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She is a barometer of the nation's psychic health, of which there is none. Do you want proof? 

People talk about E Quality.....and they have no quality E...and this is precisely the reason why youngsters on college campuses are so in love with the notion of E Quality.....because if there is E Quality in our world, and A Quality and a bottle of Milagro......there will be so much love love.......the best sex that you ever have.   Nobody knows how to have sex anymore, because they don't want to offend people's pronouns.  

People who need to have their pronouns respected, remind us of people who need to have their position of authority respected.....just because of the title.....but they themselves, are turds.   Identifuckation with pronouns is the CIA wasting your time with stupid nonsense....because they are supposed to be stopping people from the real energy of the times......

We refuse to support those who will say that "this and that" is a social construct, and a belief....and then they carry on with believing in authority figures, who touch litte girls in formal gatherings, which has people unable to imagine that when the cameras aren't rolling.....he doesn't have to be on his best behavior.   

If the person who is part of your identity group grabs people that do not want to be touched, he is touchy's innocent when he grabs a 13 year old boys ass on his way to the podium.  "He's so charmingly eccentric", but if the guy on the other team ties his shoe, he just symbolically shook his penis at all women like s piece of crap.    

Hey, our guy is taking a dump on the floor.  He's allright.  


But, we do not have Equality in this Ingreat Nation..  We have crappy stuff, people sometimes call "Molly" that, when ingested.....causes depression.  If there was Equality in the world, there would be avenues for people who have not been loved at all....and only survived growing up by whatever enjoyment there can be had from experiencing a form of love that is making fun of people who don't get Black Metal.  


"It's cheesy and you can't dance to it, at all......the blast beats are there, not to be evil and scary....but comfort those who would really have the experience Satan that had scared the be Jesus out of them, and that was by inviting them to to barn dance......and , if Satan had his band suddenly do a number that got every body shakin' their booty....and then Satan, being Satan and wanting to do OPPOSE for PICTURES with his fellow boogiers...or boogateers, whatever....and then, being most blasphemous.....make people in the audience participate....and if they don't, the hot chicks will say "black metal faggot" at them.    


Black Metal is not evil, it is afraid of shaking their buttcheeks like people who shake buttcheeks shake buttcheeks.     



All this song and dance about equality is a bunch of if life is a rehearsal for the leap into the "land of virtue"--the virtual world.  We are not concerned with "falling from grace"----being ostracized by others for not parroting the voices of extreme liars.  

We are Tezcat Real.....if we must be the lone voice which upsets people by telling the truth, we hope to multiply those voices....and see people capable of saying something which we do not fear, and it is the fear that is shared by most people in this Ingreat Nation.  

Who will stick up for a child when it comes time to argue the fine points of "systems"--capitalism.....socialism.  We are Poets, and we interpret things by what words are saying to us....they are equivalent to the voices of children which are deliberately ignored.  We are Poets, and we do not give readings in coffehaus boring blah environs.  We do not submit to be published, to anyone who would ever have a person SUBMIT to be them.  What true poet SUBMITS to be published? A Poet from 50 years ago...but now, submission for publication.....this is blasphemy to the Goddess who steers us to situations that make us as strong as we can be.....the Goddess wants her Poets capable of acting in defiance of millions.  

A goal that we state up front, is that we are the great adversaries of all usurpers of poetic avenues.....those who submit to be published.....are UNAMERICAN.  

Any act of submission to others is the negation of Poetry...and it is time that people started recognizing this, so that  our world offers no foothold for poser poets, who have no idea that the POET IS AN OUTLAW in civilization.....THE POET is the IN-LAW of the Cosmic Order.   

These particular forms of great evil, our influence in the world will see mocked for what others are unable to articulate.   Poetry courses, where someone tells you the right way to be a Poet, and tells you that there is a wrong way....and actually grades and evaluates anything that you would do.  These are the fools who are the equivalent of buddies who talk about what they would do to the women in the centerfolds and hump the side of the truck to show how they would, if they were doing that and looking their friend in the eye......and yet they are hanging out with their buddies talking like this, if they really were to have these experiences.....the other guys would avoid them and seek to diminish them. Likewise, these class clowns called poetry teachers, the ones who teach how to write poetry and actually are so foolish that they often say this:  Jim Morrison was a bad 


All this talk about equality is completely and utterly false.  She is emotionally generous, kind and accepting of others....she has none of the petty judgments that people often have....she will look directly into your soul....and this is the problem.  People 




  The proof that we are living in a very poor excuse for a country that actually would call itself "America"---the so called "greatest country ever"---we are not impressed.  Unwilling to accept the conditions of approaches to healing health problems......all that we have is a nation overrun by incompetent healers....for the simple reason that CANCER has been, for a long time, the National Taboo....

This is very strange....because the USA is a country which emphasizes the sign of CANCER---which has become a sign of ENSLAVEMENT by CAPRICORN......

What does it tell you that there is a virtual lack of exposure to the voices which will tell youth like it that they will not succumb to situations that are unhealthy for their evolution  based on the Master/Slave model of interaction.  

A person in a position of authority, whose authority derives from the position itself....rather than from the going to be a complete idiot and a douchebag.....such as doctors who are being paid very well......while she, the patient in expected to hand over her brain and believe that whatever the expert says is true....and she doesn't know anything.

It has been very upsetting to experience this---that after being put through so much, that at least she has her pride in her own voice and intelligence.  At least she has her relationship as a rock she can depend on....but around an expert whose authority is derived from the position.....a relationship which 

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