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The "typical man" is not much of a man, due to lack of manly resistance of his conditioning towards a left-brain only way of relating to reality, and the left brain can only take snapshots of reality and create an internal film based on a series of snapshots, this guarantees that the typical man is inferior to anyone who is engaged with reality by any direct means.  That's right, I said inferior. 


The second dimension of flat surfaces is certainly inferior to the 3rd and 4th dimensions.  The left brain is unable to actually have direct engagement with reality, which is the territory of the right brain.  The left brain is an interpreter of something that it does not experience but views from a "disconnected" illusion of itself, the left brain is a condom on perception, and the external reality is very much The Goddess...the ancients will tell you this, I am telling you this.  Approach her as a little boy of left brain only, and she will remain invisible.  All that the typical man can see is parts, and is perpetually negative about everything.....negative in this sense, means to reduce everything and fail to make larger connections.  


The typical man is intimidated by the prevailing idea of authority, and also reassured by the prevailing authority that his error is valid. I have done the work to raise my intelligence, and it has been by going to courage rather than college. I have not been told what to believe is truth, I have used my own faculties.  This means that the typical man will foolishly believe that what I am saying is not valid, because it is not endorsed by an "authority", which is to demonstrate that they have never learned what authority actually is, which is demonstrated by the capacity to lead without requiring elders to point the way, one has become a man and left the village and navigates the world with self-reliance.   SELF-RELIANCE IS THE TRAIT OF AUTHORITY.  The "authorities"  have no authority without the Insitution that gives it to them.  Authority exists independently of any constructed illusions that are anchored in belief in them.   The typical man has no idea at all that truth is independent of "authority", that truth IS the authority, and the end of the day, no matter how many have stood above are the only person in charge of your mind.  

Demonstrate self-reliance, maturity, the capacity to sort good information from bad without a regulating and policing academy, peer network, and "elders"---and they will point out "they make money", if you are not financially abundant.  The federal reserve "makes money", anyone else who makes money is a counterfeiter.  They receive money in exchange for being obedient, but "making money" sounds like a person is doing something creative...because sacrificing the capacity to create independently of others' invasions of personal mind-space......well, that one is a deep, deep rage and festering wound. 

If you are creative, you will be the projection of all that they do not wish to be true about themselves, and add self-made intelligence and soul, you might as well just start planning on steering women's attention away from them and that is the only way to make them behave....."if you don't like Tezcat Real, you ain't getting to see me naked".  

The facts are that the system rewards and punishes based on obedience, so the reason for having money has more to do with being obedient.  Authority, the real going to be an outlaw, and to point out "money" is to scream "I am ignorant"....especially because life works this way: if you are forced to the outside, and have to forge your own is not made easy for you.  A lot of people will try to sabotage you, which requires SILENCE.  This silence will be interpreted as "doing nothing".  Going with the system's prescribed method of achievement, aligns you with a network of "support", and there is nothing manly about a feeling of "strength" merely derived from being a member of the Society......all you have to do is "go and tell on someone" that you don't like, whereas the outlaw warrior has to become able to take on..millions, by training to become excellence which is self-evident.  

The typical man goes through life expecting to say "science" at people, regarding subjects that are taboo and have not been investigated by them, personally.  The reasons for these taboos (social control) are not evaluated by them.  Bring up a subject, such as the psyche, synchronicity, zodiac archetypes...and they will begin to be abusive and sneer.  "I have scientific beliefs" 

"if you were actually scientific, you would investigate things on your own and run tests to check things out, you would familiarize yourself with claims and methods, and you would see for yourself.  But you don't, you just let someone else that you relate to as a priest tell you that it is wrong, and that is enough for you.....isn't it? You have a ready to go list of embarrassing associations with these subjects, in case anyone fails to be intimidated by the word "science" and be too intelligent to be manipulated into associating their ideas with "not-science", which is another iteration of "god" "not god".  Can you actually say anything about these matters, to show that you know anything about them.....instead of just pointing to the priest of your religion and making fun of their "beliefs" because your own have been taken on board for reasons of emotional security?"

"I have to get off the phone now" click.   

"I have scientific beliefs" Beliefs are not scientific, clueless simpleton.  Beliefs are assumptions of authority, and this is what must "authority" figures really amount to....those who assume authority, and cannot actually demonstrate their right to be in any position of authority.  It is easy to get them to expose their true nature, bring a beautiful woman with you, and watch as they waste your time competing for her attention, symbolically......ignoring the reasons for why you are there, and turning the whole thing into a game.  The facts are: you turned things into a competitive dominance maneuver, to symbolize your conquest of what would be her body as you lay on top of it and you are exactly the kind of idiot who would be unable to look her in the eye, and also would be unable to participate if she were riding on top.  You turn a doctor's visit into a symbolic competition for the woman, who is already with me...and display a core attitude that your position of authority somehow gives you the right to violate boundaries and steal what does not belong to you.  She never gives any signal of being pleased, and the experience is a mirror of rape....that shows a core, unconscious attitude...that somewhere in there, is the right to overpower and use someone's body and being for your need to assert dominance.  

Congratulations, you are a puny and weak little man, and I have no respect for any position of authority that isn't based on actually being a superior soul, higher intelligence and strengh is superiority.  Is that taboo? So what?   


Unless you become a man, you do not have so much of a concept of the true nature of what amounts to authority which includes the ability to consistently be correct in your evaluations and assessments of things. Authority does not dictate what truth is, according to emotional whims and protecting a false image of strength and superiority.  

The typical man is impressed with position, and if you observe very carefully, you will see that the authorities which they are impressed by....are quite often undeserving of their position, because they believe in their position more than they believe in reality.  In other words, what they say is the truth, because it is said from their position.  

I have been to many doctor visits with my wife, and have gotten to understand this very well.  I have absolutely no respect for the position of authority, because I am a man.  A proper man should show absolutely no respect for any position of authority.  I refer to the expectation that a person is to behave as if like, " have a TITLE, here is my asshole, do you have any butter?" 


What I show respect for is the ability to be an authority. This means, that a person can demonstrate that they are mature, rather than using their position of authority as so many opportunities to get off on the emotional satisfaction of being authority.  


and this trait is the most common thing: making fun of anything that is "not scientific", not because it isn't scientific, but because the priests of Science said that something is not scientific.  Not even knowing anything about what it means to be scientific, it is okay to treat my wife like women believe stupid things, and only men are logical. 

The typical man believes that the typical woman is all the things that are imbalance towards the right brain, from his imbalance towards the left brain.  

Then she confronts them with something they haven't thought of, and they have to get off of the phone.  

Men mostly don't exist.....

Why the HELL can't ya just respond as "hey, that is real interesting...tell me more!!" ---that's how you become more interesting, but have to push it down because you are afraid of anything that is felt as "superior".  

The scientific mind is not a conformist, and does not say things like "I have scientific beliefs" mean to say that believe what father figures tell you, and you imagine that by association with "my dad is better than your dad", is grounds to treat others as if they are huge idiots.  My wife mentions something about astrology, and it is okay to treat her like she is stupid,....a common scenario.  They expect to make people feel ashamed of themselves for going outside of the TV. 


Having the smallest sense of self possible is manly, according to goons.  The most negative attitude about everything, is not is being a toddler afraid of everything, and looking to others to affirm that fear is good.  Whether or not Christian or Science as the religion, they both are deathly afraid of any area of reality put it simply, is off limits to little bitches that are too afraid of their feelings to "KNOW THYSELF"..

I encounter it all the time, and it is a chief reason why women hate you, and women get more shallow. 

 I refuse to accept authority of anyone, based on their position.....being obedient has nothing to do with Authority. 

I have never turned my back on the The Goddess...and I know her, and she knows me.  The Goddess, The Universe, it is she who has guided me to case anyone is stuck in "you have to be guided by a Master or you will not..." blah blah blah.  

One more taboo......I have a MASTER INSIDE OF MYSELF that is older than my body.  I am able to find my way independently of others by following deep instincts, and also am not such a dork that I believe that knowledge is a quantity to have more of than others.  "I have more of the infinite than you" ---- that's how stupid people sound to me, who "know more than others" as if that is the point, and it is these that must insist that I am out to get recognition for "being a genius" with more of what I did not get from others, but have....invented. Excuse me, but I never claimed to be striving for recognition for being able to come up with something, so that I could jack off on myself with my excitement over being recognized for "genius" if whatever the subject dealt with is just an excuse for recognition, which would mean that I am a fraud.....nice try, hector projector.  I never dismiss a projection, but reverse engineer the personality of the projector....."oh, so  you grasp at whatever is convenient for the sake of egoic identification with being "someone who knows more", and have no authentic relationship with truth?  Of course not, because that leads straight to the Goddess.  

A genius is someone who is willing to sacrifice himself, risk everything, to communicate something for the benefit of others.  A genius is someone who will be abused, risks being murdered, misrepresented...and finally, posthumously....recognized for their contribution and celebrated.  

So I present you with the reality of consecutive incarnations, death of the body is not of the soul.  
It seems that people are unable to get some places without me, and I am not putting people down....I have been severely punished for going this route....I mean, severely punished.  It is a very blocked off place to go, there are "armed guards" assassins, torturers and monsters.  I can only speak in metaphors, please appreciate what I am telling you.....I am not condemning people for not reaching these insights about life and death, there are safegaurds built into our reality, that guarantee anyone who EVEN ATTEMPTS a prison break, will be severely dealt with.  

Well, here I am.....and I have not been prevented from reaching this moment, and y'all really need my help, and the reason why I might put myself through so much is an understanding that cannot be taken from me.  To have a relationship with the Goddess will make a man into a heroic person, necessarily.  It is a joke that typical men have been trained to believe that "Goddess" man is a pussy whipped feminist.  That is interesting, because The Goddess loves no man more than the hardcore spiritual warrior.  The Goddess man is the man that other men wish they were, but are uninterested in identifying with his ways and always seek to destroy him, after exploiting him for all that is worth and converting him into an extension of their values.  

It doesn't matter if other people refuse to believe me when I assert that I have accomplished something for the sake of others' betterment, I have evolved beyond petty self-interest that would want fame for its own sake, and never in this lifetime has that ever been a want..... and to assert this is to accuse a person of having no soul.   People are hardly interested in recognizing who you actually are as an individual, only an intimate partner can...and I understand that people who covet my relationship are constantly attempting to divert energy from contemplation of my communications to imply that my relationship with my wife is a farce, they think it is okay to put my wife down when wanting to punish me for being a threat to their worldview.....and this is how people tell me about their failing marriages.  


 .if I were a huge success, whatever "recognition" received would only be for a manifest face of the collective archetype and/or actually giving people something to be excited about, that actually means something to them.  So these accusations of "seeking attention" are simultaneously hilarious, absurd and incredibly's  as if saying "you are desperate to be given an identity by others because you are a non-entity"--"you envy me"---really? Sure about that? Can ya discuss what I am talking about, instead of attacking character? 


As if to say "you despise yourself for not being accepted by the popular people and want to be popular!" .  


I do not endorse selflessness, and embrace the ego as a center of gravity..."you have an ego!" people will fire back if successfully standing up to them.  "you have a strong sense of self and morality and will not be pushed around!"  Uh-huh.  "Your ego" is basically the same idea.  Oh no, not an ego! Yeah, I have a big ego, I have not been brainwashed to believe in the value of non-ego, because these values are invented and foisted upon us by weak people in positions of power that are beyond them and corrupt them, no authentic leader would require that people identify with non-ego.   Weak people can only maintain their positions of power and authority by disempowering others, and by demonizing "the ego"---a center of gravity that resists mindless obedience, they isolate themselves from being challenged to demonstrate their right to lead.....which an authentic leader has no problem with.


These days, people throw "narcissist" around, believing that having a strong sense of self and a warrior attitude towards bullshit, rather than being timidly accepting of to be a "narcissist".  Hey, the term you are looking for is malignant narcissism.  That is when someone has NO AUTHENTIC SELF and lives to protect a concretized false ego and its images.  Then people go around attacking an authentic sense of self that exceeds the average in strength and capacity, as "narcissism".  People actually believe that being able to competently lead others and doing so, or being confident of one's position as a result of years of evolving the mind  through a dedication to learning while putting aside recreational narcissism, because being impressive makes someone feel insecure somewhere.  If anything about you makes someone feel insecure, you are a narcissist.  This is the standard attitude about narcissism, which is being upheld by narcissists to attack people who see their narcissism and would strip them of their position of power. 

 I understand that to live courageously for the sake of a goal that takes people higher is to sign up for another incarnation, the Goddess sends people back and a relationship with her will result in having her TELL YOU about what you need to know, to inherit your True Will and keep fighting, against every psychopath who tries to stand in the way of RETURNING THE GODDESS TO HER FORMER the EQUAL OF GOD.  

I know what the secret of Horus, Isis and Osiris is, she has guided me.  When I refer to the Goddess....I refer to the fact that REALITY is a GREAT MIND--the perception of a world "out there" is Goddess and....the world within the darkness of our interior....the private self and one who GOD.  Strangely GOD is the one who is found in Darkness, and the Goddess is the LIGHT show.  Isis was originally the SUN.  Noticed any Catholic priests wearing any lacy women's attire lately, or wearing "pussy-hat" called a "Mitre"? Eh? 

The Goddess rewards those who live courageously, for the sake of rescuing HER from exile in the deepest, loneliest and scariest Wilderness...and a hero will not die, if he dies for her sake.  The body is her terrirotory, language is her territory.  The image is her territotory.  She will give another body and circumstances to keep going.  The typical man experiences reality as something that he must "be on top of", which is rooted in a lack of masculinity posing as strength.  Men hate me with a deep passion, because I spread the news to women everywhere....his competitveness is an advertisment of his weakness.  He seeks to dominate what he percieves as external to him, because the external world is the mirror of the world within, and it is the world within that he fears.  He is afraid of himself, and wants others to be intimidated by that they will not question him.  Question him...and he will need to get off the phone.  

I am unconcerned with competition, and very concerned with being sabotaged and blocked from a place in society.......and there is no other way for me, but war.  The other option is to bleak impoverishment......and an assertion that lack of success is due to never even making an effort, when the truth is that a workaholic is shunned by others for being someone that isn't welcome at their party.  No amount of "you want to be accepted by us and are willing to have us remake you in our image" is going to succeed....and why am I saying all this? I want to see people standing naked as they are, and stripped of their positions of power when people stop believing in them. This is never going to stop, and as long as I have my thoughts on the matter available....I am protected and insured.  People will be able to recognize a deeper level of behavior when it occurs "Oh wow, he talked about this, that guy is totally doing it"....

I am not about to let people easily get away with hurting my wife, on the way to something that she deserves to experience.  

After all this "refusing to recognize authority" I will prove the justification, and also demonstrate the proof of a relationship with GODDESS--the guide that leads me to these epiphanies, the typical man insists that "knowing more" is a quantity of value, like NET worth.  So, how much is your net worth? I don't live inside of a net, I am free.  I am not 

Now I will prove the existence of GOD, which is a hell of a claim...which, as far as I know.....has not been presented as a FACT by any religious establishment, and this is not to say I am the only one who knows.  I suspect that this is known and  Well, that is how confident I am, because I am the natural leader, who has gone  As far as I know, I am not going to bullshit myself into believing that I have any place in society as anything less than what I have become as a result of willingness to work for the sake of my own growth, "for recognition"---no, that I am able to be competent and successful

...seeking recogntion from others when they are unwilling to experience who I am, 


(never my own claim, this accusation is common) and they must assert that "I am just getting everything from someone else, and regurgitating it", and ....... do they really actually believe that I am required to come up with everything on my own, rather than building upon what I learn from reading books? 

A man who can prove the existence of GOD in a way that is verifiable to science and also to spiritually minded types, when this has not been shown the way that I show it....well, that kind of puts me in a certain position, doesn't it.  I do not recognize any authority figures, outside of my relationship with GODDESS.  

If you have a problem with that, Tezcatlipoca is a good entity to pit yourself against.  Go ahead, it's a metaphor.  Kind of like a dikphor, but have you met a preson that can do this? These revelations I do not claim as "first to land" and planting my flag on any "intellectual property" (by the way, this is a big reason why men are supposed to stay in left brain separation consciousness.....the "intellectual property" boundaries are hard to maintain when  everything is interconnected and we are all eyes of IO, the parents of GOD, meant to co-evolve as cosmic stimuli of each other.   

GOD is something that is known to those of higher rank, who have occulted (hidden)  this truth and then scared people away from "the occult", which simultaneously is admonishment against the "O Cult"---(modern manifestation is "O" magazine, from Oprah Winfrey).  


The Bible tells us that "In the beginning was the WORD, which was with GOD and was GOD", this little bit of information tells me that GODDESS has led me to reveal this.......I do not claim to originate things that are whispered to me in a variety of ways....only the receptive man can have knowledge, while the typical man relates to "genius" as a person who is selfish and just wants attention, everything they do has no inherent value beyond a chance for recognition.  Yes, I want to be abused by the public, I sure do!!! NOT.


The person who maintains this attitude has never been recognized for genius, any "true genius" does not relate to themselves this way and does not give a shit about being put up on a pedestal, because being put up on a pedestal precedes having rocks thrown at your head. 


You can find GOD in heaven, that is where GOD lives.  GOD, not god, not God, but GOD.  They spell God and then LORD in all caps, to mimic GODDESS.  Black Magic (no stupid "k") works by assuming what exists and twisting it, so that something "close enough" but not quite, sits in the throne meant for Truth.  


GOD is 3 and DESS is 4. Goddess=7, GODDESS includes GOD.  Anyone who tells you that GODDESS is something female apart from the male GOD, is ignorant.  GODDESS is a word which carries within itself the idea of GOD merging with GODDESS....the purely female is DESS. (Dess-tiny)  Always, as far as the rules of magical language goes, the odd is masculine and the even is feminine.  ODD-am and EVE-n. 


GOD is "a jealous God" for very good reason, they just hide what that reason is from you.  


GOD does exist, God does not exist. The gods never refer to themselves as gods.  Gods are doGs.  Dogs are symbols that stand for slaves and servants. 


Go outside during a  FULL MOON and find GOD.   

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Men are trained to believe that they need to be #1.  The reason for being so certain that astrology is stupid is because of projecting a tendency to have other people around them tell them who they are and how they should live their lives.  "Talking about certain things will bring disapproval, must not talk about those things if I want to be accepted"...I have suffered enormously and did not turn back, but due to being treated like an asshole...felt more determined in my "fuck you"....


Being #1 is about pretending to be an individual, instead of being an individual.  Being #1 is a joke, because your next stop is ZERO.  

Being #1 means that there is no existence of anything beyond your ability to concieve of it, there cannot be any larger mind.  This is extremely stupid, but they think it is sensible.  

I without O is a self that refuses to engage with the other, fear of the feminine.  Feminists don't know what it is either. 

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