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Astrology!? Ha ha ha! As if serious, university educated people, actually trained and qualified to know how to handle the grave seriousness 
of managing relationships between a world power and other nations, and with its own citizens by looking at the horoscope for the USA in the back of Weekly World News?  These are serious, respectable people with Ph.ds  in political science, business economics theory, and social-psychological studies of large groups of marginazalized and struggling people, and....oh!!! The horoscope in weekly world news says "Bomb Kentucky" Pfffttt.  Whatever.  



Our country is run according to a quite extreme, and very organized and rigid ritualism, which a careful observer will see that again and again, the same themes come to be repeated....according to what the goal to be accomplished might be, the fundamental frequency patterns and/or vibrational coding for a certain outcome can be discerned.  It takes constant 

maintenance to work AGAINST the natural order. 


We are dealing with a situation of being thrown into a situation

which sets itself up and enforces itself with violence, while 

we are informed by scientific institutions that the natural universe is a dead, meaningless vastness of a waste of time.  

Bleak to contemplate, so might as well realize that POWER

is what is what life can be about.  What is going on here? 

To know, requires a time commitment.  Do you want to know? Do you want to "Save America?"  Forget Trump, forget all of it.  The REVERSE is done.  

Tezcat Real wants a oath of loyalty pledged to a Goddess who is trapped within the boundaries of America....which I believe translates to "a water serpent" if considering that "Ca" and "Ka" are the same when sounded.  A water serpent.  


The borders of America are not really what we think they are.....and we explain, but first.....the meaning of this chart is going to blow your mind.  It was such a ong time ago that I figured out the secret, proved it to be a the most linear way of telling you how it came to my attention isn't available.  So what.  

 5:10 pm    7-4-1776

There are some things to consider before I ruin Burning Man for you: It has been since a very Burning Man 


I am not intending that, and all the good times you have had, all the profound experiences, all of those beautiful things were nothing to do with any crappy plan to use so much erotic/creative energy to focus on that annual Saturday

I was seduced by Mama Mystery into a situation that was so incredible and about as far from being a mere coincidence as anything could ever be....and no matter what a person might say about those things, there are a lot of people who don't know that I know why they act like they do....they want you do doubt yourself, starting from the standpoint that there isn't any guiding intelligence --- laugh at "magical child" think, joke about how the trees told me to go be a lazy hippie, etc.  In the first place, this interactive experience between I and Thou, it was straight across....and, something had to be done.  GOD is looking down on you......and 


and always keep in mind, every time somebody attempts to cut the cord between the guidance of Mama Mystery when referring to a synchronicity which YOU experienced, a sign pointing the way FROM the Mystery herself to you directly, without any "experts" (no longer perts, floppy ol' tits) assuming such importance that they have the clout to interrupt Mystery ...   and dictate to HER?   that she doesn't exist by referring to your message as A MERE COINCIDENCE, talking all this stupid stuff about how "consciousness is just a byproduct of boring stuff and there is no magic connection, just wisful thinking"  He is the smart person BECAUSE the smart consclusion is always the one that is the most negative.  You gotta love those "be positive" types, who don't go after science for being negative....negating every experience that fosters an expansive joy.  "That's just a trick of the nervous system to cause the organism to believe in some meaning as a bio-survival mechanism because we have proven that everything is meaningless, which means everything is therefore, defending something beautiful - a mere function of biology that will ensure propagations of" at this point you start urinating on the floor of his office, just to say it is nothing more than a mechanical process in which pressure is released through the penis so that".......well, by that time security is on the way.  
















Oh, all of those ostensible, practically technical adjustment contrasty knobby vertical hold receptor deal frequencies are there, sure.  That's what is for, to make sure that you are seeing the correct picture! Apparently, involving what appears to be a Lakota Chief......and my bet is that this was what Crazy Horse was assumed to look like...for there was a deception there.  The story that has Crazy Horse surrendering at Fort Robinson to General if his pride would lower him to such a thing, no way.  That, my friends, was an actor.  It could very well have been Crazy Horse, certainly....the middle-aged guy who felt wearing a war bonnet might make him appear more chief like, because the champion  Crazy Horse died in private circumstances, it was a sacrifice that was worth far more than communities that forget who you are, what you actually said, what you looked like.....though Sitting Bull had to remark that "a true warrior is someone who sacrifices himself for his community" -- which probably had good intentions behind it, due to some serious issues with the woman he loved being allowed to exist during the days after kicking ass at Rosebud and Big Horn......any way to make life impossible, was going to be standard.  Generations of total misery were to follow these battles which gave Crazy Horse and a forgotten woman glory, but they died just in time to avoid humiliation and surrender. 

The important thing to know here, is that who you think Crazy Horse probably his dad, who took the name, Crazy Horse surrendered.  Do you REALLY think that his best friend would hold him back when resisting being thrown in a guard shack? Ths :crazy horse" was stabbed in the back.....while surrendering, to the very force which Crazy Horse showed who was boss.  People need to get this: life, has an intelligence that will be ignored by precisely those people who know they are more serious and higher-ranking than someone who would comment that --- how could the legendary warrior go out this way?  There is a feminine soul that is ever present and reflecting our conditions and our story:  if other people could learn to think this way, they too would know a great deal more about the world around them.  The Goddess, so to speak, that very same who guided her champion in battle -- has had someone calling himself Crazy Horse finding he had been tricked by those close to him, and held back by his own so that a white soldier could stab him in the back.  

Until people pull their heads out of their asses long enough to recognize admissible evidence exists in the reflections......I will have to do my best to make fun of them, because I know how it is that fear of being dominated by mommy turns into left-over brain dissecting of reality.  

The reflection: a little big man, wanted to be chief crazy horse.  His dad was the little big man, who tricked his son into being sold out in some way.....his BEST friend was holding back, not his friend, but his backstabbing and jealous dad.  Crazy Horse never surrendered and never stopped fighting. 

Still, there is something sneaking in here, isn't there?  To see  this presented upright is going to have an impact on the mind, and in those days, psychological warfare tactics being employed on citizens living within the bounds of a nation, which when lost at the event of a key battle...was determined to be worth risking the consequences that could accrue when defying the Will of the stars, especially Sirius.  


This is the TEST PATTERN those who grew up to be young adults of the 60's....a tumultuous and exciting time that was so hopeful....and what happened?  Well, those who look into these things will find some very, very upsetting things.....but, do not fret.  There are so many things to show, as this nation has always been a great ritual.  If a person, or government does not like the decisions made by Sirius, in its way of communicating that decision on June 17 and 25 1876 -- then, there there is all this we have had between then an now. 



In the end, the attempt to control the opposition, only leads to some very committed, never say die sort of people being able learn very important things and so we can answer Jim Morrison's cry "waiting for you to come along, waiting for you to hear my song, waiting for you to tell me what went wrong....." from the SONG "Waiting For The Sun


We admit that there are a lot of bummer realizations to encounter, and I want to ensure readers that where I am taking them, is not through some dismantling of something associated with great times and leaving it at that --just pointing out that "look, it is something orchestrated from behind the scenes while they were being told it was something else.   What we get into past this point is very heavy information, and TEZCAT REAL is different from the other types of "truth warrior" channels: we want you to keep in mind, that as we explain the meaning and occult significance of what Burning Man is and was, that this is exactly what is not supposed to happen.   There should never be any person who comes along, pulls it apart and puts it back together this way.  Chrystya keeps telling me to be sensitive to all the great times that people have had there, and I am certainly not trashing that.   


There are outsiders looking into this festival wanting to claim this and that about druid this and yeah yeah yeah.   Our angle is this: you attended, but were never informed of the GEOMANTIC INTENTIONS of the design and to have participated, had a great time -- does not mean you were unwittingly part of a ritual being used to harness energy that should go towards an malevolent purpose.  I will tell you this much: there are some disappointments along the way, but I feel confident that you will see what amounts to a big BACKFIRE.  I myself have been three times, and the last thing I would want to do is even write about Burning Man.....just so I'm not lumped in with everyone else.  There is 



 You have heard the expression "don't trust anyone over 30?" However that came about, we can see that this attitude is mirrored here.  In the central position of circles containing "30" at their center, is a man....who can be considered to be "over 30", right? Don't trust anyone over 30, they said.......but, didn't Jesus Christ begin his ministry at the age of 30?  Linear thought does not need 







This test pattern, there is so much that can be said about it.  Beneath the ostensible, technical and practical reasons for adjustment of your picture, there is something being told to the deeper part of the mind. This part of the mind is having its picture calibrated and adjusted, so that we STAY TUNED, to a frequency, oriented to reality in a way which serves those who want to win, as long as their is no risk of competition against them.  This is a 5:1 mirror coincidence of the frequency which we have knowledge of, which is central to the net of manipulation we have found ourselves mired within....without even being able to know any of this:  if belief is so important, than the belief that we are essentially dealing with some very, weak and unworthy people is important.  Do you want to manifest destiny? Do ya?  This is it, but at first is just a chart for country...does that even mean a whole lot? It sure does....and the average man is a block to freedom.  


WHERE PEOPLE ARE HOSTILE, UNWILLING TO CONSIDER ERROR, AND ARE AFRAID OF BEING GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION ....LOOK THERE!!!  TEzcat Real is not a sub-culture of followers and fans, we very much intend to be fulfilling what people need, which is a family that looks out for each other, people who are modern warriors armed with knowledge, wit, and the creative function ripped away from entertainment and self-defeating heroism.....but put to use as something far less primitive.  Tezcat Real.....a family that looks out for each other, not followers.  Followers imply a leader, and what do we do with follow the leader? Kurt Cobain, your humiliation will be avenged.....I promise you, and all the others.  The Music Industry especially believes that this chart of America is knowledge securely kept a secret from the ignorant masses.....and it is used, in conjunction with politics, media, successfully corral us, due to the exhausting maintenance of ritual which is required to keep a REVERSE running for them.  Ladies and Gentleman, I ask you to look at this chart of USA and wonder about it, what about it is influencing us? Is it a matter of establishing a nation based on this, shouldn't we all flow with it? YEs....that is a good question.  




















FALSE PREMISES ABOUT THE ZODIAC AND ASTROLOGY ARE NEARLY PART OF A NATIONAL CREED.  Observe the internet news on the way to checking your email.  ABSURD story, one after another...and "Why Scorpio Make The Best Popcorn".   The horoscopes in the back of the NEWS, associated with the comic strips.  Included in the tabloids.  Ah, but "Millionaires don't use astrology, but billionaires do", said DALE CARNEGIE.  He admitted that the very most powerful people become so powerful, because of the utilization of things which.....why not hide our edge from the rest of them?  After all...billionaires don't just tell everyone their business tactics that made them so rich, they keep that to themselves.  What is more.... is that THE ZODIAC has been displaced from the center of ourselves, twelve around one being the order of our souls that orient us towards right perception.  The first thing to go if wanting to tyrrannize over masses of people -alienate them from the source of central intelligence, their legitimate central authority....and reduce anything to do with the zodiac with silly stuff at the country fair. 

Wherever people have branded an idea as taboo, unworthy of serious people, or even....irresponsible, they are afraid.  Why are they afraid? Asking that question, getting to that point in the first place.....avoid that.  Do not associated with "the others".  Why?  I have always known that any irrational fear of something preached by those who occupy positions of social influence is hiding something.  I have had the traumatic blessing of finding out that who I was told to regard as the boss and look up to as a child, were liars who tended towards belittling anything which might erode their need to for total dominance, which was of course....enforced by violence for non-cooperation.  I am telling you that we are not of our parents, there is a reason that a father is a parent, the mother is a parent.  They are both apparent, but appearances can be deceiving.  A great deal of unnecessary suffering would come from letting go of the notion that what is APPARENT is how things seem, but we should not take ourselves to seriously, or be what I have termed the "autistic kleptomaniac" these are people who take everything literally.   I especially get hostility from men about the spiritual sciences, the "pseudo-sciences" -- from people who HAVE NO CLUE THAT A SCIENTIFIC BELIEF IS AN OXYMORON.  I have it happen to me, that for all I am worth.....some guy with a fatter wallet than a soul is going to reduce what I do to....shit.



I find that this typical attitude which polices our imaginations, comes from an average, typical sort of man.  This is not to say that women don't dismiss things out of hand either, for many women populate so many official institutions which regard any interest in astrology as grounds for regarding a person as a bumpkin who still doesn't believe in SCIENCE!!!  I have always thought along these lines: wherever people react with unne 

THIS IS AN ORIGINAL TEST PATTERN OF TELEVISION, SHOWING US A FAMILIAR THEME....5:1.  Five to One is the key frequency of America, and knowledge of this is crucial...we have been manipulated by being kept in the dark, and as someone who has a band name equivalent to Royal Tezcatlipoca, we have to show how worthy of that name we are, for the ugliest possible invocation of Tezcatlipoca: a leapord, a black jaguar....a black mirror, all these things show up in music videos to let us know, that at the very core, is an impersonator of Tezcatlipoca...and when we take this to the highest vibration, we set the cosmic chain of consequence in motion.  The threat that we are was thought to be ended for good, long ago.....and it was in Jim Morrison.  Apparently, I am his back up plan.  In a world where people are afraid to really be who they are deep down, it is my job as meant to be leading people in a positive direction...and be the first to show my 

fear and vulnerability.  

The BIGGEST SECRET of our nation, IS THE VERY GOAL; which NOBODY was ever supposed to be able to figure out, as civilians.  Do not be afraid of them, they are a hive and we know what to do....we are more powerful than anyone could know, because this is unanticipated.  I get to do something just as badass in this life.  We need to help Jim Morrison's soul get free, and that means we are shutting down The Doors, and terrorizing all cover groups. Robbie and John, I believe, would be murdered if they didn't go along with things they were upset with.  Nobody should show anger towards them for surviving. 

Hollywood has a lot of people go missing. Fuck you, Johnny Depp....Public Enemies SUCKS.  


Explaining it takes a while, in the meantime .....Five to One....Burning Man was the confirmation of my correct assessment. 


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Waiting for the Sun was released on July 3, 1968 

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