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Our symbol of POWER; yet another fine example of the principle: the best place to hide something is right out in the open.  That's because nobody ever thinks to look there.  There is a power in doing the precise opposite of what people expect. If people are isoated from the authentic presentation of primary powers, an image such as this can bypass awareness quite easily enough.  To most people, this just means "the button that turns my computer on." 

The idea that a few could control very many is so absurd to people, how could that be possible? That is to assume, if such a thing happens.  Another idea, is that we are all doing this to ourselves, which I feel more comfortable with more than the notion of tyrannical overlords pushing the innocent around, the notion that "those are the bad guys! We have to get them, and we'll be free!'   

The "conspiracy theory" concept, is just that--there are a few controlling the many, some evil group preying on the innocent human race... as if we are being kept down, man.  As I matured, I came to my senses more about some things, and it makes a lot more sense to me to conclude that there are powerful groups who merely take advantage of what people do to themselves and others.  

I am very interested in the actual power of language, words and symbols.  How we arrive at symbols that we use, is both an organic expression of where we are at, words and symbols are living things. There are also those who know what they are doing, and entirely conscious of the messages conveyed to our subconscious minds by symbols.   

It does not matter whether or not the conscious mind understands or not, there are eternal symbols, and their presentation can influence a feedback loop, or reinforce one, perpetuating a situation so that any other interpretation and approach isn't considered, since the 

Observe people long enough, and 

What is our concept of POWER, and our relationship with the concept of POWER?

Is our concept of POWER represented accurately by our symbol for it? Does our symbol of POWER influence our concept of POWER prior to our interpretation of POWER, or does POWER preced the symbol which tells us of its nature? Who has POWER in our society, and in what context?  Is POWER in our society a manifstation and/or mirror of what our symbol for POWER describes, that we find on all of our devices?  What is the meaning of POWER? Who is in POWER, and who is subject to POWER? Or, perhaps I should say, that to object to this POWER is to become subjected to it as it objectifies who should think to object.

To turn somebody on, is a hair's breadth from turning on somebody.  Sexuality leads us to betrayal. 

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