undefeated, never stopped fighting....and have never surrendered. 

Typical male, you did not explore and find that Cancer belongs to ONTOLOGY, it is a sign of the mind, and those who cannot read the signs will be lost....I know all about how what you fear you negate. 

I never turned my back on her, and now I am here and I have already won, I am one....and I am Seven. Freedom from the need to be loved by anyone but her, and freedom to fight on behalf of her.....They are going to pay for what they have done to her, and yet "they" keep changing.  

Robert a Devil which has been my challenge, and I met the challenge when I published this on the Equinox.....

I am the MAN---of the scales, and I am the FEATHER of the EAGLE.  What she has suffered is to 

be respected for it is knowledge given to you, of how the most beautiful have no hope.....but one man.   Her only hope could be me, and I was willing to be the Wrecked Angel......lifetime after time, three in a row until I hit the bottom ......... by allowing the greatest betrayal of have its way with me, and I was not made to could do nothing to make me obey---I have the wealth with me, that the millionaire envies......

The only thing I can lose is self-respect for knowing what I am and not rising proud and strong when I get the signal...and it was a dream, the other night.  I was a rider on the plains in the darkness before the dawn.....and the voice of my coyote was in the air, and I dismounted into the spirit.....and he ran across the horizon towards a rising sun, howling and leaving feathers of fire in his wake.....pursued by a Tomahawk thrown from the depths of my soul, beautiful and sharp as the wit--

I rode up to these Sooners, and hitched all of their campsites to my power, and said as I evicted them from America "Y'all are Sooners? Well, y'all come back sooner, ha!" They could do nothing, but leave as I wanted them to....and in one sense, they are the enemies camping in my soul which would have me fearing the awkwardness of what would be, if I began to just be the deepest way I can, forced to do so for I AM CARE--not I CAMERA, and for how much I have seen her suffer, so much and I am the only witness......

Witness this: for 15 years now, I have been withholding a great sorrow--it is the sorrow of knowing I can only be an outlier, and withstand what will be done....there is a sense of some great shame, a powerful thing...and when my wife suffered from cancer, we paid heavily for this....what is it? You have a secret!! And so, Robert Johnson projecting upon me every evil.     

Why, why, why? would such horror happen to her? Why does it happen to her? I experienced a re-enactment of what had once happened to her, and there are those who would feel FEAR when approaching the empathic zone, I do not fear.....and Maui healed an amnesia at an enormous cost to myself.......the knowledge is so sacred, that I must sacrifce pain...for power in battle, and I tell this to have not been punished---you have sacrificed flesh and pain for power in battle, and perhaps you needed to get something off your chest.....but this sacrifice will see returned to her a great joy, and you watch this WARPATH--do with the healing of cancer what nobody else could offer....I contradict all positions of medical authority as posers.   CANCER is ISIS, your water Mother.....and America has cast ISIS aside, America has abandoned Pretty White Buffalo Road Calf Woman who I have known before selecting a path for myself, that would guarantee that I could experience as much damage and sorrow to myself, as I remembered......."honey, I had it come back to me.....I came to rescue you.  I swore to take on as much as it took to equal you in suffering---and I was thrown into the depths of Hell to find you and then raise our vibrations in the direction of home...which is where the MAN is LIBRA and COBRA...and never sacrificed.  I am escorting you home now, I am sorry that this ever happened to you......I will not let it take you down--into another cycle of incarceration. 


 and crossed my fingers that my will is stronger than death for the both of us, and I was her side.  How can I explain, but only say....that I have the capacity to cut myself into a half for me, and one for will not succumb and be taken down---HEYOKA WARRIOR, I fulfill a role and capacity, to contradict and oppose everyone around me if necessary ..... I have trained my whole life for this and endured every assumption, and I am the WARPATH, that disobeyed every person in childhood..


I am not gifted, and it is an aura which causes people to act strange around me, 

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