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At the core of this band, is an attitude of no surrender.  Never stop fighting, for if you give and and give up, there are spiritual consequences.  In our case, to stay our course and never let anyone knock us down (and they have tried, so hard) is now a situation, that is much like what happens to a parent who assumes that going to extremes will accomplish their goal of domination of a terrified and helpless child.


CANCER--results in people projecting something about themselves upon someone who triggers their shame and self-hatred for what they have done......which was to give up too easily and identify with the power to dominate someone....due to the terror of rejecting God the Father, which is the forgotten memory of an authoritarian presence in helpless and vulnerable childhood.   

When I was a child, I experienced a father who was "humiliated" by me, because I knew in my heart that when someone tells you to do something wrong, do not obey.   A person who commands someone to do what is wrong, and ---well, a child that is a born leader and stronger than normal can really get an adult to volunteer for going to their own extreme of humiliation and self-debasement when assuming "this time, what I do will put the fear of me in him and he will be afraid to disobey.  What happened instead, was the horror of knowing to have gone that far only to expose what lurks within, hatred of strength in a child....who is there to be dominated and pushed down.   To have a child experience that without splitting off, but "I know about you now"--- a rough childhood is a blessing, it is fundamentally important to understand that bravery triggers insecurity and abuse in others.  

While recording this album, family members thought that they were accomplishing something by going to an extreme with wanting to disrupt our lives, imagining they could take us to the bottom and keep us down.  This album suddenly existing says "well, you only accomplished exposing yourselves to us and now, that you have sowed the seeds of your destruction by violating the boundaries of innocent people -- because of a psychotic fear of empathy for my wife, that they are incapable of.....the laws of the universe are what they are.  

There is a "War On Cancer"--it amounts to a war on woman, child empathy and creation of new life.  Never stop fighting, and when you come out able to show that no amount of hatred and sabotage perpetrated against us can stop us.....and so we have won the war, and broadcast this as symbols of very large situations. 


HATE--experienced due to others taking in brainwashing from a toxic society that says "Cancer is bad"--which results in treating someone trying to survive cancer as a bad person....and who is worse? The person who has empathy for her.  

Empathy for the suffering is considered evil in fake America, and so that is what we are about.  We know exactly what road to take.  Empathy for suffering innocents will trigger people to expose who they really are.....and, face it......our band is pretty fucking rad.   

This is when people begin to panic, knowing that all they accomplished was exposing what they really are, absolutely stunned that the extremes they went to, did not result in our compromise....but we are very, very serious about addressing the hatred of empathy and for people who are considered beautiful within and without.  We will not be objectified or sacrificed --we are an outlaw band, and unstoppable. Empathy is the root of feel, is to access your own creative will.  There is no "gift"--but the one we give to our audience.  RESPECT. 


                                                       TEZCAT REAL

         TEZCAT REAL

"The imagination is not a state,

                                 it is the human existence itself"


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