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I like the term Psyence as a synonym for what we mean by Poetry, for our poetry is the relationship between the Individual and Goddess....people who do not practice what they preach, step aside....we understand what is an attempt to mimic a destiny of what is coming...we have not been stopped, it is going to happen.  I want to make it clear, that my wife and I have gone very, very far out of our way for this knowledge (a decision made before incarnation) we have sacrificed a great deal, accepted enormous amounts of suffering and rejection..which goes with the territory of going to "the end of the night"... for the sake of a "rescue mission" of what has been exiled to the realm of taboo....what we have been through we need to communicate to our readers so that this knowledge is regarded as sacred, and to be communicated as fast as you can share it with others to show gratitude.....especially towards my wife, who is set up to be a focus point of healing energy to spread non-locally to all of us.....she is extremely magnetically talented.  Also, that it be known to be acquired at great expense to ourselves to help others at the same time that we help ourselves, there is no sense in feeling any jealousy towards us for having this hurt...a lot.  Not like we remember how we ended up in this situation, we are.    


I am a non-binary person as a consequence of communion.....this is the real thing, a dialectical monism and synergy....."not divided" and don't waste our time with PC entitlement to have us diminishing ourselves for the sake of "empowerment" of others.....who allowed the TV to tell them things that have resulted in my wife being  treated horribly during her battle with cancer.  Listen to me PRONOUNCE ---pronounce.   I feel like a whole entire nation has been conditioned to have an "orange man bad association" if suddenly, we were to be publically known---when I have been working extremely hard to make something beautiful happen for my wife after the experience of something so goddamn sad and unfair having to happen to horrifies me to imagine that her happy moment would turn into catching the "orange man bad" projections....and being traumatized even more.    How about an explosion of empathy? 


My "ginger' appearance, Individualist creative non-conformity and being considered "attractive" (to "orange man bad" projections) --- the amount of respect that a person should be able to expect as general courtesy for sacred tragedies, was conspicously absent....I do not need to prove to myself what i know to be true, and don't need to prove it to anyone else.  "Orange Man Bad"----I first began to notice being the trigger of projections, when four years ago...."you will be heartless and abandon her, unless I treat you with contempt and lecture you about not being evil and bad" ---- assumptions even required people to refuse to listen to anything she had to say about our relationship.....which was other people's business because they could see "bad"....compounded with the already loathsome associations with CANCER---(empathy needs to be killed with radiation)

I will do and say whatever I want, no matter how stupid and rude it might seem to people who think they deserve to be getting "victim sympathy" while taking on "orange man bad" programming.........I am completely exempt from the prevailing paradigm, because of how much people's TV programmed prejudice (PRE-JUDAS) has resulted in my wife being hurt, belittled, diminished and more.....during her experience battling cancer.  I do not attribute all of it to her being erotically arousing and being seen with an erotically arousing GINGER MALE (trigger of "orange man bad" associations)---but it is enough to be going to war about.  i was very, very confused at the frequency of encountering people who think it is normal and acceptable to expect that they can just start interacting with my wife like they both agree that I'm just some jerk to push aside and she is being rescued from someone who is bad...that was a bad influence on her because she is bad too now.....and boy, do they get hostile when this behavior is met with contempt from both of us....they can hardly believe it!! It took a while, and it dawned on me.....oh Lord.....the TV did this to people.  

TEZCAT, is an obsidian mirror....that TV wants to keep you away from.  A smoking obsidian mirror, perhaps smoking after sex.  What do you do after sex? I become SEVEN, because SEX is the Latin word for SIX...also


By calling me ginger, it implies that I am an exception....although I may be male and quite masculine, I have "privileges" --- due to being a lesbian, just as Ginger implies.  Neither white, nor black...but between them....RED.  Yes, I actually prefer dark haired spot on. A little demonstration of status with the you know what Labia is?  "Lips, duh..." 

The labia is the Aramaic term for Lyoness.  Labia.....well, we are used to Labia Majora and Labia Minora guarding the Door......and you may have heard of the Jewish Menorah? Do you ever think about how certain initiated men might attend something that could have been referred to as a "menstrual show?" The Full Moon, (equivalent to Cameria, the anagram of America) synchronized with women's cycles.....five days of a Full Moon, five days of flow.  This is why White, Red and Black are the colors associated with the Moon....Red, at the Full Moon.  Which one of these colors has been "painted black", yes..... I see a Red Door and I want to paint it black.   You think a menstrual show, kind of maybe turned into a "paint it black" minstrel show? least Hell's Angels still require initiates to "eat out their old lady while she's on the rag"....

"For my History Project, I chose the origins of the Minstrel Show"......


How do you think a man ends up with blood on his face at a menstrual show, anyway?'s the sort of thing that can't be deleted, but "painted black"....and sure a minstrel show was racist, it was racist as hell....but it also was about the RED also......but not acknowledged.  What about the part with women, gyrating to the music and stripping?  Well, that is a "men's drool show"....and the bar serves "men's drool fluid'--or alcohol.  


So, next Full Moon....go and find the "Man in the Moon"....yeah, the Man in the Moon is GOD.   

Proof of the SEX GOD

God is Real.jpg

This can be done with any disc, any planet, star, English Muffin, cup of coffee or satellite.  The Full Moon is the Rock Star, it is made of rock and once a month, it rivals the Sun. 


The Rock Star. 

"Only Women Bleed" is my favorite by Alice Cooper song, by the way

Though in actuality a sphere, the visual image presents a DISC-OVER your head, and a DISC perceived anywhere should immediately remind us of our relationship with a is an image on one and five planes of a black cube, which is the symbol of Goddess.  The Black Box of the belonging to a Black Goddess---who is SEX that longs for SEVEN.....that is yourself.   

SIX.  Above, the shape on the left, is a letter C that is smoking a cigarette.   

           The ratio of the Diameter of a Circle to the Circumference, reveals the infinite.........                                        Pi. 3.14 etc. into trillions of decimal placements and still going......


Here is One (and Zero) Reason why the Serpent has always been a symbol of High Wisdom and Initiation. Stare into a serpent's I for long enough, and GOD will be revealed.  Oh, wait GOD doesn't like snakes because they also symbolize death and rebirth.  REBIRTH is taboo.  You only get one shot, and it's Evan-Williams instead of the fancy stufff. 

Symbol of PHI, the Golden Ratio that is a proof of Cosmic Intelligence. IO, and not just that.....PHI is bluntly stating that the I of IO, is I, myself.  I is larger than O, to emphasize the LOGOS, rather than the seamless world.

Below are quotes about GOD, who is the child of IO.  They don't tell you that GOD has parents in the Bi-Bull.  




It is called John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". Well, they didn't tell you the entire story though, whoever "they" would be...(Flavians?)  Where does God come from? IO! That sounds like "I OWE" when read aloud! Surely somebody noticed and realized the vast potential for manipulation of the desire for GOD. 

I clever, how sneaky.  GOD, I OWE.  I OWE, GOD! "

GOD was the Word that was WITH the go ahead and project the idea of a man that lives in the sky that is derived from "I OWE", he knows every hair on your head and how much each one cost him to make, and has it all written down in a notebook.  Pass the collection plate around...and people are easily hooked by guilt can have "unshakeable faith" in the idea that "I OWE GOD" because there is actually a very solid foundation for this to happen.....because GOD is literally to be found in "heaven", and GOD IS the WORD, that was in the beginning...and GOD is WITH the WORD, which is IO....I OWE! everything is there, but in a form that requires NO intermediaries or justifies guilt/shame/fear. But we need intermediaries to make sure GOD gets the money that "I OWE".  DEBT created GOD, and it can never be paid off because if DEBT created GOD, then GOD will disappear when the debt is paid in full! We need eternal debt! Every time a sinner blows it and then converts, Jesus has to be crucified because of one more person, it never ends! 

"What was before GOD, Daddy?"

"I don't know, Timmy...but we owe Him everything and we must obey or he'll make me take your toys away and throw them in the river" 

"I owe God?" Timmy says.  "That's right!" says daddy, when "I owe" just happens to be the pronunciation of "IO" as it would go in the song "Old MacDonald had an energy farm E-I-E-I-O" but Daddy doesn't care because he likes instilling fear...."Do unto others...." 

"Why do I owe God? Did I borrow money from Him?"  "You owe God everything, because He killed His Only Begotten Son, so you could be forgiven!" 

"Can I be forgiven and not owe anything? Isn't being forgiven mean that you don't owe anything?" 

"Of course...not TIMMY! That's ridiculous!" 

DOES GOD HAVE A CREATOR? The answer turns out to be "I OWE" Something went wrong somewhere, a feeling of DEBT has created GOD. It does not have to be this way, this is the result of trauma.  A simple shift in perception is all it takes. 


DEBT and DEBIT are the same word, with I inside of DEBT. I am in DEBT gives us the word DEBIT.  DEBT I ---out of debt....DEBIT--I in DEBT.   Etymologists say when tracking the origin of words, vowels aren't so important....the consonants are.  

Oh, and DEICIDE is to place yourself in the word "Decide". I Decide-DeIcide.  My parents named me for the guitarist in Deicide, and then they thought they were going to control me.  Ha ha ha ha ha!

Speaking of being of being enslaved to a silly phonetic mishap, it is in EXODUS 3:14 that GOD states  "I AM THAT I AM"


and I'll be what I'll be, I'm Popeye the sailor man (toot toot!)

EXODUS 3:14, it is as if kicked out of the infinite, which is found with IO, the diameter and circumerference of the MOON, or the SUN, or the EYES of a lover! A cat's eye, or a serpent! 



now pass around the collection plate....

And, unnaturally what this also does to the mind is to influence people that, as the very word GOD on the deepest level connects with IO, GOD says within "I OWE", and this is why people want to tell God what to do (prayer), and even call telling GOD what to do is "staying humble".  Stay humble, pray! Because doing things for yourself is "arrogant", so tell GOD what to do? Like fix your life for you.  Also, who is seemingly "closest to god" (the beautiful and "gifted" or "lucky" person),  is therefore closest to "I OWE" and so be really wierd to celebrities.  

The Exodus from the infinite 


The correlation of IO with the number TEN is a correlation with the Qabala (from Cybele).  The internal visualization that discovers GOD flows in a way (if beginning from the bottom up) that resembles the TREE OF LIFE.  Television SET has given us CABLE TV.  CABLE/CYBELE/CABALA

Remember, TV contains U in the middle, TV has U...the W (Double You) is sitting on the couch, deciding to not have a TV anymore. TV will no longer DISmember me, now I REmember and RISE off the couch like the teachings of A Don....key. 

That this way we can see the importance of TD as it appears here, I am only seeking to retrace the steps of others who surely must have played around the same way I have and arrived at the same symbolic results.  What is derived from abstractions from IO projected on a disc as circumference and diameter, puts a new spin on the concept of Sun GOD and Moon GOD.  


There is no God, there is no god. There is only GOD.  Capitalization of LORD, when saying "LORD God" in the Bible means to sideroad an expectation for "GOD".  Very subtle, and clever. LORD God and DOG Drol....root of "drool". 


Serpent climbs up the pole for ISIS 

Other than GOD, we can find his lover, in the same astronomical bodies that contain GOD.  By now we should understand the reason that the Old Testament "Jealous Guy" is what he is. Typically, he doesn't have a woman.  The GODDESS is physical reality, the GODDESS is the manifest UNIVERSE.....without a woman, the idea of GOD is IDEA with no tangible existence.....a MIND VIRUS.  Below, the example of cell division is the revelation of GOD or a DOG, depending on the direction of perception.....GOD is the circle coming our way...the DOG is going into the interior of the circle......going inner (you dog!) 

cell dog.jpg

Another internal visualization operation involves simply regarding this image of cell division as a DOOR, the doorknobs are clearly implied.  Imagine that the door hinges are parallel to the knobs on the circumference.  Open the door and know DOG.  

DOG is your best friend.  DOG is your co-pilot. 


The organ involved in finding GOD, has GOD within....but you have to refer to this image and reflect it back upon yourself.   This means that the infinite (3.14.........) is found in the relationship to the whole and the division into hemispheres.  In other words, GOD is waiting to be revealed in the brain, the division into two hemispheres means that GOD has already been revealed, and is being possibly projected from the brain, the home of the original much for veneration of external powers.  So, this means that any person who claims to be a link to GOD for you, is saying that you don't have a brain and is a brain for you...and only an idiot looking for a brain due to not having one would do such a thing.   Isn't having GOD present in the brain enough for one person to encounter? Is it a lack of faith in BRAIN that requires a person to lasso other people into it's "influence" if the BRAIN is uncertain of itself without the attention of others? Does GOD require the approval of humans to be REAL? Isn't being GOD enough to assert itself? The needed attention of humans does not reflect a superior power.   The intermediary is missing something that others need to provide..........which is a poor advertisement for "special relationship with GOD"   I OWE.


Perhaps the subconscious mind is always aware of what happens when encountering any circle or disc, and is always calculating the infinite without need of surface awareness.  Oh! An eye! Get out the inner tape measure and find the diameter, then circumference....and boom.....the infinite is in the eyes that meet your own, and the other does the same with yours.  When you look into another person's eyes, depending on what kind of a person you are, you will tend see GODs or DOG in another person's eyes.  The DOG is the door that swings out from the center, encountered by the person that wants to get in and dominate a lesser, the authoritarian.  They give you dog tags in the military.    The person who sees GOD will respect you.  Two GODs, one in each eye.  I and I, as it goes in reggae land. 

And should we consider the Freudian dimension, that if I, the thinker and the object of thought, O, are the parents of GOD, what if GOD wants to kill his father and do it to his mother? What if Jesus was the I killed by GOD so he could have O all to "him"self? O is the whole world, and to kill the I....perhaps this offers an explanation for the Old Testament, where GOD is not found in nature...but in a book.  What if Isaac is GOD? They already say Jesus is.  

Trinity I, O, GOD. GOD is the SON.  GOD is not the father.  The SUN of GOD, not the SON. THE SUN of GOD is the DISC that recieved the I of perception, to give birth to GOD from the infinite. As implied by finding GOD in the EYE, rather than DOG, in the SUN or MOON, something is projecting towards you, perhaps it sees you as the DOG. 

I owe GOD nothing. IO ALL/NOTHING. All and Nothing.  The Lightning Strike and the Birth. 

Last thing. Hebrew and Aramaic were languages read and written from right to left.  Libra and Aries are the two signs where the SUN/SON touches the Horizon.  From Right to Left is the Sunset to Rising.  

LIbrAries.  From Right to Left, the Sun sinks below and we await the second coming at Dawn.  Until then, God exists in a book.  In LibrAries....Libra-Aries. 

LIBRARIES.  If Astrology is nonsense, why are LibrAries the deposit of biography, for those passing to the next dawn? Why are Libros spanish for books and Libras are a stand balancing two extremes, like a stand for scales...or the spine for front to back? Libras and Libros, Librans and Librarians.  

GOD is not here yet, and exists in a book....which is incorrect.  

We go in the direction of the SUN, at his appearance.  The SON is present....GOD is in your eyes.  

dismember and remember 2.jpg
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