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If you don't know what words mean, you aren't smart enough to inter-view us.  We aren't sure that we want to be inter-viewed anyway.  We can deal with writing  interesting stuff about our experience of being ourselves.  The word inter-view is a composite of INTER and VIEW.  What is INTER? 



(be interred)

  1. place (a corpse) in a grave or tomb, typically with funeral rites.

    "he was interred with the military honors due to him"

bury · lay to rest · consign to the grave · entomb · inurn · earth up · sepulcher · ensepulcher · inhume · inearth

Excuse me? Inter-view me? No...I am planning on staying alive, thank you very much.  A person is interred in a photobook of old inter-views. If I say yes to an inter-view, I have given consent to the brutal desire that people seem to have, to view as entertainment the humiliating public death of a star if they happen to have aspects to their lives that people want to hide from.  Amy Winehouse---people were extremely uncomfortable with her vulnerability from (obvious) sexual abuse trauma, the public drove her into the grave as entertainment.  

This brings up taking pictures.  I am announcing this here, for all to that I have given forewarning. Before I found out that she had a 3D hologram made of her, as if she were being rushed out of life to make way for her replacement--I observed footage of her trying to get out of the back of a car, being blasted by the camera flashes of I don't know how many rapists with cameras. They raped her in public with light...this pathetic ritual that people have, where they exchange light from camera bulbs (symbolic attention) in exchange for an amount of HER light....and then I find out about the holograms.  The light from camera flashes is attention.  ATTENTION is the equivalent of a camera flash bulb. 

A person telling me, to cover their envy, that I created something for the sake of getting attention, is telling me the equivalent of "because you created something, you want people flashing light in your face in exchange for your inner light".  Gee, I thought that I wanted to have someone appreciate something and have something interesting to say about it.  You like it when we rape you!!! No.  

People need to be confronted about how they treat the most emotionally generous people, they owe nothing.  They are not slaves giving out what people are entitled to.  Tezcat Real is here for WAR not entertainment.  


If a person dares to decide for me that I am having a picture of myself taken and not given.....I will at least play keep away with your stupid camera, but I will probably smash it as a favor to you, so that you will be forced to interact with the world without a buffer.  I will smash your camera in self-defense against an instance of sudden social rape with a camera...and to punish a person for asserting authority over me, as an agent of the second dimension.....which means that the photographer is nothing less than a puppet and tool of evil, stealing a portion of my time serpent for himself....without my consent.  Often, a person does this as revenge against good looking people because he wishes that he was good looking, and never bothers to consider that a cowardly soul will not manifest in a form that requires courage--because looking a certain way results in constant little assassinations due to activating people's arousal which is all tied up with shame and hate....if he thought about it, he is scared of what that would be like and wants to torment what scares him....because of being something that is too scary for him to experience.  

If a person acts in such a manner with their camera, I can instantly tell that they are someone who should not be allowed to be around a child....the person considered "good looking" is often equated with "child' and people in our society do not consider children to have the right to belong to themselves.  Rape me with a camera, I just saw a guy rape a child, symbolically.  I will beat you up, then smash your camera.....if a beating will not result in legal hassles.  Everyone out there, nobody deserves a beating more than a camera rapist.  Smash their cameras against the wall and watch them cry.  


So, the interview is a process of placing something in a grave.....which would be the pages of the magazine, or whatever. Stop using the word INTER-VIEW and our attitude will begin to change. The more images and interviews a person gives (to an underTAKER?) the less his or her place in reality is secure.....with enough recordings, images, videos, articles and icon can be sustained posthumously forever.  


We are self-contained, and can provide INTEResting information about ourselves, by ourselves.  We are not cooperating or participating with the way things are typically done....that results in throwing our world in the garbage for a reduction of experience...the facts of our situation are for everyone to observe, and now we are hardly allowed to interact with each other in physical space......are we about to hear about a solution...a "virtual world" which "solves" the problems of a bleak world? 

How many words can you think of that start with INTER? 





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