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Earning Man 

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A great deal is lost by not interpreting the Precessional Ages, or The Great Year – which last 25,920 years or so – there is variation on this number, though I agree with the model of time which has each Age last 2160 years – and yet, there is the sidereal year to consider. 


The inner ring of two that surround “THE MAN” – is 25,920 square feet of area…..GEOMANCY.   The next ring, is 111,111 square feet.  Note that is SIX --- and this takes place in the sign of VIRGO – the sixth sign, before LIBRA – and, the SUN is gone on a SUNDAY – or is that THE SON? 


SON = 9

There are 9 days of Burning Man --- 9 is the number of Woman and Son…..what is actually going on here, is FIREWOMAN.  I decided this privately, and it RAINED – and, what was that? Who knows.  What I was glad for, though….was that the RITUAL was disrupted.

There is no default world beyond 2023 – it is WATERMAN – remember “waterman” from the supposed story of Crazy Horse?  “He was the bravest, he got closer to the enemy than anyone”.  Chief Crazy Horse, the father of Curly who was not his father, actually…..conspired with the Seventh Cavalry.  That is how Crazy Horse was closest to the enemy – the Crazy Horse Monument (To Betrayal). 

When you recognize that Crazy Horse’s WIFE won the battle for America, you will recognize the truth of that monument to betrayal.

The Man is Jim Morrison……need I say more?  The Temple….is 12th house DOOR of the USA chart.  12’21 Scorpio – that degree of the zodiac happens to rule either the glans penis (dickhead) or the clit…depending on if we are dealing with the chart of a man or a woman.  Why does a woman have a penis? That is because AMERICA IS A GODDESS BETRAYED.   The Temple… that the dickhead of America, or is it the Clit? Ritually… the Dickhead of Burning Man – BURNING the CLIT?  Jim Morrison was made into “dickhead” – come on, suck me babe…can’t you see, I need some head.  He did not say that at Miami…that is an inside joke, for those who know the Paris grave is lacking a head. 

The betrayal of the GODDESS involves MALE APPROPRIATION OF THE IDENTITY, IMAGES, ROLES, and LEGACY of the Goddess…and, let us not forget DESTINY. 

MANIFEST DESTINY?  The Destiny of America has not happened yet…..AMERICA has been imprisoned, harnessed, raped, humiliated….etc.  AMERICA is “my mother out-law” – you have an evil mother in-law, I have a badass mother outlaw. 

BURNING = 27 MAN = 3

Don’t trust anyone over 30 – such as Jesus Christ, who began his ministry at 30 – of course, who he really was – a protector of the Goddess, deeply involved with her SEXUALLY – but, whatever.  PRINT THE EXACT OPPOSITE.  The Passion of the Christ wasn’t licking pussy, it was being abandoned and beaten, then humiliated in public.  Sure.  Self-hatred, right. 

The Son of God…..doesn’t have gorgeous women swarming him…sure.

27’32 – Jesus = 27 Christ = 32


30 years went by since 1981, when Saturn was at 14’48 Libra – and it was 4:00 am August 28th, that we sang Happy Birthday – to her… the exact time when Saturn in Libra had returned to its position….as if she is America herself, or something….and America sucks my dick a lot.  Interesting. 

My Saturn Return 13’55 Libra – happened August 20th……..oops, I think the Saturn came back to align with me and my lady, instead of anything else at Burning Man that year – which was the year of the BIG RITUAL – which failed.  FINALIZING the CLOCKWISE for the COUNTERCULTURE – Rituals are powered by human attention – so I paid literally no attention at all to what time it was, ever.  I was DRUNK AS HELL – and being drunk as hell at Burning Man? There is NOTHING more hilarious and sexy at the same time.


FIVE TO ONE – really.

"Sometimes people around you won't understand your journey.  They don't need to, it's not for them. "-  King meme Vii

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