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To evade the typical dynamic of top-down competitiveness, we present ideas, we ask questions..  We consider possibilities. This is not an authority telling you what is what, to be accepted by a follower, it is not an occasion for competition, a battle for right and wrong.  Not a top down INTERaction, it is an across....will you entertain your guest when it crosses the bridge to your mind?  To wonder, rather than be a deposit of our information.....makes you the harmony of positive and negative....there is no assumption of fact laid upon you, and no negation of your value.  

We still expect accusations of "you just got that from somewhere" as the violent reaction against "feeling inferior because of encountering something not known before". The positing of this assumption of nothingness by those trapped in "only positive" cannot endure the presence of what might otherwise become admiration and respect......but humility does not exist in really, really positive people, sadly.  


America, for those of you new to this, was set up to be a game of images and symbols played against a rival team who isn't even informed of the game, let alone what the rules of the game are.  To avoid the penalty for cheaters......the tactic is to always operate from behind a mask.....especially one that is made from copying the image of the opponent, so that the Mind that permeates our world becomes......confused.  This is the nature of evil.  It can only succeed by manufacturing a labyrinth which is meant to hide the abomination at its' core, and in our is the MinuteHour.  The Shadow has crawled up from the floor and taken a spot on the wall, and the subconscious knows what this is....that it belongs on the ground.  Subliminally, every clock influences the Mind to become confused about what is RIGHT, a RIGHT angle is the difference between the wall and the ground.   

That we roll horizontally upon Highways is a clue, the Highways of the Ancients would have been........vertical take off.  Surely, you have heard of vimanas.  

There is an occulted history of the North American Continent, going back to an Ancient War.....the land is the battleground between those with Intelligence and Empathic Spirituality on one side, and those with mere Intelligence...which has not the latter qualities, so it is ritual Intelligence.  It is the cleverness that cannot Create, it can obfuscate, invert and infiltrate.  

We are very intrigued with a moment in the Mystery of this country, because history is bunk.  We want history to be debunked, so that it is true instead of a fairy story for cowboys, which is a term to contrast with bullmen, or even a Bull Woman.....(Hathor, a White Cow with Crescent Horns of the Moon).  COWBOYS.   Do we need another example to demonstrate the situation we are in, that this country is a lot of game playing with words and images, meant to emotionally influence those who aren't very good at knowing what words actually mean?  Men especially are taught to repress emotions, which makes it possible for generations of cowboys to come and go without too many nights at the bar being interrupted with guys suddenly screaming "WELL, SHIT IN MY HAT!!!"  HATHORITY.......HATHOR/AUTHOR

"What is it, Earl?"

"I been workin' and drinkin' so much all my life, that I didn't slow down enough to realize something bothering me, deep down in my feelings....which are for fags!! Men work!! Men don't feel anything!! Feelings are for fags!! With all this football having to appeal to women suddenly, I realized....this whole time.  I'm not a goddamn cow! A cow is a female, the bull is male.  A cowboy? Is this why we get in so many barfights? Confa---"

"Hey, Earl?" 

"Yeah, what?"

"Oh....I just thought you might be interested in knowing that "bar" in Aramaic, means "boy"....which means you get in boyfights, so...."

"Well...let's fight like MEN!!! with BULLETS!!!"

Bang. Earl does not have a vagina, and he ain't a boy.  "Hey, boy tender, I mean....Miss? " 

So, anyway.  White Bull.....a nephew of Sitting Bull.  Sure, I suppose it is accurate enough that the Lakota words for male and female Buffalo will translate as Cow and Bull, as the Buffalo are also seen as Cows and Bulls......the problem, much the same as we experience by phonetic twins such as REEL and REAL.  Close enough for confusion, the lower dimension overtakes the higher and records it, or attempts to record it.....positing an assumption that its recording is authentic, as long as the original cordings are never uncovered.  The false may reign as long as truth is unknown and their favorite phrase is "silence is consent".   Traumatizing and/or someone into silence is not a legitimate way of acquiring consent.  

So, according to history, at the Battle of "Little Big Horn" (maybe a horned Cow Bull?), it was said that White Bull, the nephew of Sitting Bull, was the one who killed Custer.  People say that you really can't know, it was such a big confusion.  Well...if it was such a big confusion, interpolation of something might not be such a problem......right? 

It has finally come out, relatively recently, that the Cheyenne have been admitting to something that they could not divulge wasn't safe. This is after over a hundred years of silence on the matter,, and we should consider that whatever we are hearing after that long of a silence, is not going to be the whole story.  It is probably a smart bet to assume that the attitude is "we can finally say this, but......all that other stuff will have to wait....just this little bit by itself is enough to knock people over".  

Yes, absolutely.  

Ernie La Pointe, great grandson of Sitting Bull, admitted that.......Buffalo Calf Road Woman killed Custer.  A lot of people REALLY don't like this.  It is pretty darn unacceptable to people that their favorite cowardly rapist would be killed by a WOMAN, who would naturally have it out for the cowardly rapist who shows up when people are in bed, as a good time to attack, a village. Then burns the village while the soldiers rape a bunch of women and shoot kids running away.  '

Oh, and let's not forget about what other heroic acts of bravery that were committed, such as wasting entire herds of wild horses with carbine guns......because they were free and this is precisely what some people have a problem with.  Being free is why people who don't conform are never allowed to have any flaws, for if one is will be used to beat you to death......while everyone else gets to be completely botched, of course.  If you are free, it better be PERFECT LIKE GOD!!! Anything less, and it is.......well, all it is just being oneself....and being held to an extremely high standard while the others are forgiven every my family.  I don't agree with this, that for not succumbing to trauma and still being my hardcore self, while others succumbed.....I have to be perfect, rather than just okay and with a lot of need for healing.  

If you just barely make it out alive, you have to be the most big strong perfect, which is impossible.  How does a person emerge so strong? After escaping, take 17 years to get it together. 

So, uh...we're taking a survey about Custer, for a feature story about an All American Hero, what do you think?

"I CAN'T STAND THAT GUY!!!" Wow......that was the 2,365th person in a row.....hmmm.  Nobody can stand this guy, but......he can obvioiusly STAND HIMSELF!!! BWAH AH A HAHAHA!  That's black humor, black people appropriated it from the darkness. 


White people, black people.  Waxing Moon, Waning Moon.   The Full Moon has been known to be symbolized as RED between white and black, because of menstruating happening in a five day PERIOD when women are synchronized to nature's rhythym and harmony.  The Red Door, paint it BLACK......what Bureau of Land Management?   

Custer was a bit of a nightmare for PR man managers, but thankfully.....there were no internets or phones back then, so people could just completely make stuff up, much like people completely make stuff up these days and believe it to be true, simply because authority said it must be true. "Oh!!! Let's turn that "I can't stand him, into....he CAN STAND!!!"  Custer is good at standing, and take that.....people who CAN'T STAND......that guy. 

Wow, all of a sudden just standing has become a heroic act of defiance against people who just......sit.  Like, Sitting Bull......Sitting Bull is a coward, who doesn't stand for anything!!! Custer STANDS!!!! 

This is how Custer became a hero, ,miraculously....and the cowards...well...

Custer had his last STAND.   Focus on the standing part, it's all the stuff perpetrated when the son of a bitch starts moving around that needs to be hidden......when he's STANDING, makes Sitting Bull look like a jerk who won't STAND for anything, what a coward.  

By the way, this subliminal manipulation worked quite well.  Sitting Bull? At Least Custer STOOD FOR SOMETHING!!! (Just keep the eyes of history focused on the standing, not the stuff that happened while moving around, okay? Or your'e FIRED). 

Taking the name "Dakota", as a name for a country taken from them.....that they are moved onto RESERVATIONS.  Imagine someone kicking you out of your house, and then deciding that they are going to also start going as your last name.  "It's a badge of honor!" says some dipshit.  "We're honoring their memory, by becoming them!"  What is really going on here, is this is how a predator has learned to get away with its takes the identity of the victim of the crime, and so karma doesn't know where to deliver punishments. The "Whites" are the, hmmm.......uh, aw....Vietnam! We'll deliver the punishment to Vietnam.  Oh, and we'll have the Seventh Cavalry kick  it know, with their symbol of a Lakota War Chief on it, so karma will be confused again!  White people? The eyes of the dying clearly saw the imagery of the was the Lakota! Oh, and it is an honor to call the helicopters Apache and Black Hawk, and missiles Tomahawks, just to make sure that the Mind is experiencing that the natives did it."

It's a badge of honor!! 

The Black and White game, people need to get out of this TWO-DIMENSIONAL head space.  THERE ARE NO WHITE PEOPLE, NOR ARE THERE BLACK PEOPLE.  I challenge you to go find a guy whose skin matches your toilet bowl and a guy whose skin matches obsidian.  Good luck, and corpses don't qualify.....I have to add that, or people will technically win by bringing in a skeleton and a guy who was set on fire. 

Meanwhile, it seems that karma has a delivery for the tribes on their reservations, sectioned off to not be part of the American Jurisdiction....oh, and by calling them Native Americans, it takes care of confusing karma while she was on the way to punish Americans.  "Special delivery of SHIT for tribes on the reservations!!!"  

"How the flying shit did everything get so down around here?"  There is a great deal more than just "displacement" going on. If you survived from times gone by, you are displaced....growing up on the res? That is where you are never leave, never displaced.   There is a curse.  I want to help people understand it, because this is no job for everyday people.  I am a very unusual situation happening, which was required to find out and communicate, and....the good news is that it was not blocked from happening.  Consciousness triumphs.  

I'll tell you something.  Crazy Horse was Nobody At Al, and a Boy Named Sioux... and more than that.....he was probably a half-breed...which would have a lot to do with wanting nothing to do with the name by the time he informed people that they don't mention his name, he is Nobody....which is more true than living with his father's name which was not his father, anyway.   So, I may appear to be white, hair was red before fading in my people don't suspect a dirty blonde guy to be identifying as red. 

I am red, white and depressed.  I am America, and not you!!  I am red, white and blue.....and I think I got this covered.  

White Cow Bull, who?  The notion of a woman being the one to get Custer is a relatively new development, and to makes a great deal of sense....and it was a Cheyenne.  It is very interesting to think about women who were warriors in those times, being encountered in battle.  Imagine how pathetic the Cavalry's panic must have been at the sight of a woman riding up with a pistol pointed at them, "YEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"   b-b-b-b-bbut women are suppposed to be making hotcakes and staying pregnant, and not being in the sun....and men will do everything, women are delicate and men protect them! OF course, the double standard is that when encountering women who are actually not enslaved like their own, it brings out the need to rape, brutalize and take everything away from them.  Kind of suggests that the women of 1876 were sort of traumatized into being delicate....and also, expected to play a role to make these men feel like men, be weak and delicate and dainty, to make them seem more masculine.   

Then this woman on a horse with a gun comes along, dressed all crazy with war paint, she shouts and fights like a man!  Imagine the things the Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapaho, etc. saw......these big "men" panicking and not knowing what to do when a woman is involved in battle.  A WOMAN WAR CHIEF!!!?????? Fighting alongside her HUSBAND!!!!????  My wife and I have the same kind of dynamic together in this life....between us, the qualities we both share of facing up to scary things that most people won't, without handrails and a manual.....while also being intelligent and attractive (to people's issues), we have a lot of insight into this.  The news that a woman killed Custer is fairly self-evident to me, there was something MAJOR going on with the need to go waaaayyy....out of the way to turn a guy who simply got his ass whupped.....into a goldang hero!!!!  He was such a hero, for standing.......people say he might have shot hisself, but nah.....someone probably put a gun to his temple after the fact, so it would look like suicide instead of being killed by.....a woman.  

There is a lot more than meets the eye. 


and the type going to be lonesome.  

The Lakota were not ranchers, and people think the translation doesn't matter, but it does.  They are performing a switch, so that a white cowboy killed Custer.  

White Bison.  Tatanka.  A Buffalo is not a Bull.  A bull implies ranchers, who parcel out land and maintain fences.  They fence cattle in, 

CAT-HOLE.  Cowboys controll heads of CAT HOLE. 

White Bison? That they called it Bison, is a way back to the BiBull.  The Cowboy, married to his BiBull.  My Dad-alus. 


Hey, are such a pussy.  Oh no, now we must fight.  We drop the "us" from so many things, and return to what a being a pussy is all about, in code.  PSY.  

The Phoneme made from PUSSY, is PSY.  Pussy Ops. Psychic......pussy chic. 

"HEY! YEAH!!!! EARL'S RIGHT!!! We don't have vaginas!!! Let's go kill our fathers!!!" Then, they go and "kill their fathers", which means they stop acting like authoritarians.... as rednecks often do, because they no longer are subconsciously being influenced to feel inadequate as men deep down where only fags go to feel sensitive, and by this "cowboy" idea, presented by men who really appear to be being men really hard, so hard that men don't be so unmanly as to sit around not workin' and after workin', they're drinkin', whatever it takes to get away from that nagging inner doubt regarding one's masculinity....all due to the power of words to influence the waters of the subconscious, the emotional waters. 

I have been treated like garbage my whole life for insisting on feeling my feelings, and I have noticed a very important truth.  A strong person is not too afraid of their feelings to feel them.  My feelings are what prevent me from succumbing to obedience to a slavemaster, which is NOT conform, you never transcend boy.  

A cowboy.  The MAN always treated me like refusing to disobey my True Will, refusing to be murdered.....and going the hardcore being weak.  Too weak to be obedient.  Doesn't want to work! All the while, working on what I want to do, willing to believe in delayed gratification. 





This is America, where we show up in a world full of images created by language, with our attention shifted in other directions more appropriate for emotional waters....religion, politics, television, eating, anything but Sioux....I mean, anything but investigating why we feel certain ways, how that came about and how are behavior is influenced by feelings stimulated by images.....and then going further, into pattern recognition and analysis of motive.  By that point, you will truly be a lone outlaw, beyond the animal stage and glorious combination of masculine and feminine...The Poet.  Sometimes I wonder, was the cowboy meant to usurp another possibility....exhaust it, so that the real thing never gets a shot? Something related to cows, bulls and the feminine combined with a genuinely hardcore warrior of a man? Would that be, could that be.....the Poet/Singer that is precisely what hardcore is, as contrasted with the presentation of hardcore for others to believe in? 

The Poet.  

"The Queen who reigns over all is Nature.  The life force that penetrates everywhere, the absolute Neuter, the Spirit. "  For a long time, wannabes have been attempting to achieve "spirituality", by a sad and pathetic mimicry of those who can.  Why so sad and pathetic? Well, think of those who identify with the phrase "Do What Thou Wilt", and then.....jump through hoops to decieve themselves that they are following their True Will, as they block the True Will of children, by traumatizing them.  Consider many elaborate plans, are in the end.....meant to escape the True Will.....which can only be known by feeling....there are many types who imagine themselves to be "more human than human" and "doing Magick", the "True Will" by trying to delete empathy.....which, actually accomplishes a situation of enslavement where the slave actually believes himself to be a god.  It is truly amazing.  

You cannot be spiritual by trying on every form of androgyny, even by cutting off your testicles for Cybele; but abandoning the ONE thing that takes you there, the True Will's idea of androgyny.....being a warrior that is hardcore for the reason of nobody being able to stop you from coming to the rescue for the sake of an abandoned Goddess, exiled in a Wilderness while the world carries on usurping the idea of her, which required getting rid of her.  We do this in our own small way.  The Poet does this by insisting on the reverence for THE WORD, the body of ISIS.  Why is it a WORD? All things can become participants in spelling out a message, from the Goddess to the Poet.....because he is sensitive enough to notice. 

"Everything was created from the thoughts of the Primeval Spirit

 a Poet that has dedicated himself to the Goddess, so fully that by the time he can survive to maturity, he will be either totally hardcore and badass or a wreck of a human being, due to the neverending abuse and rejection. 

The clash of cymbals belonged to both the religion of Cybele and Demeter 

Just one example of the way things work out 


Make sure to remember this little tip, the next time a dork says something you find interesting has been "debunked".  Yes, that is why I take it seriously, all the bunk has been's kind of like going from junk food to gourmet organic.  THAT HAS BEEN DEBUNKED (that makes me mad because we can't find anything false in it!).  I remember when a kid, I was trying to sell this kid something I had for a few bucks.  This girl says to the other kid "he's just trying to sell you something so he can make money!!!" Yeah? The way she said it, apparently pointing out what you are already aware of with a snotty attitude, makes it wrong all of a sudden.  THAT HAS BEEN DEBUNKED!!! 

"DREAM LANGUAGE", perhaps we can call it that until we come up with something better, because we would rather not refer to living as a dream, even though the metaphor is brought out to explain poetic perception, which regards a mind "out there" that connects with our own private inner thoughts, Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to clarify the phenomena which involves the psyche as the medium when events mirror our inner process.  Psyche is the emotional medium that "must not exist" for our current paradigm to not fall apart.....and so anyone who points out the strange coincidences between words and the structure of our society as having it be "all in their head", which is a really stupid thing to say....because that IS where perception happens. If it is ALL in your head, they are encouraging you to believe that nothing is real outside of your brain, brilliant.  


NO WATER is a character of the Wild West, symbolizing the exile of Psyche from our civilization, at least from being recognized by everyday people.  The waters of the psyche.  Of course, once the blinders are on, give them TV.  The game that cowards play, involves hiding what is going on from the rival, and then pretending to have won when getting their prize, which is control. Contrast this with a true winner....everyone on the field is informed, and the most advanced and noble champion naturally takes the lead....and is admired and remembered as an example rather than having his body parts preserved and used in black magic rituals to confuse reality into believing the champion still exists, while cowards cr 


because The Poet is a sheman of the modern era, only The Poet can heal the sickness.  Why? That is because the USA is a game that more people should be knowing about, and the constructive interpretation of this game (notice I went out of my way to avoid the word "positive"), would be to see it all as an opportunity to evolve to another level, rather than react to the revelation with horror and revulsion, which turns to denial and punishing the messenger.  No, no, no.....we are going to be glad that, before it was too late...we caught on to the rules of the game, which require that our concept of reality gets a major overhaul.  

They say that "thoughts create reality"...uh-huh.  What are thoughts made of? Words and images (part of the same concept, symbols).  Also, the spirit. 

There is a medium of thought...which is WATER, symbolically.  The water is the carrier of images, the psyche is the medium of thought.  The psyche has been denied again and again, so that spirit can either only be removed from this world (religion) or is non-existent (materialistic science, philosophy, statism) 


"thought creates reality", well......perhaps it is the thought that counts.  The thought counts, rules, measures.  You could say that only thought has the right to rule, which is to say that the truth is right.  Oh, I forgot.  What is right is bad, orange man bad.  The Sunset is orange, I have noticed. That man is bad.  

The Unconscious Mind is God, and it knows what the conscious ego does not, that words are entities unto themselves.  Words and images are the children of the Goddess, which is why The Poet is a servant of Her.  The Poet knows what others are ignorant of, that God is implied and included in Dess.  God rests upon the foundation of Dess as a trinity upon a cube, or the Crossroads.  Words carry emotional ideas, it is the task of Political Correctness to create PC language, the human as a computer without feeling.  Without feeling, there is no meaning.  Without feeling, there is no uncovering of who we really are, awakened by memory.  

The Woke have nothing more to realize, they are not awake or awakening, they are essentially dead.  They had their wake, now they are woke.  

The USA is a unique idea, that has its version of being a unique idea for the masses, and one for the few.  The few understand that it is an unforeseen matrix of language that operates openly, the everyday citizen has been trained since childhood against regard for coincidences and interconnectedness of MIND.  The false battleground of science and religion both cooperate to negate the omnipresent mind.  Oddly, religious folk believe in the omnipresence of God, but it has to operate as being spied on no matter where you are, so tricks can be played on you and so God is within earshot of being told what to's like He is the Almighty Bitch, and also a narcissistic old lady who constantly needs acknowledgment, praise and to be given credit for everything, never left out of anything......anybody going on a walk by themselves makes God cry and throw a fit.  It's as if somewhere along the line, the Goddess was denied and her attributes pinned on a male Diety, by male priests that are too cowardly to be considered men and so envious of women, that they thought to become the Goddess by imitating her function and wearing priestess attire.  They are wearing dresses, folks.  They have mutilated and appropriated Isis, Cybele, Hathor, etc.  This is what is going on behind the scenes, particularly in Catholicism.  Cybele, Isis, and Hathor have been represented as the White Cow with Horns (symbolizing the crescent moon).  If you are a religious person, I want to offend you so extremely because you deserve it.  The millions of people brutally tortured and killed, property confiscated, raped and molested demonstrates the staggering and monstrous evil that hundreds of years of fear have instilled in people fear of challenging this great evil presence in our world.  To be offended at a man who has sacrificed as much as I have and gone so far out of my way to uncover the keys to the kingdom, is indefensible.  

The Rape and Exile of the Goddess is the exile of Love.  

OIP (8).jpg

I understand that bashing America is popular, and I distance myself from all of is nauseating to see Hollywood types bashing the country that allows them to live the lifestyle that they do, and it is not lost on me that they are actors.  Actors act, and it extends beyond the film set.  The whole world must be Set, from film SET to TV SET...the god of moral corruption, and if you don't believe that ancient Egypt has anything to do with A-MERI-ca, then please, join us.  America was founded to be a parody of "the book of life", the experience a person has when they realize that there is a magical connection between symbols and the construction of reality.  Language is the DNA or software coding of reality, but we are not living in a computer simulation.  We are living in a matrix of perception, deliberately designed to be this disorient us and alienate us from the organic, natural be what is referred to as "lost at sea" or "lost at see", when informed that the idea of psyche is "the waters" of experience, this is what it refers to. The psyche is the medium which infuses the mundane with extraordinary meaning. The psyche is taboo, they will tell you that reality is nothing but the most boring, meaningless and mundane thing possible.....and they will tell you that intelligence is this unhappy attitude that only accepts the narrowest bandwidth to live in. 


My view of America is very different from the consensus.  America, has been a huge playground for Anti-Poets, those who have the understanding of what a Poet really knows and is, but are uncreative and coldly ritualistic....anti-human, disrespectful to the Goddess.  the Anti-Poet is the captor of the Goddess. 

Basically, America has been a great exercise in sorcery, using words and images to possess the masses and steer them.  People have been steered, into becoming STEER.  CATTLE.....the great news, is that we have an opportunity to jump to a much higher dimension of consciousness because of waking up to this, because of people like me who are happy to oppose people.


Because of the Perceptual Plague, I must make myself as clear as I can on every page about the intentions for our information and how we want it to be approached by the reader.  The Plague is due to the religion of "POSITIVE LIGHT" being taken on board by people without much evaluation, it has insidiously insinuated that to assign the values of "good" to positive and "bad" to negative based on the whim of the believer has validity (without being clear on this, it is subtly implied).  Positive and negative typically amount to what is "safe" and "not safe" for social acceptance, "what I like" and "what I do not like" etc., obviously these categories vary from person to person, so uniformity of opinion is required.....which presents itself as ONENESS, which of course, NEGATES ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.  One is positive, and zero is negative. Computer programmers, can you do anything with only 1, and not 0? 1 and 0 together, makes 10.....perfection. 


Often unknown to the believers, the assignment of emotional preferences to the logical reality of what positive and negative are, such as the polarity necessary for the universe to exist, has the deadly consequence of hitching all that falls under the domain of positive and negative to beliefs of good and bad by using the words positive and negative, which results in a person tricking themselves into also believing that one-sided tyranny is good, because it is positive to what is below. Not an assignment of moral virtue, what is above is positive to what is below, what is below is negative to that which is above.....such as the spirit descending into matter is positive to a negative charge, the negative is a container for spirit......obviously a good thing. In reality, positive and negative are meant to be in balance, good and evil are a matter of whether positive and negative are in harmonious balance, or whether they are unbalanced.  

The person that takes a crap on someone is positive in the unreflecting mind of the believer, and the person being crapped on, is negative.  Crapping on someone instantly makes them negative, and the crappy person is positive by the accomplishment of an act of violence which forces someone beneath them.  My wife was not respected while battling cancer, which instantly made her negative to many. To protest mistreatment is "negative", to reject the assumption of authority by all who must experience someone having cancer as their opportunity to be positive to someone less than them, that is negative as well, so if she wants to be positive....she must be the extension of that authority, which will overwrite her "negative" with "positive", which is precisely how people behave....they require her to also accept that her husband is a bad influence and nobody, so to clear the way for becoming "positive".  Being humiliated and dominated without her protest and rather enthusiasm for her humiliation and domination, is the direct result of the religion of "POSITIVE LIGHT".  This is the REAL rape culture, it is the New Age "positive light" cult.  We are agents of reality, which is a harmony of positive and negative poles.  

The accentuation of positive and rejection of the negative, is the advocacy of EVIL. 

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