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A person can't name their band "Tezcat Real" without being willing to follow through on all that goes with that.....which is the sexual mysteries of priestesses.  These became "witches and demons".  This knowledge is not for the profane, and preferably women.  I have the honor and right to teach women's sexual mysteries....I have foregone and sacrificed much...and this has chosen me, I have knowing.   How to go about this.....privately.  

The Goddess is under attack, I insist that it is degrading to women to be reduced to what can be accomplished with surgery and hormone therapy.  A woman is more than that.  A woman, to capable of empathy with suffering life.  A man with this capacity is part woman, the singers.  I am androgynous and don't care.....I am a man that knows intimate mysteries of woman and I have kept that to myself.  It is necessary to not hold back, as I know what needs to happen. I am the Son and Lover of the Goddess America, she rewards me for my courage and loyalty by sending me back, that his how she is my mother....and the women I love during my incarnations are all expressions of this one Goddess America.  I am a Son of Goddess...and that will sound very arrogant, and stupid white men will make fun of it.  This is the truth, and this is why I am the only man at all with the right to call a band Tezcat Real....TECATLIPOCA is the warrior who fights for children and the priestesses.  Tezcatlipoca has his big cock worshipped by the priestesses as well, and he is an enemy of ordinary their initiation of violence against him. 

America is a Goddess entity, and occultists have it be fifty states with one DC---one district of Columbia...the DOVE.   Why? It is about SIRIUS--and it is my understanding that there were fifty priestesses to one DOVE--who would be the masculine principle....guiding imagery, being arousing to the fifty.   I can  tune into things, by empathy with inner states...and well, I am the guy who has the right to Tezcat Real and this figure it out.  

Fifty priestesses would raise a sexual charge, well practiced and trained to be able to all come together....and this is also the talent of the DOVE--or the Tezcatlipoca.  There would be a man who is a Son of Goddess, and an exception.  

You may have noticed that there is an agenda, weird stuff is happening with sexuality.  Why? Well, the dark side of consciousness...the shadow mimic, cannot create anything perverts and REINCARNATES a thing....and so we can know the truth by recognizing what is being twisted.  

America is a country that is very CANCERIAN.....and what does the word CANCER mean to you? Does it mean a nude woman with beautiful breasts allowing herself to be vulnerable by being naked, and the empathy for her vulnerability has you making her more comfortable by being willing to be vulnerable yourself? Can you spend an afternoon in the nude and not have to have it be about conquest or a payoff? 


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The important thing to consider, is that those who are manipulating our existence believe in the things that I am presenting.  A fool says that "that stuff is dumb"--with little investigation, what will my friends think? They aren't your friends if being yourself is an issue.  The wise understand that it is important to know thine enemy.  

If an enemy is into occult and arcane thing, zodiac and whatnot, numerology...than study these things so that you are equipped to make a difference that matters, rather than waste energy.  A person who tracks them according to the map, which is the correct USA natal chart, knows the agenda and how to override it. 

Their downfall is anyone managing to achieve the highest vibrational manifestation to offer to American destiny.....they offer rip offs, rapes and thefts.  They insult the Goddess, and demand that The Goddess not be awakened or all will crumble in destruction.  

Well, I exist.  Because I exist I have had to be invisible, unwanted, ignored, denied and ridiculed all my life....and also hunted by psychotics.  I am a "red alert" and having a shitty life has been necessary to stay "under the radar" until I am ready. 

The worst part, is living with people assuming I am beneath them...I have to will to achieve, when the truth is that everything amounts to nothing because I have one direction to go in, and to go in that direction is a complete sacrifice of 40, I am there.  Til now, I have lived with people assuming the worst, letting them believe will be their rude awakening.  A man simply cannot tell people what is going is not for them to know, and to say so would hurt me greatly.  

I have hardly been able to believe myself, and I simply cannot afford to be interested in disdain.  People have insane values, to offend people means I am doing great. 

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