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For the sake of presenting myself to you….I am Aware Wolf, the extension of Brian Hoffmann who is here to personally greet you….and be honest about my whereabouts, which should not be confused with Brian Hoffmann’s location in space and time.  Sure…..this could seem like someone’s sense of humor at work, but then again…….our knowledge of patterns has taken us to this place – where we know that to notice anything which can be used, even in the most subtle way, to imbalance and dislocate a center of gravity --- especially in the Second World, it will be used….it has, it is used…someone considers these things from a perspective favoring Artifice, which believes itself to be Intelligent. 

I am Aware Wolf…and I want you to repeat that name, Aware Wolf….say it aloud with your eyes closed. Speak into the air…..”my name is Aware Wolf!  Make the vibration in the third dimension of space by sound carried through the fourth of time – and when you speak the name, it is yours to share – Aware Wolf…sure, I thought of it…but you may use it in the spoken sense – the truth is that an affirmation such as this will reach a subconscious level of awareness……where there is a wolf, who is wide awake…..who is aware. 

I am aware wolf…..and does your mind conjure up installed programs of Halloween monsters, while at the same time stripping down those cartoon characters and seeing someone like Jim Morrison standing there in its place?  That is an example of Aware Wolf……the name is of a clan, perhaps.

I am Aware Wolf….I am more than an outsider, I am the outlaw…..I was born from my mother outlaw, and raised by her……and mother outlaw is also the wife – I am not an outsider……I am not outside her, I am INSIDER.  Note:  Objection, your honor!  Is this an objection to the honor of a person?  Is it actually, “objection, you’re on her!”  The objection to honor that is at the same time objecting to another being on her…..this is not arbitrary.

There are many examples that let us know how the reincarnation of communion is operating.  Reincarnation, being a word that people are very, very accustomed to…will be a word used for the sake of convenience for a long time to come.  Malignant Reincarnation is more accurate, and delineates something that is other than the process of coming into incarnation again. 

Malignant Reincarnation: of our Goddess…turned inside out, and upside down…..into a country.  She speaks the language of poets, the Tree of Life (of the Seventh Generation Prophecy) – is the POETRY OF LIFE.   Homophones are deliberately employed……against the homophonic people…..HOMOPHONE!!

The Poetry of Life – El Libro de la Vida, with the mirror coincidence of Libra….she is Libra, when she mirrors with synchronicity.  Academics, stupid as they are….claim that modern poetry should not rhyme.  They do not know that Poetry is the experience communion with our Mother Outlaw….synchronicity – the mirror coincidences which rhyme with your mind, exact on the rhythm.  That is poetry, and most of it is unknown to those not included in the conversation.

I am Aware Wolf from this screen to your mind, the author is conscious of social displacement – such as is done by social media. Your name, your photo – your avatar – and the second world becomes home base, people walk around with their Homo iPhones, transposing three dimensions of space to the second, and trapping time in a recording.  Flat Earth….

I am Aware Wolf…..and I am the most beautiful male warrior.  I am Aware…..I am a Wolf, feared by humans more than should be – their fear becomes their hostility becomes the need to defend oneself. A highly intelligent wolf….or outlaw (outsider is Outside Her…and considering myself closer to female sexuality than most men, that I am OF a female sexuality and protector --- being Inside Her is a choice to spell my world to be better.)   How much is reality influenced by irresponsible use of words?  How IMPORTANT are words to controllers?

Here is how important they are:  a trans person…..and a person.  A person has a personal experience, say a woman knows herself from personal experience.  Her personal experience, which the transpersonal can only envy and wish to appropriate once assuming her identity…….includes this natural experience:  she can spread her thighs, and find her clit and raise herself to express a charge --- the clit can give a positive charge to a receptive organ…..say, Tezcatlipoca’s receptive organ….his dick.  People do not know, and the transperson cannot show from transpersonal experience….that there is the capacity to do what woman can do:  give the gift of the holy spirit to the warrior, who is blessed to receive the charge. 

This gift of the holy spirit – can be amplified by organizing with many other women…and this, is a RETURN TO THE START. 


The few out there who can receive this, I am grateful for you – and I hope that you can appreciate this:

I am not there for you, neither am I here for you….who is here?  I am aware of all the little ways that we cause ourselves to fall from the grace of Immaculate Reception.  One of them: a piece of writing exists on a screen, or on a page; it speaks as if the author….but there is a problem:  the author is elsewhere…this was previously written by him and uploaded…..the author looks at these words, dancing across the screen “now I am referring to myself in a third-person narrative”. 

though there is a great deal to explain, I know what is happening on a level which immediately must recognize the ultimate, absolute failure of those whose agenda has come full circle – and this is not any surprise, as I know what the situation calls for: that there should be a return to the start.

For who? For THEM – it is their return to the time when there was a decision that males would assume the identity of females, that they would then appropriate what is of the female – priestesses for example. 

As this is a band of warriors, it is a frequency band of truth – this is a band which refers you to consider Tezcatlipoca by the name Tezcat Real.  Words are a frequency – and the name of a band can cast a spell over that band – so that, what we are….is the obsidian mirror of Tezcatlipoca.  It does not escape us, whether it be the show “Black Mirror” --- which shows us future horrors made possible with technology, or whether it is simply the Black Mirror hanging from the wall – or on the desk – speaking in silence of Tezcatlipoca. 

There is a bit of evidence to suggest Tezcatlipoca is in mind – and, as there is the concept of the most beautiful male warrior – who is Tezcatlipoca here? That’s right – the author is Tezcatlipoca – but not so fast, for my friend….my brother, my sister – perhaps my lover, you are Tezcatlipoca as well.

There are four Tezcatlipocas – and perhaps I can be the most beautiful male warrior – as I do what the most beautiful male warrior would, should and could do – and the most beautiful male warrior?  Is that about “looking fantastic on the battlefield?”  Well….in the case of Crazy Horse the Pretty White Buffalo Man, who is Waterman – and Absolutely not Crazy Horse between June 26th and September 5th 1877


– who we have been able to infer was the “most beautiful male warrior”


This is hardly arbitrary --

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