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Wouldn't it be great if people could come together and join hands, and all racial division and false grounds for collective superiority would be eliminated once and for all, when people are able to realize that it doesn't matter what color your skin is, equality wins, because no matter what color you are and no matter what gender category, everyone will come together to betray the positive and healthy manifestation of Lilith, this is the idea of a beautiful, strong and intelligent woman that will fight to ensure ther her right to be LEFT ALONE, to be simply LEFT ALONE is not molested by every single infant out there who responds to her presence with  projection of "you are not OKAY!" you are not safe, you could get hurt! By projecting something wrong with themselves, and knowing the potential for her being at risk because there are people out there who would do what they themselves have within them....Don Qiuxote to the rescue!   She experiences, that the sight of beauty, the fearlessness to be herself without apology, and the willingness to go to war to protect her sovereign right to be able to live for what the Creator of Being has sent her to fulfill....that she is, in the absolute sense, to be defending herself against every intrusion....

Knowing that it compensates for a lack of physical power that men have, she will use the sight of herself to her advantage....for the same reason that warriors wear paint and other adornments, to intimidate the enemy ... and the positive and healthy manifestation of Lilith, the Lilith who existed prior to severe wounding and betrayal by men jealous of her power to use adornments and image to stun the enemy, she might desperately need some real warriors around to protect her from the intrusions of others.....

America, we live in a world of practicing lawyers and practicing doctors.  This is pointing out what "America" actually is, the country of the usurper, who does not want this world to come into being...where the REAL WARRIOR puts boys in their place, by demonstrating that the most vulnerable person in the world, is the most likely to be betrayed and violated person in the world....

Let me give you a few images of what I am talking about, it appears in men's comic book fantasies of a world that can only be in fantasy....where the Ultimate Warrior, is not wasting his time finding other men to challenge, because it is literally gay behavior. 

This is where the professionals are separated from the practicing warriors.  Would she call on you, voluntarily, to come to her aid, knowing that you understand and are trustworthy? OR would YOU volunteer your "services" to Don Quixote all over the place? 


an intelligent and beautiful warrior of a woman will get everyone to unite as one against her and the man who sticks up for her, and they'll play pretend that her husband was 

When people don't know that to resist a person and insist that he is just a drunk, or a schoolboy, probably means that you are afraid of the man who is the kind of guy who is out to support his wife when she wants to ride out to battle, there aren't really very men, yet.  

Most are still at the stage of I'm bigger than that guy, and not at the stage where women just do that for you, and then that's pretty much it for having people be nice to you. I have crossed a line, where I know certain things that don't have me flirting with ideas, but deciding.....fuck yourselves, little boys.  The reason I am here is to draw out the little boys hiding in man suits.  I choose a face that brings out the little boy.  

You might have your best friend be deleted because men can't play pretend at being warriors, when a beautiful woman warrior, who rides into battle nude to show her courage, makes men feel intimidated and insecure at the sight of her. 

When this has actually happened, people turn the memory of you into being a real serious guy.  Just when you thought that a warrior was supposed to protect the innocent, and a beautiful woman, who doesn't do anything to tone herself down....choosing to be a warrior, stop being warriors and reveal the truth, and they hate you for sticking up for the woman who made that happen....


They will delete your history, and turn you into a man of the people, who sacrificed himself for their cause. A serious man, who was having a boring time of suffering, because the sight of an Adonis on the battlefield, makes people want to find something shitty to make a hat out of and make you wear it when you are gone.  

corvid tenenene.jpg

Would you be so kind as to take this song with you into the gates of the dawn? thank you!

3:27 pm 



So, take a look at how they have been treating her.  These days "nobody cares about how I am doing, and people don't like me because I'm weird"...

evil parents 3.jpg
evil parents 2.jpg

These people are wicked, and turning my life into a battle of worlds.  You have a choice.  A world of liars 

3:27 pm



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I hope that I have adequately explained something that I see as a way out of the collectivistic attitude, that aims at having this communion, and gets taken in  a weird direction because of a fundamental error...and all falls by the wayside past that point.  The INDIVIDUAL experiences what communion really is, with all that exists.....emanations of MYSTERY, and this desire....becomes a parody when ONENESS becomes manifest as the socialist/communist paradigm.  The inversion and parody of ONENESS, everyone is the same.  There is no ONE, but the INDIVIDUAL.  ALL THAT IS SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM is at root, a desire for COMMUNION.  But science and religion both tell us that this world is meaningless.  


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