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The Great American ReinCARnation


This is the car that came after the Ford Mustang GT Cobra was discontinued, the Pantera.....which seemed to roll into a vortex in the mid 70's, and emerge as a band, called unprecedented maneuver, that has still largely gone unacknowledged by music fans. The Mustang, on the other hand, came back as a lame car......what were the intentions? Strange.   From reading a book called "The Secret In The Bible"; by Tony Bushby, I learned that "Panthera" referred to the priest class of Egypt, and there were 7 degrees of initiation. The High Initiates, those of the 7th Degree, wore panther skins and also.......were required to shave their heads.  Anyway, that reminds me of Slayer. Oh wait.....oh, Pantera.  They were a band that used to be a car, it was pretty clever of Ford to market a car that could actually FORD the rivers of the other side, and morph into a band of metal heads.  No wonder, because they used to be literally made out of metal!!! As far as I know, they are the only car to succesfully become a vehicle for playing live music, after being a car that was a vehicle for playing cartune music, on the stereo.  


Empty V, the rabbit ears on top of old TV Sets, and the ruin of many an imagination, went far out of their way to be stupid....claiming his shaved head was about "white power", which was appropriate because the subject at hand was Kurt Cobain's suicide, Phil was interviewed and he said that people shouldn't judge him, nobody knows what he is going through and the pressure.....and saying that, the response? His band t-shirt, with a band logo on it, Empty V noose said was "a symbol of white power", because it was "three interlocking sevens"...which is stupid.  Three seven's, the number of self-mastery in this world.  Then, they cut to a clip of someone they planted in line at a Pantera show that they asked to say "White Power" at the moment he saw them coming with a camera, which proved the racism.  That was a good distraction created from the weirdness of what happened to Kurt Cobain, which makes it look like something fishy was going on in the, another stupid ass ritual.   They actually felt it necessary to do this to Phil Anselmo, because his band name and his appearance, was...if inadvertently, about the Panthera priests....who knew the secret of immortality....there is no death, on the other side of your life is going to be another guy that is remembered from your remains.  Phil was out there proving to the world that reincarnation was real, he used to be a goddamn car made of metal, and he became a metal SINGER.  The Vatican got wind of this, and said "those boys who pulled off coming back from the grave, they will ruin our concept of resurrection...which happens when assholes like us assume the image of the original and demand the glory.  Make up some stupid nonsense!!!"  















Speaking of nonsense, have you noticed how easy it is for people to dismiss the archetypes of the zodiac, and ignore that car manufacturers name cars after zodiac signs? The Taurus?  Forget that zodiac brings to mind the trigger word "astrology", which stops a lot of people at the Door of Perception.  The WORD is "Ontology", and it is ontological. Carry ON, TO LOGICAL destiny!!!  It is a primary stage of disconnecting people from their own central authority existing within themselves, to bury the roots of things and displace the origins.  "The Zodiac is from nature, expressing itself through the Individual mind who is able to perceive the beauty of order that can be brought to Consciousness.....twelve palaces in a greater mansion of is the language by which God may commune with Goddess.  To know this language is to be saved from confusion, amnesia, and enslavement to the whim of all who would decieve their fellows because they have witnessed, and are unable to appreciate that a higher power operates on a level beyond the need for praise and acclaim coming from those who are unable to know this higher mansion, only able to relate to how much recognition and awe the presence provokes, which is a consequence of fame".  Oh, really? Wonderful.  

Compare and contrast the notion that the zodiac and houses are symbols of our minds on our own planet, originating from ourselves and becoming a feedback loop between our inner selves and outer experience.......with the notion that people believe that the zodiac is from outer space, being beamed to us from a great distance......and it is easy to see why rejection of the structure of consciousness is a lot easier to achieve when portrayed as absurd, because we obviously aren't just being pushed around by far away space objects, That is PRIMITIVE.  

Displace the Central Authority, and make it seem ridiculous as a foreign invasion of superstitious ideas, and the usurp that Central Authority.  Set up a game where people will fight over Centralization of power vs. Decentralization of power, an utterly false dynamic that takes place on false grounds.   Decentralization of authority, is the situation where a person assumes that it is legitimate to walk up to you, me, or anyone and expect compliance in response to giving orders.  Telling me what to do? I am Central Authority, and have never renounced my position.  

Decentralization of Authority, is very much like a map of a shopping CENTER, telling the shopper that "YOU ARE 

The Zodiac has been born on this planet, an expression of human beings.  The Zodiac is meant to be our road map of perception.  People have no trouble with believing that "thoughts are things" and your "thoughts create reality", so this shouldn't be so hard to grasp: thought is substantial. Of course, the medium of thought......which is psyche, has been "banned".  Psyche is the connective medium by which thought transmits and travels.  

The idea was supposed to be that everyone remain ignorant to this destiny, while those who know the rules of the "game" get to "win", which is a clear message to us all, once it is uncovered.....they are not the Champion, for if they were, they would not require a situation that minimizes the risk of competition.   Our world can be understood from a certain viewpoint, a really jealous and competitive father, Daedalus for example, can't stand too see the son fly high, Daedalus must give Icarus wings to fly with made for him....designed to fall apart, so he can see his rival drown.  The first thing to go wrong in the life of an eldest son, is this: your arrival is a rival.


Ford Horus.  


Notice that USA's Juno is conjunct Hoffmann 20'42 Libra, the Sun (and ruler of the North Node) is "Brian", and at 22'24 Libra...Christa and Hoffmann are the placement in my chart of my Jupiter/Sun conjunction in my own chart....a manifestation of America's desires....Yeah, I married America at some point.  Which is really, really difficult.....if you only knew.

If five and five make TEN, so does One and Nine ---like a Covid? 




"Now get drunk and go hit the streets with that track I am giving out as a free download" is one of my favorite metaphors that I use to refer to have a good one. 

3:27 pm



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I hope that I have adequately explained something that I see as a way out of the collectivistic attitude, that aims at having this communion, and gets taken in  a weird direction because of a fundamental error...and all falls by the wayside past that point.  The INDIVIDUAL experiences what communion really is, with all that exists.....emanations of MYSTERY, and this desire....becomes a parody when ONENESS becomes manifest as the socialist/communist paradigm.  The inversion and parody of ONENESS, everyone is the same.  There is no ONE, but the INDIVIDUAL.  ALL THAT IS SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM is at root, a desire for COMMUNION.  But science and religion both tell us that this world is meaningless.  


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