Donation, the national root and octave, the alpha and omega. At some point you realize that you have both the light and right pronounce that we are the seventh cavalry, without the baggage of those whose deeds were performed by themselves while not being selves, while identifying themselves as their enemy, by having no selves.  

The Follower Children were told to Turn On the TV, Tune In to their programming, and drop out. Turn on your TV, throw it out the window like you're Keith Moon. Eckarte Tolle tells you that your physical body is the pain-body because some people are too weak to turn pain into art. The Orange Man Bad told you that the Rising Sun, Jesus, Yes Zeus, WHorus of Babylon, White Supremacy, have you seen the White Stripes? They are SIX.  Six White Stripes of Social Distancing.  The Red Stripes of the Red Nation, whose President was Sitting Bull, are SEVEN, the number of Imhotep.....the savior, that is the spiritual human being.  Did you come to believe that a red hat symbolizes a redhead or a red man, or a red nation? Did the red hat become a hatred? Are you stupid? Do you know that to make America Great Again would be to hand it over to the exiled Goddess, America? Sharon Tate? White Buffalo Calf Woman? Isis? Are you stupid? 


The Poet is the Authentic and Original Television, TV is the false light-bringer in your zombie room, that I will not call room for living, is there to steal the conception of "U".  U, of the U-niverse, is trapped in TV, as in....T-U-V.   The Poet is the enemy of U-surpers and I-mpostors, who understand the rules of the game and so do we.  Conquer the enemy that is what it can never be by its own effort, and mimic their existence, very poorly and block the original, which has failed. 

It is our job to keep the imagination alive, and it requires going to skull and courage, rather than school and college.  We know that the subconscious mind is really calling the shots, repression of this beast is a colossal mistake, we must allow what is to be felt and known. 

Otherwise, people might live in  world where it is better to give than recieve, and eventually..the artist who survived torture and rejection to heroically struggle to bring people an experience, will be considered gifted rather than the gifter, and therefore the bitch in a master/bitch paradigm where everytime something cool happens, an anti-life force decides the person giving a gift is doing it for the sake of getting approval and not any sincere interest in the joy that results from enhancing others' lives...bringing them joy.  Then, nobody wants to make an effort to be good at anything any more, because every time someone is awesome, they get spit on. 

I'm going to say that I wrote the above song myself, until Metallica sues me.  It is a lifelong fantasy to annoy them.  The above above song is meant to go with the Great Pierpont Song Heist, to help people get the joke.....that the Terror Gang is heisting St. James Infirmary Blues while distracting Mrs. Ippy with a happy experience, and we hope that you get offended immediately and feel awkward saying hi to us after hearing that part.....I went down on Mrs. Ippy's Delta, and she tasted like the bottle of wine I poured on her lap....etc. 

It appears that you have read a few books and the regurgitated what you read on your website as if you are a true genus? Your grammar is awful, you misspell a lot and your "original" music is awful. I could make better banging my garbage can and yodeling. Must suck feeling so lowly about yourself and your lack of true accomplishment in your life so far. This website is a piece of shit and if you take credit for putting all your energy into it, that is really pathetic. So my questions in regards to lets chat - how does it feel to be a free loader and take advantage of everyone you can whenever you can? Are you proud of that? Does it bother you at all?


-Robert Allen Johnson of Whitehall, MI, pretending to be anonymous is resenting that his sister is getting so much more attention from me than he is, which makes sense considering she is my wife and suffering from chemotherapy and really deserves to have a dream come true, and I will just leave this up forever....I have been to hell and back and told Satan he looks like a putz with those bowling shoes and then smacked his, projecting an issue from childhood where dada was too busy with work to stop the wild pigs from dragging you out into the forest and raping you, is a great idea for your own death metal band, 1-2-3 GO MIDLIFE CRISIS!!!


Well, I just don't know what I would do if not for these helpful hints on how to navigate my life, so I think I will have this be on the page with all the finished music I put up around it, to be self-deprecating and then pretty ladies will say, "oh Brian is so humble that he makes sure to feel really lowly when he can obviously do so much, you'd think he would be vain but he just says that he doesn't feel much of a sense of accomplishment, so it's so he never gets complacent or loses touch with life on the streets, like when Jimi Hendrix was told he was the best guitarist in the world, and replied 'oh, I think other people are way better than I could ever be". Thanks for pointing out my humility for me when it is really awkward for me to be so intimidating all the time. 


Anyway, Rob, I don't want to be your garbage can and have sex with you as you yodel, nor produce music for YOU to get famous with, go start your own band, clod....with how you molest garbage cans and yodel, we hope you can walk what you talk!  The "garbage can fuckers", I kinda like it. Do you like Shirley Manson from Garbage? I heard that you like redheads?  Thanks for pointing out my shitty website, I couldn't have cared less about it for a few months, until you made me aware that not making any effort appears to be a colossal effort, I must be some kind of a god! But I feel lowly about not accomplishing enough, it's important to stay humble so that pretty ladies will be all empathic about the contradiction like "and he doesn't even realize that he's so good looking!? He still feels like an ugly mutant with red hair, acne, braces, and taped together glasses who stuttered and got so drunk he died at a party in high school and came back with capacities he didn't have before, like invisibility..and he was rejected by everyone who was supposed to love him, and only stopped himself from suicide by connecting with a guitar, that he bought himself and his parents always stole from him after initiating extreme violence against him, because it was their idea of a good time to try to break his heart forever, and he still has heart trouble.... and if a guy ever deserved a hug!!! Thanks, Rob, you are pretty........stupid. Oh, and by the way.....thanks for noticing my shitty website, but you couldn't be bothered to notice that your sister is having a really, really, really hard time and you enjoy making it a lot worse on purpose.  Go Rob! I am going to make sure you get the attention you really deserve!!! YAY! 


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