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TEZCAT.....some of you will assume that we are referring to Aztec god associated with darkness......oooh!!!! but  DARKNESS MEANS EVIL.....


No, actually it doesn't...darkness is where a person's individual experience is...behind the skin, where the sun don't shine.....but we are lit from within.  Darkness is bad! If that's how you think, you are a clod. A putz, or even.......a dolt.  I mean "adult".  Inside your body, it's dark.  What is evil is the light that declares darkness evil, light against darkness=rape the innocent and the beautiful.  PEOPLE STILL GO FOR THIS.


The polarization of opposites into "good and evil" 

In stupider times, which are coming back with a vengeance, priests came up with the idiotic idea that light is good and "out there", and within is darkness.  Well, it certainly is dark in there, there are no lights on inside my must be evil.  


You know what evil is? Those who are of "the light" ---which has the quality of external projection.  Violence is "of the light" because it is projective.  The person receiving a beating, no matter what they have done...innocent or not, is "the darkness" ---darkness is receptive  in this framework, especially once the darkness of ENVY projects evil upon "darkness" as a screen.   Those who initiate violence can be "of the light", and they refer to themselves as "positive", and divorce from the negative, or that which recieves what they give.....a real hard time.  The hand which pours is the light, the cup which recieves is darkness.  All enjoyment of life is in darkness. The light is the projector, the screen is the negative darkness, in the bi-polar (normal person) scheme. In real life, how this works that people who arouse and excite the senses, become projected upon.....for looking beautiful, a person becomes "bad", and the very people who do this projecting, will actually perpetrate wrong actions and be forgiven. Because they repel, they are positive....and of the light.  

Beauty is darkness, and so is love. Hate is positive, and love is negative. (the pull of "attraction"---attraction is actually projected desire) Pull your head out of your ass and compare the plug and the outlet to your weener and butthole.  Whoever takes it is "negative"--projections of weakness be damned, those who envy have zero of the strength of soul it takes to endure being considered is the experience of hatred of who you are, without giving a crap about considering your character, deeds and your feelings. 


A gang of priests showing up at your cottage for your 16 year old daughter that they noticed is sexually attractive...I mean "a witch".

They rape her and then cut off her arms and legs, they carve up her torso and all take shits in it and kick it around.  This is your Christian history, it's as bad as anything else.  


Tezcatlipoca had a mirror on his foot.  When I was a kid, we put mirrors on our shoes if we wanted to see up a girls skirt.  Tezcatlipoca, associated with the jaguar, had a mirror on his foot to sneak looks at women's pussies .......


The night is associated with Priestesses, the stars and earlier times saw a more authentic representation, likely.  The Spaniards destroyed a great deal of Aztec records, and we really don't know much about that culture....but it was far superior to anything in much for the "not using the land" crap.  Tezcatlipoca, was most likely, a Mexican form of Dionysus.  

The "mirror that sees all", now that prehistoric cataclysm is a proven fact, could even be a computer screen.  That a "god of night" is the one "knows all that is in men's minds" probably means astrologer. Observation of stars happens in darkness.  "Astrology is darkness"..there ya go, genius.  


The mirror is to represent, the moon....which mirrors the Sun.  A mirror on the foot, to signify that he was preoccupied with women's sexuality. A mirror of women's experience....a male warrior who experiences life in much the same way, someone always chosen to be a recipient of other people's bullshit.......


Who do you think becomes the most hardcore, the warrior that is embraced by other men, or the warrior that is constantly being tested by other men?  Tezcatlipoca knows that a weak man initiates competition unnecessarily, if he was strong he would not feel so much doubt about his worth.  I believe the myths about Tezcatlipoca are crap and you have to read between the lines, and make comparisons with other situations......when reading "god of slaves", interpret "god of women"....

Tezcatlipoca didn't need a mirror to sneak looks up skirts, it was symbolic....that he simply experienced beautiful women intimately on an everyday basis..  The original Tezcatlipoca......the male counterpart of Lilith, and perhaps the original simply a beautiful woman in the role of Priestess.  

The Goddess is associated with the past, with memory (associated with breasts) and the contemplation of the rose leads to freedom from entrapment in one amnesiac lifetime. A trigger of the depths.  It ain't Axl.  It is the AXIS.  

Jimi Hendrix could have told you about Tezcatlipoca, who appears at the crossroads to challenge warriors.  I believe that Robert Johnson really knew that he, himself was "the Devil".  The Devil is the Individual, according to those who fear the being who challenges warriors at the crossroads....the crossroads of your arms and legs.  No it's not your stupid dick, it's your soul. 


The Soul is Tezcat.  The Soul is the Sole Inheritor of your Will.  If a future self happens to break the normal bounds of linear time, and show up at your crossroads......the greatest enemy of both mainstream "science and religion" is the evidence of a soul's destination being nearby........another chapter of unfolding destiny.  




"Sometimes people around you won't understand your journey.  They don't need to, it's not for them. "-  King meme Vii

         TEZCAT REAL

"The imagination is not a state,

                                 it is the human existence itself"


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