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What people don't know about us is pretty much everything, I approach the age of 42 -- and look back on a life that -- I am still fighting for.   I look at the tatoo on my arm, which was a Christmas gift before leaving New is two wolves -- supposed to be, anyway...on either side of the HWY, looking at each other.  The letters, HWY -- which are the anagram of WHY, the question which is also the serpent's tongue which is the letter "Y".  The letter "Y" is also a woman's crotch, who is still wearing panties.  When she is no longer wearing any, the letter "Y" becomes a rune, "Algiz" which the both of us have tatooed on our right arms.   The day that we got our tattoos....a long time ago, a wasp flew up my shirt and started stinging me - on the first branch, if it were a river.   The Nile once split into four branches of the Delta.....and there is an important connection and correspondence with the fertile Deltas of major rivers, and with the other one.  I put it this way:  There is Mississippi, and then there is Mrs. Ippi.  They both have a Delta, and it is as if everyone hating Bush for so long, both "W" and the Nirvana-be band, was influencing adults in tandem with pornography -- to hate bush.   

Consider that you live in a country that, little do most realize -- is a game that involves a substitution for an experience of communion with a Goddess, who is the "Real America" that they could not find in Easy Rider, because it was about communicating to the masses, subliminally "the REEL America" -- they could not find her on the second dimension.  I am telling you how it is.....I am presenting my readers with what offers a choice: ridicule this, or be interested -- or don't care.  Those who ridicule, are going to be those who serve my cause -- because there will be so many examples of what I am talking about in so many ways, one important thing to discuss is that precisely what "real men" are triggered to ridicule -- responding as if by fear of punishment for not attacking "the enemy" -- is an indication of a nearby truth.  

Wake up, we are in REVERSE -- the UNIVERSE is calling -- I am an anchor of SEVEN, I am a man who has suffered and will never know what it is like to have "empowerment" from a group of people who "are just like me", and the core my story will never be known to the general public,  I defy all that is happening....and I know why, I know the way out....I have the solution, I can diagnose the sickness.  Chrystya suffered so that I could observe what is happening, and I owe it to her -- to avenge her, and to make it worth it.  Making it worth it includes this band -- the decison to make it worth it to her, was the decision to revive interest in being a musician -- anyone who would take that away, you are going to end up being known for wanting to take away Chrystya's happiness after seven years of hell, total betrayal by doctors and others -- I could hardly believe it, but I could -- when I remembered.  

I rememembered, and I watched her relive something that included having her jaw shattered...those who laugh at this, go ahead.  I warn you, that you put yourself in the hot seat....because we are the champions, we have already is a matter of coming forward, beginning to.  The world is afraid of a beautiful woman, highly intelligent -- a spiritual leader, and also -- a great warrior.  This is who she is, and I remembered -- she was once a prisoner of war -- her captors were responding to the presence of a beautiful woman warrior, who was GREAT, and there was no male warrior who could claim to be more brave than her.....

How could a male warrior be braver than a beautiful woman in war?  A beautiful woman is FEARED if she is also intelligent and a leader, and a great fighter -- men have ideas and beliefs about their macho masculinity -- which is suddenly blown to little bitty pieces, when a woman so beautiful that her place is either showgirl, prostitute or trophy wife and/or babymaker -- in all cases passive and submissive to the "gentlemen" (who won't hit a lady, but will torture her in private when she is captive as a prisoner of war).   

Torturing someone is beyond evil -- and I am heavy enough to know about these things -- I am a spiritual warrior of the Goddess -- and that is an umbrella term, but.....also -- I came to recognize that -- I am married to a Goddess.  I have become convinced, and to have insulted should not want to be that person.  Since diagnosis with CANCER -- it has been OK to be mean to her, it is okay to be mean to people with CANCER -- people do not talk about it, it is true.  CANCER is the sign and archetype corresonding with EMPATHY (which is what love truly is), with WOMEN in general, with childbirth, creativity, innocence, safety, vulnerability, sensitivity, and nurturing......ISIS and child, and what is the WAR ON CANCER?  Over seven years, I know what I am talking about -- and am not going to be shouted down -- the word CANCER being associated with DEATH, rather than LIFE?  This is a sign of a REVERSE...and Chrystya suffered immensely for the world to be able to know these things I have an obligation to communicate.  

Social Engineering -- Get people to despise CANCER, they will despise a person for being a cause for empathy - I can carry burdens so enormous that people would be amazed, but I will not speak of many things....what is that, I just want attention?  Interesting.  


Observe people after thinking on these things:  most people lack empathy, it seems....especially doctors.  The Ruling Class has always been obsessed with esoteric and occult interests.   "Millionaires don't use astrology, but billionaires do" said Dale Carnegie.  What kind of a man is too afraid of questioning the masters to investigate the link between the archetype of CANCER and how the word is ABUSED in our society?  Knowing about this is KEY TO EVERYTHING.   It is "LOVE UNDER WILL" Cancer UNDER Capricorn -- they should be balanced by LIBRA -- but "Justice is Blind" -- no, she is blindfolded. Love, be exactly equal to Will....through me, by me.....manifest as me, the highest vibration finally making its contribution, after so many wicked, lowly and inverse contributions as acts of betrayal have been put forth -- as "there is nothing else, so this has to be accepted".  Long story.     

CANCER becomes a something wrong.....and it is the sign of WOMEN and CHILDREN.   Women are targeted for being erased, it seems -- and people go along with this?  Children are there to be abused -- and, fuck you....I am going to die fighting for their cause, and millions of people who believe in supporting the system which tells us that a transpersonal experience of being a woman, is greater than a personal experience.  Trans person (al).  It is personal.   

My wife was criminally abused by insane people, I am making this band happen for her healing.....and to try and take that away from her?  She is a GODDESS, and that is why she is under attack all the time.  I remembered, my life is about protecting her -- no matter how sad I get aboout having zero needs of my own really met -- I don't get to have anything but this relationship -- AND SO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE JEALOUS OF THAT.  I really want to detail how things are for us, so that people can envy us all the more.  


I have a great deal of empathy, which is why I do not give up for anything, I do not abandon someone I love -- when I was expected to (because I am sexually attractive -- in other words, worthless in character).  I have a great and heroic empathy, so I have CANCER.   I have CANCER, or EMPATHY for feelings of others, which often translates into -- giving empathy to the clit, if you would have me....this is who I am, why people act hysterical in my presence -- "Doctor Love" -- or something.   That is a thing I do on occasion for friends, lift self-esteem in women who are open and trust me, who need to feel beautiful during hard times, such as when being dumped and treated as if worthless.  Cee remarks that I can do this, because I truly am trustworthy when it comes to being around women's nudity and sexuality -- my pride resides there -- I AM CARE -- is the very anagram of AMERICA.  I confess that so many women, I have a powerful urge to pull the pants and panties down -- and kiss them on the lips, as a gift of love - and demonstrate a capacity to be of service to the Goddess -- and it works like this, the Goddess is manifest in any woman who is a) super beautiful (you must be, as the Goddess is persecuted, denied, silenced, treated as if a whore, etc.)  b) you have a deep and ancient soul, that recognizes that it is of utmost importance to FEEL the truth of what is going on inside c) you believe in magic.  d) your own experience of yourself, is not "Goddess" -- but the God Sphere of Light which is the emanation of every individual. 


I believe monotheism to have been actually conceived of by Queen Nefertiti -- GOD -- the sphere of light at the center of every individual -- she was too beautiful to ever be able to forget it for a minute -- people do not understand like I do, that individualism is the cause of a beautiful, highly intelligent woman -- who is brazen as well.   Let me put it this way: New Agers say "we are all Jesus!!! We are one with Him" -- this is responding to "I have so many friends who were Jesus in a past life"  (do they remember being the leader of the Jewish Revolt? No? Interesting).  Jesus had a wife, so if we"are all Jesus" .. what is being communicated, is that Mary Magdalene will spread her creamy thighs for all of us, right? WRONG!!!!!! Individualists are big on boundaries, extremely beautiful and intense women have a greater need for boundaries than most, hence -- Nefertiti probably influenced what became "monotheism" -- meaning, the Everlasting One -- is her SOUL!!!!! Immortal, Everlasting ONE.   No matter how many incarnations, it is ONE SOUIL...always.  This is why I protest the use of the word "reincarnation" -- TRANS migration of the soul.  


She was an intense woman, who was the most beautiful -- and, she was also butt naked most of the time.  Why?  Age of Aries.  Aries is a nudist......and that is e) The Goddess is always a nudist, and it is not about a stupid fetish -- we have a mutual hatred for guys who are "into being naked"...yeah, fuck you -- these guys don't show up with a woman to whatever it is -- and the worst, THOSE GUYS WHO DO NOT HAVE THE PRIVILEGE -- which comes with being pleasing to others, should they look at you -- OF BEING NUDE IN PUBLIC, AND THEY EVEN SHOW UP WITH A CAMERA --


These fat, ugly assholes showed up at the naked bike ride in New Orleans --  when Chrystya still had breasts, and (she feels really bad about losing them -- men have trouble empathizing with this, an important part of her identity is taken away -- and SHE WAS TREATED LIKE SHIT).  The way that there is "pretty privilege" is to do with being naked in public, or social gatherings -- beauty is to be appreciated and respected as welll -- these guys with cameras are GROSS -- and actually think that being naked gives themthe right to record all the pretty women who got naked, having no clue what it is like to be beautiful -- or they would not do that, they would respect the vulnerability of being nude in public.   RECORDING THE SCENE WHEN PRETTY WOMEN ARE NAKED?  IS SABOTAGE!!! DO NOT RECORD, DO NOT TAKE PICTURES....AND WOMEN WILL DEMONSTRATE HOW MUCH THEY REALLY WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO GO ABOUT THEIR DAY WITHOUT MUCH CLOTHES, OR ANY AT ALL....WOMEN ARE CLOSER TO MOTHER NATURE.....


If you meet the criteria, I will lick your pussy -- as a small sacrifice to the Goddess -- rather than sacrifice of a goat for God to sniff over the fire, with the Goddess -- sacrifice involves licking a woman who is recognized as being Goddess incarnate -- for, the clit brings spirit into the world at the moment of orgasm.  Women, are you into manifesting?  CALL OUT WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST AT THE MOMENT OF ORGASM....or, actually -- that is my job, because you will be out of your head and -- dammit Christians, "speaking in tongues" -- which is literally gibberish of the Lord (it is about licking pussy, okay?)


I have a gift for forgiving, if you give immaculate reception in return.  It is NOT better to give than recieve, in probably might believe it is way awesome to be receiving.   Respect my wife, and all is fine.....why other women think "liking me" when being hostile to her is going to work -- they are not Goddess level, they are "the stupids" -- like Muggles, but more Stupid.  I have not been sexually active for about seven years, and I wish for death....I focus on what my inner self has to say, and it shows me an image of crying hysterically by myself, as nobody cares.  

 So.....I must accomplish certain things, until then .... I cannot die, unfortunately.  I would never kill myself, keep that in mind in case I am assassinated.  My wife was once a prisoner of war.......who was subjected to horrors I will not speak of, for the duration of one whole week.  People have been awful to us, now -- "we thought you should have been done a long time ago!"  I watched doctors become possessed with an urge to just......mutilate her, put her through if SOMETHING FROM A LONG TIME AGO WERE RE-ENACTING.   Do you really think I would be afraid of ridicule more than I am dedicated to her healing?  Let me tell you something:  every time a child speaks of "when I was big", it has been reality -- and this is how it is with children - NO RESPECT.   

I am their warrior, then.  We have been before, and will continue to be.  Today is a good day to cry, because I cannot die -- if I am willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of love.  I am sick of people and their bullshit about cancer -- the psychological archetype FIRST, astrological sign SECOND.  Talk about anything to do with astrology...being a "man" includes, as a prerequisite, knowing to dismiss and make fun of anyone who mentions astrology

to tell the truth is to not be believed -- and this is why I am so shy in social situations, and people decide I am totally opposite of what I really am -- and when they experience it, they become frightened....or "convinced" that things are their wild misinterpretation.  

I know how badass Tezcat Real is....and I have arrived at a place, deciding to tell enough truth to outdo any would-be dirt-diggers, who expose the "truth about Tezcat Real!!!" they will not have that opportunity, because I place myself on this altar of sacrifice -- recognizing my whole life has been a sacrifice for one person, Chrystya.  I remembered a great deal over the last seven years -- and how things have gone, it is time to do what I have always done -- be willing to sacrifice myself for her -- I don't care about convincing you, if you might be one of those guys who believes they can assert authority over me to become bigger than what I can do -- without being able to demonstrate that capacity -- that is the point, to find someone who is impressive...and be better than that.  

Life is not a crossword puzzle, but for many people...if I put something across to them/they must put something DOWN.  I hate social media for this reason, and I am the messenger of the REVERSE against UNIVERSE -- one is clockwise, the other is the High Way.   I consider myself a Heyoka Warrior -- go ahead and ridiculate that, I am that I am.  

I tried being a stand-up comedian for a night, I did a little set -- and I got off the stage, and a really cute young lady at the bar said to me, "that was SO funny! I laughed my ass off!"  and she wasn't just flirting, I am funny as fuck.  If you know me, you know 


which I am still from, not Washington.   That is only a place of rejection...what is family?  I say I never had a family, my meanings are not biological  Biology is not family. 

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"Sometimes people around you won't understand your journey.  They don't need to, it's not for them. "-  King meme Vii

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