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The Writes of Saturn's Passage 

BURNING MAN!!I  not just BURNING MAN!! but a study of astrological symbolism, deeply embedded patterns swirling through the social and political psyche, perfectly attuned to be just a MIRROR coincidence with my Saturn Return -my only father figure speaking to me that I have regard, this I ma or my not decide to allow comments for anonymous toughs to show me who's the boss instead of doing something nice for their wife or daughter, or perhaps paint the time that the clown touched you with the bowling pins.  There's always someone that has to remind me of why some men have other men beat them up. To the right, is an important and not considered important motif:  imagine it were a blanket, spread out on the ground.  The central circle would be where you stand in central intelligence, the other four could be said to be the four words, that we call directions.  North, East, West, and South.  Most people forget that watching the NEWS is a matter of being anchored in central intelligence, firmly within your center --while assessing all activity and stimuli coming from the NEWS.  When people realize I don't watch TV for the NEWS.....they think that I am uninformed, they even laugh at me like I don't know anything at all...such as knowing were to find TV.  






I had something happen to me which was so precise, and so reflective, I offer this tale to 

those skeptics who assume things about anything to do with talk of astrology, which is liable to start 

causing nervousness and trying to hide insecurity behind "I'm normal", and the sad thing is...that people only need one encounter with someone speaking zodiac talk to dismiss them as an idiot 

Learn to enjoy this, for the means of using a person's stupidity to best him is very fun.  Say, you have written something that would be heavily censored, banned...etc.  Just start with astrology and reincarnation...and the experts will chortle and act like even looking at it, is beneat them.  The book that is actually printed on sheets of LSD.  

don't trust anyone over 30, which is when Jesus began his ministry.  Also, if you do what thou wilt but are a flower will lose your looks quickly.  I still think calling oneself a "deadhead" is the same is "stupid-ass".  Communities!! 

This is Grace Slick, showing a sense of humor that I wish more women had....but not everyone gets the chance to 

spend the time waiting for your set, drinking in the bathroom and just staying there until you have to go.  She is still alive, and very very very focused on painting stuff about Alice in Wonderland, a reminder of the price of things, the harsh realities that empathy for could do a lot to prevent envy.....ah, but or society is rigged against that empathy.....and there is a specific, deliberate maneuver to perpetuate that.  There is still a great deal to learn about the counter-culture, what it meant to be, was to achieve but what it was and still opportunity!!!..To refuse the opportunity to learn incredible things, is to slap a beautiful Goddess in the face....and people do, and then end up being what is, ironically what they don't believe...REINCARNATION......who they could have been, if they never abandoned central intelligence......sigh.   I know when something is winking at me, and my wife and I had been invited to build, of all things......a giant working clock that was going to be in the Guinness Book of World Records.  It was going to be horizontal, baby.   I had no idea what amazing insights and voluntary uncoverings of the veil I was in for.  A researcher might call his work "lifting the veil", and though he does good work.....we could see that there is something sincere and genuine there. Goddess is non-local and local in the woman you share your daily life with, simultaneously.  The Poet is always between two women. 


That "lifting the veil" idea...well, it came back....had him ending up in a situation where someone was using porn to blackmail him.  Isis, the Door of Incarnation--she says "No Man Hath Lifted My Veil" and you can bet that she gets pissed, consider the last 2000 years of behavior from the total chaos called organized religion, their sublimated passions.   What is being mentioned here is going somewhere, that none of us should have ever had reason to think would ever come to be, especially not, with that in valuable it really is may know the protection of simple psychological warfare tactics ...a couple lines about reincarnation and channeling White Buffalo Woman about her favorite flavor of rain will do the trick.  


No Man Hath Lifted My Veil...yeah, she might make you hold it though.  A lot of men don't realize about Isis...that the "mere coincidence" model is closer to mirror coincidences.  Is that the veil doesn't tend to stay on very long anyway, it's just that using force to hide being inept and embarrassing, only lets her realize that and it eventually turns the menstrual show --ancient moon blood magic something with drums --to a minstrel show (black face, rather than red)  same goes for idiots who point cameras at women using social pressure to do "show your tits!!!!"  They don't get it.....if this show was populated by a lot of men who voluntarily enforce "no cameras, you bastard" ---there would be a fair amount of women who SURPRISE wouldn't even be wearing panties.  I've been to shows that showed me what women are really like: it is not about getting attention from men, specifically....with the neon net -thing that are kind of like leggings, than bare ass and all that....and a sheer bra with blinking lights.  It has more to do with mushrooms and the rare opportunity to vent that freedom, that doesn't become derailed by those types of people that, I will devote some writing to...for sure.   Count on it.  The only way a person can be outlaw these days, is more than you thought possible.  


We eventually ended up surprising these people with how much work we put into building this clock, it was to cover one mile span out in the desert, once set up there....and I knew I was going to keep being amazed at this, for.....of all things to happen to someone at their Saturn Return....that time when you are about 29.5 years, where it's time for destiny to knock on your doors and say, "hey!!! This is your work, you'll be amazed....." 

It was not at all lost on me that Saturn is Chronos, Bran, Father Time Himself.....and of all possible things that could happen to a person on a Saturn Return, here I was ......building what was to be the largest working clock in the world, knowing that the timing of its construction at the event was to coincide with the very day that Saturn Returns to the location of my birth.   I had a father that was too much of a coward for me, he told me I was a waste of his time (because where I never allowed hate and violence to be able to control me with fear, it definitely had that influence on him....and he had to see what a weakling he was whenever he would do something to completely betray me on purpose, CERTAIN that such rejection would be the end of "needing attention", but see that it was nothing to do with "attention", it was treat me so fuckin' mean, and make me unable to speak.....I'll still make a snowman dad with a knife thrust through his heart of ice and ketchup.)   I think I actually threw apples at Hells Angels riding by this one time, those Hells Angels.   I think my dad really knew he created a problem for himself, and has been hiding from me.......I am not a fresh, inexperienced soul.   

So......we helped build all this stuff, and we contributed some art to it as well.  My capacity for such things was the way into, what I felt the whole time.......was an incre




        NO ONE








Gets Out Alive.....

usa cancer is a sin.jpg




        NO ONE








Gets Out Alive.....

breast cancer.jpg
sword in the stone.jpg

Waiting for the Sun was released on July 3, 1968 

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