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USA CHART---the part of fortune 26'12 Cancer, is in the 8th house....happiness for America, is intense feeling...and in the realm of sex/death/transormation/occult/paranormal, facing fears, psychology, self-work, etc.  The part of fortune is on the degree of the zodiac that rules the, if you want to save America, WOMEN (Cancer is a sign referring to WOMEN) -this is going to have to be a bare-breasted job, the sight of naked breasts triggers MEMORY--they don't call them MAMMARIES if they weren't directly associated with MEMORIES---Some say America lost it's way, and I say she was murdered in worst fashion, and finding out, from me...what a going to cause a sudden storm.  Probably in the sense that people are yelling at me. 




This storm is not wearing shirt, or a bra.  This is a bare breasted job, so go out there and sing and dance a new world into being, where men and women are warriors, who respect and admire each other.....the second dimension has no power over us....TV is not authority...our phones do not take us to do things.  I may be the only man right now, who can get a righteous "HELL YEAH" out of women when I say "Show your tits!" --- It's right there, in the chart.....look it up, 27th degree of Cancer.... First, it is an expression of fearlessness and a great way to say, without uttering a word "we do not recognize the legitimacy of any of this".  Women in battle can stun an enemy while riding up--it is a rather clever tactic, and once on the ground after being knocked off his horse, thinks his last thought: "I just got killed by a beautiful naked woman, wow!"

The Battle of the Clit against General Crook, June 17 1876

otherwise known as the Battle of the Rosebud, in the Valley of the Rosebud

otherwise known as the Pussy, or the Vagina.  

Tezcat Real is for Pussies.

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          I AM CARE

The Great Tree Of Life is the Great Poetry of Life, and it is in the Higher Dimension, in which we make contracts with SOUND (a form of light) that Poetry is a Tree, it is only at the level of 2D that the connection is divided wth the written spelling.  The Higher Dimension of Spelling, calls a Reality into Being, and it is women who have the power to act as a bridge between the spiritual world and matter, to bring things into our world.  I can speak, and I can plan, and I can fight, I can create images, music, and use words to spread knowledge, and I can uncover knowledge.....but I can only bring things into being by becoming androgyne on a psychological level and having a communion with Goddess energy...and NOT in the wussy way this is expected to mission on Earth, seems to get people to realize that a real warrior is in relationship with Goddess as an Individual, as is a man amongst boys...who still externalize the portion of the Creator/God alotted to them as "authority" that always ASSERTS THEIR AUTHORITY BY INVOKING THE SECOND DIMENSION.  (Your Constitution is yet another subversion of the Higher Dimension with power invested ina 2D rectangle.  I am androgyne, just as much as the Warrior Woman is androgyne....this is the goal that usurpers subvert with what they offer.....a physical transformation, but nothing more. I assert that it is now necessary to call in the proof that I have to offer, and prove with Astrology which is MORE accurate than science, because people LIE and get paid to "prove" what the institution wants them to "prove"...we are travelers, even the worst people come back...again and again.   A great many of those who feel like the "wrong gender" are likely trying being male for the first time after female has run its course, and cive versa.  Trauma suffered early in life causes back-pedaling, and the suddden "I made a mistake" attitude, that our myopia turns into "wrong gender" our conditions are NOT a mistake, and this attitude would be very healing for people.  Yes, there is another gender in there.....firmly are trying to do something new, so go for it!

No matter how far I go with "creativity", I can never do what women can do, which is to bring something to life, , to create life itself, from a seed which is an idea made of images and words planted in the subconscious..often this is done by using music and sudden excitment to reach the deepest levels, and bring it into physical incarnation.  This can happen on a subconscious level.  Women have a power to make things happen on a physical level and it's a good thing that there is a person that is me here to take things in a different direction....,since COVID is everywhere, and COVID 19 means ....together seeing the second hand reproduction of reality all possible number vibrations, (1-9) and 1+9=10 which is Authority of Kronos, Bran, mythically associated with Ravens and Crows, so....hmmm...Corvid is so close to that that, it seems that CORVID has something to do with Individual Authority, and COVID is collectivism finding authority in the VID, the 2D realm of Flat Earth (the whole Flat Earth joke is about the world inside the TV, which has U in the middle).  COVID 1-9 (we are a hive mind covering all possible combinations of number, because the language of God is number) is a pandemic of people not being in their core, and doing what the Second Dimension says to the Higher Dimension....telling us to be SIX FEET away and PRACTICING, when SIX is the number of separation..FROM REALITY, FROM GOD, FROM GODDESS, FROM LIFE, etc.  It is all not what it seems on the surface.  

It seems that someone is expecting something having to do with CORVID and Individualism, and the.....SEVENTH GENERATION? Perhaps, the power of Woman's deepest desire, is the most powerful force in the world, and has already defeated the subversion of paradise?

North, East, West, South, Up and Down.  There is SIX--at the center of it all, is the SEVENTH GENERATION. SIX walls of separation.  SEX!! That very word means SIX, and intimacy is beyond sex, when SEX reaches SEVEN, conscious eroticism, the word is communion (come union, simultaneous orgasm, synchronicity).  

The power of Woman's  desire is the most powerful force in the world, and since we can't see live music anymore, and that America's progressed Sun is in the fourth house in Pisces, it means......that we can do something that transcends barriers of space and time, we will sing a new world into being...and I know what is the most powerful force in the world, and "Sophia" or "America" would not give me the abilities I have if I were not worthy and a welcome friend in places most men cannot go without being ripped to pieces, such as it says in the myths...of Bran.

The most important events to happen to America, (which has not been brought into being yet....) were the Battle of the Rosebud and the Battle of Little Big Horn. The Battle of Little Big Horn, was the epicenter of a major energy vortex, specifically the moment when Mitzi knocked Custer off his horse, and the polarity flipped at that moment....all that has been said about it is mostly LIES.  It is a strange thing to have sudden recall of things which contradict history, and I can prove everything with astrology, except that a lot of people think astrology is rubbish.  So, the New World of SEVEN is ushered in by women who want to live in a world where men and women are warriors, who are concerned more with being the custodians of paradise than worsihpping rectangles.  There shall be no worship of RECTANGLES. 


So, it is up to Women..and what America the REAL Lilith to be incarnate, and you may have noticed an agenda to bring into being the malevolent Lilith...who despises strong men, and wants people to be walking computer/phones that can be her way of being omnipresent....

Her name is CIARA, the Black Moopn Lilith of USA's chart, who has deeply wounded the REAL AMERICAN LILITH, who is also CHARIKLO---and the REal America requires embracing a situation that is shamanic and sci-fi, I appeal to women, because for the most have  retarded fixation on left-brain Snopes style "that is nothing more than the most mundane, meaningless I am so smart"---

Poetry.....The Battle Of the Rosebud, was on June 17th, 1876.  A certain woman, who was America incarnate (according to the chart made of the moment that she rode back into battle to save her brother), established the event, which on the other side of the Vortex, was to be a situation where someone, her brother came to save her.   What really happened is not to be found anywhere, but in my memory.  WTF? Yes, I know.  This is a situation, that required amnesia....there are things that want to hold us back, and I am sort of a problem, but your good news.   I see that the world is in deep shit, and on another page, I will show you that the destiny of America, is with women...and that means to embrace the taboo...(belief in other lives, in the power of emotion to magically bring a world into being).

Usurpers want to take this in a toxic direction, where embracing the taboo is to normalize child abuse, and this is not okay.  Warriors are to be brave and outspoken at all times, and to hold back when I see this going on, is not okay.  My own chart, shows me that my "Part of Loneliness" falls on 17 Aquarius, "A man unmasked"--and so, I guess being rejected and ostracized for this is just how it's going to be, but hopefully excepting the other lonely ones, the best-friend material in my life....the positive and healthy Lilith types, the warrior women...and war happens on the psychological dimension, we have a chance to transcend war on the level of bloodshed...the REAL Wonder Woman respects and admires authentic men.  

Go for the "taboo" I mean the taboo on taking astrology seriously, and acknowledging the immortality of the soul, and last but not least, using female sexual energy to bring a beautiful world into being, with a new Battle of the Rosebud...which is to use the Rosebud as a magical weapon against a false world.  I cannot do anything without being open about it.....I plan to use music as a means to stimulate emotion and plant ideas, that women give "birth to with their energy....and am to be with you at the continuing Battle of the Rosebud, as an indispensible VIP player.


I just go by what the Goddess is saying with these events, knowing that the Great Tree is poetry.  The moment that she saved her brother was 9;30 am --the Part of Fortune was 0'42 Cancer, with "America" the asteroid, at 0'22 Cancer.  That moment was America, and ..... that woman was America, confirmed by many more charts showing this to be true.  What happened to America? When you find out, you will be extremely enraged...what I know about, is the worst thing that has ever happened....and what America wants, is a Battle Of The Rosebud to continue, and to memories are real, and I am in a situation where I have no choice but to go this way, the other direction is RUIN...and the death of my long suffering wife.  (Her wonderful family is trying to murder her by causing a situation meant to get her to succumb to cancer....and this is all triggered by a reaction to her physical beauty.....exactly what I despise about this is a crime, atoned for by being thanks!)

The clearly a symbol for the Clit.  I don't think that any women are going to disagree with me, with that exceptional and lovely comparison....I would prefer that Rosebud replace the word Clitoris, and that Vagina, a ridiculous word, be changed to Valley of the Rosebud....literally where this battle took place). The very next week, the Battle of The Little Big Horn.....(the Battle of the Small Penis Syndrome).

Imagine, an entire battle taking place inside your pussy.   What makes it such a poetic message? General Crook was the commander of the FakeAmerican soldiers...who were defeated.  General Crook, in the Valley of the Rosebud.  A battle inside of America's pussy, against a General Crook.  Fake America is a rapist, a liar, a thief, a coward, and sadistic torturer.   Nobody.....should ever have to go through what she did......

Real Men are incapable of rape and torture, first...there are no holes in the boat for Hades to get in and there is no alter personality to take over and discharge fear and hatred, there is no tendency to envy---Real Men are protectors, it is weak men who made up the 7th Cavalry....and tried to RUIN the concept of SEVEN---which seems like to coincidental to be a coincidence.

The real meaning of "Unconditional Love" is not the usual bullshit, it is the willingness to endure anything for the sake of love, loyalty...and it is so wrong to me to experience how people get really strange and selfish about "Cancer"--it's as if, since 1876 --an occult agenda to demonize the word and archetype of Cancer happened.  

The Legend of Crazy Shadows, you have never heard....nearly everything you have heard is bullshit.  He died, he was sold out. The father who gave him a name, made great returns on his investment when pulling the name back in, and could now walk around with a name infused with unearned glory.  Betrayal.

Crazy Shadows. The man knew that everything goes downhill if the shadow is not acknowledged and respected.  He knew people, often times....a person talking to him had a shadow displaying a knife---this way he knew of people's intentions.  Black Buffalo Woman never existed.

By now, you either hate me or want my autograph.  I am being forced out, I can prove everything with astrology. Who can do that? Long, long story.

The knowledge I have about this was a sudden WOOSH of returned memory, happening at the solstice, which is said to be a "transfer of power" and what I have experienced lately seems to verify that. An energetic regime change.  I feel like I have traveled the world without leaving my home.  To have KNOWLEDGE just be recalled, is so....awesome, which says something about getting an education.....(you already know a great deal)---memory is not in the body, specifically.  Cancer, empathy, feeling, willingness to be vulnerable....setting up a protected intimate space....this is the way back.   

Memory and Mammary--same word, pretty much....America's part of fortune, is the 27th degree of Cancer, which rules the nipples.  Yup.  Seriously, Siriusly.  Saving America is a bare breasted job.  I mean it, I have unmasked and exposed myself already in ways potentailly far more humiliating and life threatening than having exposed breasts, this is my way of demonstrating commitment.  

To force people to stop in their tracks and REMEMBER who they really are and why they are here, nothing like the sight of bare breasts to trigger the subconscious and this is why female warriors would and should use this tactic....and this tactic is the envy of men, who would depend on war paint and silly hats.  

Since this is A Battle of The Rosebud, the bottoms might not last very long either.  A lot of energy is in Aquarius, which means group activities....and the enormous power there is in group focused something to reckon with.   Aquarius is Imagination, and with the progressed Sun of America in the Fourth House in Pisces, there is a situation of doing things at home, in privacy, that can transcend the barriers of space and time.  Manifest the Seventh Generation, it's up to women to do this, I provide the tools to help it along.

The arousal of women's energy, will whip up an amazing storm of synchronicity.  Men were and still are afraid of "witches".  The magical power that women have, when focused on a particular idea, is the ability to give birth-magical birth, that has caused men to envy--for millennia.  I think this power has caused me to still exist, despite obstacles placed in my way.

Stronger than Death.  

I called this article "The Battle Of the Clit", because I have knowledge regarding the central fact of America. Fake America.

The little boy, when encountering strength, intelligence, beauty and overwhelmed-the first instinct is to dominate it.  This is how I always recognize a little boy behind every "man" in a position of "authority"--that always carries this base message (I am on top of you, doing my thing on you....oh yeah, oh yeah....and saying "check out how I dominate this bitch guys! I am not gay! Can you see my ass!? Take a picture of my ass, while I am doing the domination on this!")


Would you be so kind as to take this song with you into the gates of the dawn? thank you!

The castrated man, who fell into the trap of believing that the Alpha Warrior represents the "enemy" equates strength with "rape", (an extension of a toxic mother's values). The castrated man is unconscious and unreflecting, he will act out perverse expectations, which is to behave in such a way that will "prove" to a toxic mothers (and other timid women who aren't willing to face their past, overcome and integrate things) that she is "correct about men" while these very men are doing her bidding yet appearing to be the sole perpetrators (perpetual traitor), while onlookers are never having it dawn on them that a  person who cannot control themselves around what excites their senses, is not strong...but is weak.  The lack of masculinity is what results in the evil patriarchy that women so want to smash.....

I repeat "THE EVIL PATRIARCHY IS THE RESULT OF WEAK MEN CASTRATED BY COWARDLY WOMEN" .  A REAL MAN is a warrior, who who lives by the code to protect the vulnerable and the innocent, does not lie, cheat, steal or betray, and is called on by, rather than inviting himself, the most vulnerable person in the world.... the woman who is a warrior, strong, independent, and naturally sexual --rather than using sexuality for material gain and social manipulation. She is vulnerable, because she is everything "men" are afraid of and won't admit to, which explains so much of social posturing and "I would do this to that" when unable to see someone and say "hey, there's my friend, looks like she found some seashells. Cool".  You see images of her in fantasy art, because men are too chickenshit to handle her as a reality.

It is when a person realizes the constant eroticism of perception, and that contrary to Academia, the intelligence of the Universe experienced by the Individual is a Goddess, that being overwhelmed by anything to have to dominate it is an impossible thought and utterly foreign behavioral pattern.  The Goddess demonstrates, with every synchronicity, that your intimate parts of yourself have been invited to be inside her---the proof of that being a child born of father and mother, an event manifest externally reflecting things never mentioned to other people, other than intimate partners.  

Legitimate masculinity is the fight to overcome all that is wicked and foul, all that is the deeds of the spirit of betrayal, that enters the person who is too weak to integrate childhood wounds and relive what was too intense to be experienced at the time, which causes a part of the psyche to be "split off" and if severe enough, will have the potential to hijack the entire organism as an autonomous complex....something with a llife of its own, that has such contempt for the captain that locked it away, and takes over....using the idea of the person as a facade....wearing that person as a disquise, while "living" to make others feel what it was once sujected to.  

Did you know, that calling something "unholy" is a mind trick meant to get people to associate NOT having holes in the boat that lets Hades in, with "bad"...and being "holy" can refer to having a psyche full of holes, that leaves them open to authoritarian paradigms, and ..... also on the Twilight Zone level? A warrior is not afraid to be honest and bold, I will say things that guarantee "he's crazy!" remarks.  The name is Crazy Shadows.  I recently have had a recall of many things, and although never leaving my apartment, feel like I have traveled the world.  Very surreal, to just remember what I know.  

It is a fact, and I know this story all too well, that it is the lack of masculinity which makes a person who would torture and rape an innocent person possible.  On the mundane level, strength, innocence, beauty and the trigger of unfaced childhood traumas and the instant blast of shame and self-hatred, non-submissive beauty is the arousal of painful things kept down that were experienced in childhood and never confronted, due to lack of masculinity (which is not "penis/vagina"--but actually fuck you vs, 'I have no pride, it is okay to do this to me') trigger a weak man to discharge upwellings of hatred and sudden eruptions of guilt and shame on the image of their feared inner child externalized on the face of their victim...who has gotten caught up in the crosshairs of "casting out demons", often the most beautiful women....vaginas are the fissures of men, and fishers of "men"--cast their nets into the sea (the field of vision--SEE) and the casting of nets, is projection of their own trip....that is the result of being  "only positive"--because negative is to go INWARDS, and in words, positive is telling reality what to do, and reality is SOPHIA, the Goddess.

The Poet understands what makes a Poet fit to recognize no Authority other than the communion that takes place between Sophia and the God within everyone....the immortal Consciousness that takes nothing literally, and gives REALITY a foot into this bad copy of a world, that doesn't let REALITY in....due to a lack of reception.  Always positive--pushing reality around, and falsifying everything....for the inability to take in what Sophia is saying.

WEAK MEN are abusive men, and it is due to being too weak to face childhood issues, let alone go further and face the burdens being carried from other lifetimes....and WEAK MEN are not able to go there, because "what will people think?" controls them, and "what if they make fun of me?"

I am a wake!? (A funeral?)  Not woke (past tense, means disconnection fro NOW) Awakening, everyday, to the role I play, protector of the vulnerable and defender of the ostracized and rejected.  You might mistake me for a feminist, and it is a HUGE mistake.  Feminists are the enemies of WOMAN; the strong, intelligent, independent warrior of a woman, is brought to her knees by feminists--who blindly try to create the EXACT situation that brings violence and destruction to womankind.....and this happens by way of men's castration and control by timid women, and punishment of real men....those who volunteer to protect children from abuse, and who go after abusers.  Real men eliminate the need for police, who are often Seventh Cavalry types.

Nobody seems to get that the Ultimate Warrior, the Chief Alpha Male--the real one, is likely the best friend of the woman that intimidates little boys, not part of a "dog pack" and is entirely accustomed and used to things that trigger others to instantly go "I would do this and that to that thing!"  "I don't give a shit, and you won't because the reality is she won't like you, anyway...because you have no idea how to approach her world"---I don't fit in.  

To be comfortable with female sexuality and not instantly triggered to have thoughts of physically being on top of it, financially being on top of it, physically or psychologically penetrating it--(for the sake of showing who's boss)--is the separation of boys and men.  Can you go to a nude beach, or other situation where she is beautiful and not wearing clothes and not have that alter your behavior, and simply continue to relate to the SELF that is behind the vehicle of flesh and bone? Yes, I can...and I have made a lot of observations over the years, and ---for many reasons, that I won't get into here, for sake of space....I have been laying low.  REALLY LOW.  Laying low, even involves my own amnesia.  Can you flow with being around a beautiful naked woman, that just doesn't feel like wearing clothes today....and not have an agenda that makes someone feel uncomfortable?

Did Lilith reject all men, NO! She just wanted a man around that knows exactly what it's like: to have to feel like covering up when people lose the ability to maintain a courteous attitude, to be able to look someone in the eye when talking to them, rather than their genitals, ass, breasts, etc. relate to someone as a human being with boundaries and not someone that is automatically an object to fight over when she has cancer, to remember what it is like to be a vulnerable child around people who see an object to be used to satisfy their needs, agendas, and unfulfilled be used as a surro-gate when unable to reach their own gate, and unworthy to pass the gate...and don't forget....about Gates named Bill, because words are used by usurpers to manipulate a situation where the Gates of the Dawn are ignored.  

The World Tree will grow, when and where there are enough Warriors to protect the Goddess from harm in a vulnerable stage, and the dog pack is not going to make it happen.  The homoerotic bros, who are so macho that they want other guys to see it when they use women to prove they don't really want to wrestle naked with their is a very interesting study in "not being gay, I swear" syndrome.

is stronger than loyalty to the truth, loyalty to children, loyalty to legitimate victims of horrendous behavior, and "what if they try to hurt me?" is stronger than being willig to stand alone if that is what it takes.  Masculinity is not about having a penis, and I will show you an image of legitimate masculinity, to get the point across.

I was an ugly duckling and completely treated like shit growing up, and was very surprised when I turned out looking a certain way, and with already horrible self-esteem levels that aren't allowed to exist behind my face because looking cool means that I don't know what it's like to have a shitty time,'s only fair that people should show me a really shitty time, ostracize me and make me quit hogging all the luck.  If my face were to say something like, "I want to succeed at something I care about", I had people treating me like I had a "huge ego" for being so full of myself as to want something other than apologizing for looking cool by doing what other people want for me, since I "have everything handed to me", and am "naive and airheaded", "vain and just wants attention", "not a man", "doesn't know how to work" ---all these things, total projections on me that had the experience equivalent to suddenly losing 150 lbs. and not expecting the strange ways people treat other people who LOOK like something they were told is ....selfish.  If I don't check in with people about what I'm doing, I am "out of control and a madman on the loose", and if not being someone's bitch, and ignoring proves that I'm not doing anything...such as how it has gone to be the only person consistently there for my wife, her family INSISTS that because I'm good looking, I don't help out, I am a narcissist that wants to sit back and just get attention, I don't have empathy for my wife, and am everything that is bad.  If I don't let them rape every inch of my mind, my personality and my life.  If I tell them to stop abusing my wife, they can't believe the amazing narcissism that I have, that would refuse to acknowledge their "authority".  WHAT A NARCISSIST! HE REJECTS HIS AUTHORITY FIGURES! (They assume authority over my life, because....they are envious of what I do not even identify with, and I can prove this with astrology) It is really really fucked up to have people sabotage my wife's ordeal with chemotherapy, because they are trying to save her from me being good looking.  With all this idiot shit about racism going on, it's like all that prejudice has to go somewhere, and a heroic face is where it all goes, They seriously think that my looks prove that I don't care about her, and am a selfish narcissist.  You can read their constant threats, and their absred immaturity on other pages.

Ordinary looking people, will get away with murder and be forgiven anything.....on the other hand, beauty is required to be submissive to everyone, and to say "fuck you!"---is to have a big ego, narcissistic, anger problem, etc.  Do you think things go very well for a beautiful woman who is not submissive, and unashamed of her sexuality, which is for its own sake and not a tool for heartless manipulation?

It is complete bullshit to not be allowed to talk about something that happens to me, even.  It does, and that is why I can go places others fear to tread, or not be allowed to.  I know all about being required to be submissive, and then maliciously gossipped about and treated badly, sabotaged....due to the envy of others, for something I  HAVE NEVER IDENTIFIED WITH IN THE FIRST PLACE.

4:35 am 


Fake symbols of power, vs. the real ones

power button.jpg
OIP (3).jpg
OIP (2).jpg

This symbol has been given to us to represent "power" in our symbol illiterate minds, that should be able to notice how UNpowerful this symbol of power is.  The ring and the rod are the feminine and the masculine principles, and here they are represented as....the masculine just gets in the way of the feminine and wastes her time, because the masculine is too much of a bitch to break on through to the other side and connect points A and B, so that the disc can become a sphere of the infinite once again, since it was around the time of Columbus that America was Disc Covered, paradise was reduced to the 2nd dimension by trauma, in other words.  

I do not believe in this symbol of power, and I do not believe in men's false displays of their own power, which pretty much do amount to what this is speaking of.....too much of a little boy to complete the task, and answer the call of the soul...which would connect point A to point B, which is the action of Pluto in a chart, finding its way to the complementary opposite side of the chart, through the North Node.  This is the call of the soul, as Pluto represents the soul...or PRESENTS the soul.  When this is accomplished, the Masculine and the Feminine  together, will realize the infinite together, because of each other....this is recognized in the Second Dimension of a Disc, as the ratio of the diameter to the circumference, which is Pi.  

Another way to say diameter and circumference, is masculine and feminine.  The ratio of the masculine to the feminine is the realization of the infinite...and when this occurs, a person is ready to Uncover the Sphere of Light and Life that had been before a whole bunch of trauma took us down, or a New World was Disc Covered.  

The symbol of "power', is a guy pretending to be male, interfering with the feminine principle, and avoiding his task to realize the infinite by finding balance with it.....

COVID 2.jpg
corvid tenenene.jpg

The Pentagrammaton, the Yeheshua, is made of four guys and one Shayin...pronounced the same as Cheyenne.  She knocked Custer off his horse, and then had a bad time.  Fake America, we know your shame.  

12:47 am


cee lady.jpg

I hope that I have adequately explained something that I see as a way out of the collectivistic attitude, that aims at having this communion, and gets taken in  a weird direction because of a fundamental error...and all falls by the wayside past that point.  The INDIVIDUAL experiences what communion really is, with all that exists.....emanations of MYSTERY, and this desire....becomes a parody when ONENESS becomes manifest as the socialist/communist paradigm.  The inversion and parody of ONENESS, everyone is the same.  There is no ONE, but the INDIVIDUAL.  ALL THAT IS SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM is at root, a desire for COMMUNION.  But science and religion both tell us that this world is meaningless.  


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