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This is a great point of departure for everything which follows, a picture of us meeting John Densmore, drummer of The Doors.  We were there for the sake of getting a birthday present for one Robert Johnson, who is Chrystya's autographed copy of his latest book "The Doors Unhinged", which was a tale of how the Three Stooges got along with each other when Jim Morrison was no longer around to give them a reason to perform at the same time as each other.   


 The guy with John Densmore was very excited that we mentioned that this was her father's name, for whatever reason.  I recall that both he and John simultaneously went "WOW! REALLY?!!"  Which tells me that they must have already been experiencing  fantastic coincidences regarding Robert Johnson -- the very founder of the 27 club, who made a deal to become the "greatest guitarist"....and I did not mention that I was born from the belly of a Hendricks, who was best friends with Mrs. Morrison....whose son, Brian, had been born a year prior to me.....which is the only reason I am named Brian....she copied her friend.  She did this with my sister seven years later, it was a pattern.  My mom's water broke on Oct. 12th 1981 -- 34 years after Chuck Yeager's horse bucked him into a couple of broken for Columbus, one for Crowley (both Oct. 12th) -- and on Oct. 14th.....I came out into a world going to the Rolling Stones at the Kingdome....I think the biggest concert in Seattle history, at the time.   

I was born in this world, to enter that I could rescue the Saints, and be able to carry their burdens.   A very strange life, man.  I am carrying enormous burdens, of other souls......I have volunteered for this.   


How do Identify? I dentify with a 27 club, maybe smashify and wreckify also.  What he did not know, other than he was talking to the daughter of Robert Johnson....she was also the brother of Robert Johnson - Dad names Son the same name, and...observing him -- it is as if he never had his own identity.  Strange.  

Two Robert Johnsons were witness to our marriage ceremony, which took place in Michigan -- we have spiritual reasons to not acknowledge state or religious authority, regarding making our union official.  Unfortunately, these two did not want to consider that we are the ones who make our union legitimate, nobody else has that power -- as if we are the extension of someone else's approval.  

When Chrystya was battling Cancer, her parents absolutely insisted on us leaving New Orleans, to be in Maui -- much better for healing.  That seemed sensible, and they owed her about coming through on a promise -- so it was to be helping her get a place in Hawaii....still here, what happened is that they steered us into being under their thumb and helpless to do anything about deciding to be cruel to Chrystya, as much as possible.   I wrote a letter addressing that what they were doing was killing her with stress, on purpose -- epigenetics was always being talked about -- so creating bad feelings was as if meant to be fatal.   Why is this relevant? It all ties together.   

I insisted on signing our marriage contracts in purple ink, rather than black.  Maritime Admiralty Law states that black ink signifies being legally dead, and purple ink signifies being a sovereign royal.   So we said our vows to each other, and I cleverly maneuvered the situation to have it be that we suddenly became legally ROYAL and SOVEREIGN amongst them, regarding the influence of the second dimension -- where contracts exist.    As if I knew it was coming, I found out:  and I still feel incredibly hurt and betrayed abou this:  to them, being witnesses to us speaking our vows to each other, they filled the void where state and religious authority would be -- as if on some level they felt this, it was as if they were imagining that they had, with the stroke of a pen, suddenly become the equivalent of Governmental Authority, and the Church........and both of them are completely founded on assumptions and appropriations, to be what they are today.   

I am having this occur to myself as I write this, why they suddenly felt that they had the right to assert authority over our relationship -- and they were also telling me that, if I claim to know about something -- they do not view me as a man, so if I mention that Maritime Admiralty Law states that signing a document in purple ink signifies that one is a sovereign royal.....proceeding to treat us as if I am a little boy saying silly things that men don't need to pay attention to, they did not even look into it.  I got this treatment, heavily.   If I say something about something, it is stupid and saying something stupid means I am an idiot.  These were the witnesses to our union, they were maneuvering themselves into position to be the "authorities" who are the difference between our marriage being recognized or not.   


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