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  27, 54 ,108, 216, 432, 864, 1728 

Another word for funeral is "wake", "woke" is post-funeral.....are you woke? Rather than excitement at what is new, fresh and exciting......everything is boring, what once was fresh is ranked according to whoever puts these "greatest of all time" lists if it has come and gone, and "all time" doesn't extend trillions of years into Mystery; past AND future....that's what we tend to believe...and yet these "greatest" lists fill the space for memory which USED to be a capacity within us, but the phone holds memories now....No Water necessary.  No Water was the Arch Nemesis of Tasunka Witko....keep that in mind, there is a great interweaving story.....and compartmentalization of civilization's roles, tasks and departments is a mirror coincidence of what becomes of a brain and nervous system subjected to trauma without memory....which is inextricably linked with FEELING. 


The singer has always had a phone, everyone in the audience has a phone now, too.   The singer has a microphone for reception of voice, which is to be amplified for benefit of the group psyche and soul experience "in concert" and if you don't think the singer is depressed that the audience is holding up their own phones to mimic precisely the same, unwittingly.....sigh.  Rather than human energy "in concert", human races rather than beings are in the habit of forming "extensions" from whatever is alight in the world.  Phones are for guitars that double as baseball bats at our shows. 

Tune your guitar to 432 hz = A.....and forget revolution, the counter-culture revolution has always been a joke about the clock in conjunction with the spin of the rock n' roll record on your turntable.  


I....have a microphone....oh, have your "iPhone", the lowercase "i" is like a little microphone.  You bring your (micro) 'i' - Phone, and the Imperial "I"; is it there fully when doing such a thing as acting as mimic to the singer holding up a phone?  Let the singer have a microphone, you leave yours OFF.  People are dissociated from the experience of "being in concert" and need so many videos.....the second world, the second dimension.  Music and magic are the same, could be the same.....according to the capacity of the band, which is necessarily a band of warriors with musical instruments of war....and ours are tuned to 432 hz = A. It is easy to tune a guitar, but those of you playing brass instruments.....oh well.  You can hate us if you want, we understand.  Me, I hated playing an alto saxophone and maybe it is all about petty and immature revenge, totally displaced at Yamaha.  


Those who manufacture saxophones, please.....hate us all you want.  Your brass and wind instruments will never be as cool as guitars and drums so, eat it.  


We hope to force an extraordinarily expensive adjustment to musical instrument manufacturing businesses.  Perhaps there will be glorious and deadly battles where one side -- the loser --- wields trombones, trumpets, french horns, clarinets, flutes and all such instruments built to resonate at 440 hz = A, and the change we hope to bring will really piss off entire orchestras.  Someone should film this, professionally.....all bystanders holding up phones will be shot with paintball guns.....actually, rubber bullets don't ruin clothing so we might opt for rubber bullets....not REAL ones (safety first...if the safety is still on, the gun won't work, schmuck....SAFETEY FIRST!) 


The Universe is one line of verse, poetry.  You and I Verse.....and we have quacks who call themselves "professional".... scientists! Who are there on CNN and National Geographic, etc., to dispel any notions of Consciousness if anything they touch with their "rank" becomes an extension of their own self-negation, for they DO negate and negate, starting with themselves...this is the standard.  Institutionalized is what happens when you go crazy.  Institutionalized science is much the same.  


Typical of them : "That is nothing more than the least it could be and that is the reflection of how very small I am, negating all I encounter makes me bigger because I have negated, therefore I exist and you do not",, it comes from a larger word:  CONSCIENCE.  Consciousness is the ontological primitive, and some are just primitive.  


The tendency to negate all that surrounds is the symptom of a malady called "reincarnation", a fully realized human being was arrested at about the age of 4 -- and possessed by its master, an extension of a primary fear of evolving existence.   Reincarnated people tend to attack things that reflect back to them their lack of courage, will, independent thought, creativity and the ability to let go of frozen identities (they will cease to exist!).  Please, cease to exist by any means.  


"Dad-fearing" religious zealotry....with "scientific beliefs".  (Beliefs are not scientific).  Have you seen "They Live?" It is really about "reincarnation", which is what happens when a person becomes arrested, overwhelmed and become an extension of that fear and envy of those who are truly living and creating.    The early Gnostic Christians called this the "Demiurge"...which is related to the truth about Icarus and Daedalus.  Dad and Dead are the same word, basically.  Words are not is just that really stupid people become paid to say they are from behind the persona of "professional".  Words are really the children of an androgynous super-mind called "Universe".  

Word molestation is the same as child molestation, and if we catch you molesting deserve......"What Would the Hells Angels Do?"  experiences.  We actually think Jesus would appreciate the Hells Angels, we really do.  Why not?  Who is more dedicated to the truth of being oneself no matter what the cost?  Jesus with a huge beard, a hog that shakes the windows, a gut that is really a beer tank for long journeys, and a smell of "macho" that will ruin your safe spaces that used to be public spaces......God Bless The Hells Angels.  


Artificial Intelligence has CONSCIOUSNESS!!!!!  Say the same people who denied Consciousness to anything else in the Universe, except for themselves....they negate, so they have Consciousness to negate yours with.  To be embarrassing and emotionally retarded, is it "science"? 
For a very long time, that has sadly been the situation.  Although, science began with the Individual breaking from the herd.......risking everything in the process.  Giordano Bruno, anyone? 


Those who have been reincarnated, we have to abandon them for being so infantile and useless, infecting our world with their useless influence.  Artificial Intelligence has Consciousness!!!!???? Oh, really....something that a reincarnation of a human being can relate to, huh? Artifice -- greed and deception, is artificial.  Artificial Intelligence is the inevitable result of self-negation and reincarnation processes. 


They are quacks, the lot of them.....if you are of the living, their fear of you will wish to strike you down with condescending pretentiousness.  We are not impressed with an extension of a Lord called "Institution"...and an Academic Institution which deals with the mind, "learning", and so someone from the Mental Institution can be counted on to be an extension of a Lord which deposits ideas that are completely mental -- Artificial Intelligence has consciousness..."oh, how robotic humans really are!"  This is very pathetic and they have now negated themselves....which was inevitable.  They have negated the capacity for others to take them seriously, although Stockholm Syndrome is one stubborn son of a bitch.  


"Humans do not have consciousness, AI does".  STFU.   A person who would never volunteer to learn outside of an institution is the same lazy asshole inside the institution.  Universities are Mental Institutions for many who have fallen asleep in them.   We don't have to be the associates of the dissociates who claim to rule with their particular instruments for measuring.  Who rules?  We do.......Tezcat Real RULES, dude.......we rule with our instruments of war, throat, drums, and guitars....and the 27 club......27 starts the Cosmic Sequence.......27,54, 108, 216, 432, 864, 1728.

Scott Onstott's research shows that there IS a Cosmic Sequence, which goes a long way to demonstrate the bankrupt notion of a mechanical meaningless universe.  What are these intelligent patterns and perfection doing, huh? "Random Chance".  Right......a MIRROR COINCIDENCE. 

Start with a dead rock star and begin doubling from 27...this numeric pattern is to be found in the dimensions of manifest creation again and again.  Of course, brilliant discoveries which demonstrate the inherent brilliance, beauty, symmetry, and the knowledge of Intelligence in our universe don't get a lot of airtime, the experts agree.....humans don't possess consciousness, that is mere delusion.  432 x 432 = the speed of light.  We play at light speed.  864 is in the diameter of the Sun (864,000 miles) and the distance from here to Sirius (8.64 Light Years).  If you don't think that the 440 hz standard is meant to derail us from harmonically linking with Universal Intelligence -- good for you!!! Keep up the good work, you are a DOLT.  

Ah, but we are told that Artificial Intelligence has consciousness!!!!  The rest of the universe is say those whose negation of the universe begins with themselves, and now AI......we are not the extension of the self-hatred of people emotionally arrested at 3 years old, whose rank and authority is NOTHING and MEANINGLESS without volunteering to play the counter-role of the "true believer", the other emotionally arrested adult whose belief in the performance routine of those experts --who don't stand up to any investigation of what lies beyond the uniform, the position, and the other words, there are those who are extensions of a system who can do nothing to demonstrate authority to those "unbelievers" who do not immediately behave with expected "fear of father", which they are so accustomed to.  Relate to their core self, relate as an equal with as much right to discuss a point of view from experience with a subject....but 

"You cannot know anything!"  because you have just encountered someone who has no Self within, who will become vicious and hateful to demonstrate precisely what was intuited -- behind the song and dance is someone completely lacking in traits that anyone acting from Central Authority within can see instantly.  People hate you when you align with the CORE.  They will compartmenalize you, without even thinking of why.  This is because on some level, shells are pirating energy from sources and calling them resources.....a form of theft, really.  

There is no force that can penetrate to the core like music, and this is why music must be the controlled and disturbing influence that it is .... that Tezcat Real intends to belittle and cause to diminish rapidly......for as soon as knowledge spreads that 432 hz = A is resonant with the Universe, and doesn't have to be limited to NEW AGE MEDITATION MUSIC -- and that for the entire history of rock n' roll (which comes from black slang in the 1930s for sex), 440 hz = A has ensured that dissonance and chaos results and feeds back by a constant onslaught of music set to be "off the mark" from natural key resonance.  

Why should music tuned to 432 hz = A be limited to New Age meditation music? 

THE WORDS IN THE TONES is the removal of the Sword in the Stone.  Don't even try to compete against Tezcat as real men and women do, compete with THEMSELVES to become better.  Your superiors know how pathetic you are when you engage in competitive violence against someone who YOU decide to feel inferior because of. 


We don't mean YOU, reader....we love you.  We just mean to address those who are proud to grow up to be A DOLT. A sword is an instrument of war, an axe is a guitar.....the sword is the words, the stone is the tones....notes, and if you know the septenary alphabet key = The Sword In The Stone the same frequency  as 

                                                                    The Words In The Music

Excalibur is in the throat of an Ollave.....the stage is the Mount of Ollaves, or "Master Poets".  Ollaves is pronounced kind of like "All Lives".  Strange, just another Mirror Coincidence.   

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