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7-cipher.gif made this, showing a resonance with a 5:1 frequency; and one day I realized that this is the birth time of USA, the chart gives 5:10 pm July 4th 1776, Philedelphia, PA.  There are different versions of this chart -- getting a hold of the 5:10 chart is not a big deal, but what is a big deal is what I have uncovered -- that Burning Man is modeled to correspond with the natal chart of America....the Temple is symbolic of the 12th house cusp.


 Rites of Passage in 2011 featured the One Mile Clock - -which I was involved with building....actually, my wife and I did the most work on it of anyone, and we were the only ones to not get free tickets.....typical.  It was my Saturn Return.  Turns out, it was also America's Saturn Return....14'48 Libra....when it went exact, we were singing Happy Birthday to my wife -- who I am now convinced is a major league goddess of some kind, and no wonder we have shitty things happen to us -- "the goddess" is not welcome, at all.  UNIVERSE - that is the original way to be -- and REVERSE, is what we have -- REVERSE pulls everything into itself, into the "singularity" --- beginning with everyone hooked to flat surfaces, the screens. 


My Return was 13'55 Libra....and this happened:  not only did we manage to do the most of anyone to build the clock....(it was my Saturn Return, I was amazed at the manifestation).  I had early entry, and my Saturn Return was Aug. 20th -- the clock was up, it was a tribute to my return FIRST -- I am the secret that comes out in the open, suddenly -- to let them know "if your plan is to transcend America by contributing the most lowly, sinister and and backwards manifestations of the Destiny of the Chart, that could certainly work to ensure that things move forward...due to the lack of any contender, due to the complete ignorance of the masses, ha ha ha!!! Except, little old me and my old lady have accomplished checking off every category with the Highest Frequency Manifested Destinies.....we simply must being communicate these things, which includes overcoming DEATH -- by remembering that I was tortured to death in a rigged electric chair on Oct 17th, 1934 -- my name was Harry Pierpont - the overlooked leader of the Dillinger Gang, the very core of it all.....damn.   I relived the chair, it is a fact.  

The Justification for AI -- is overcoming death.  Well, I got there first.  Artificial Intelligence is nothing other than death....the Alexander The Great Reset is a Game Over.  

It is a fact, that if the entire occult network is focused on a warped and jammed Libra, fixing Capricorn above Cancer....that puts them in a position to have things backfire, for the Cosmos recognizes who the energy will favor.....and because Pluto is retrograde in the chart, a single individual can live out the destiny of the chart's SOUL....two people, actually....our band is ready to be the precedent of Tezcat Real America -- rock n roll heaven on Earth (also Water).  To have set oneself up for failure, by pursuing the complete destruction of Isis after raping GODDESS energy this whole time -- we were sent in, yeah...we are Royal, I suppose.  

The Right to Freedom for the Goddess Within America was won by Crazy Horse and Pretty White Buffalo Woman, on June 25th 1876 -- she was his wife, who killed Custer.  The Seventh Generation Prophecy was composed by Captain Benteen and others of the US Army.  They were denied their prize, and their tribe covered for the US Army.....because they were rebellious and made people really mad.   She was literally White Buffalo Woman, as a warrior -- and people HATED it that she was going against "tradition" (fuck you, I am not a "tradition") she might have said.   

Apparently, a warrior is disqualified for being a beautiful woman.....that is what all those pieces of turd did...and they admit, in code -- that they considered White Buffalo Woman to be also a buffalo that can be sacrificed,  when not being a woman -- the legends of the Brule Sioux subtly communicate that she was sacrificed like a mere animal "so that the people could live" (fucking assholes).



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