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Humans have the capacity for creative intelligence, because nature is intelligent. As I thought about the nature of music, I returned to nature.  I thought about our Universe, this "one verse" implied as a poem or a song, and that I don't believe in accidents, and prefer to regard winks, clues, and nods when they appear in our terms.  A creative, rhythmic, image-making, clever, synchronistic and door-opening use of language and images is inferred on a fundamental level, even our DNA is structured like language.  DNA has arisen from nature, the Uni-verse, One Verse. All that really matters now is energy condensed to a slow vibration, since via quantum physics, we have established that matter isn't exactly solid or separate from the observer. Therefore, vibration can be considered a synonym for what matters, or manifestation.  Where there is manifestation, the idea must be close an inseperable complementary quality of the living, breathing dualism of existence.  Spirit and matter, idea and manifestation, mind and vibration, plug and outlet, seeds and the tree, words and tones.   


"Dualism? As in, duality!"  Yes, there are those "silly types" who have got it in themselves that "duality" is "not spiritual". Well, yeah..and that is the exact equivalent of saying  duality is "not material", great observation skills there, pardner.  Spirit is the complement of matter, neither is superior to or seperable from the other.  Information is informing the forms, logic and substance are the foundation of reality, which is a manifested Intelligence expressing itself through time, as one verse


Consider a snowflake as one small example of intelligence manifest, (ironic, I know). The snowflake is the idea of seven (six around one) expressed geometrically, found in nature.  This is but one example of evidence lending support to the notion that non-human forms are infused with thought, and all that may arise from that.  To experience existence as the manifest vehicle of intelligence expressing itself, is called natural mysticism.  This is a philosophical underpinning of my impulse to create and perform music...beyond the money, attention, dope, cars and chicks, there is an itch for mystic co-creative linking and active participation with the "IT factor" of the Cosmos. 


Music (with vocals) can be defined as ideas riding waves of sound, so mirroring the hidden meaning of the word "Universe", the one verse.  As matter is known to be condensed vibration, I often wonder if words, images, ideas, etc. might find their way into matter, into the sub-atomic realm, by way of music, which is vibration mathematically expressed through time.  "This song really matters a lot, it like..REALLY matters..and stuff," a fanatic might say, not aware that it could be exciting a deep order of existence, MATTER, with it's IDEA riding in on a vibration.  The lyrics to "The Humpty Dance"  by Digital Underground influence the subatomic realm to grow a situation in the world that would not have happened otherwise, occurring for a person unaware of its a-causal trigger on the other side of town. A guy sees "Humpty Dumpty" in a bookstore window, at the moment a car drives by as "My name is Humpty, other rappers in the top ten allow me to bump thee" being heard from the stereo, and directly across the street is a fat guy who might as well play the part in a movie about Humpty Dumpty. 


The world has drastically changed since the dawning of the music industry, especially since Elvis.  Popular music obviously has been able to affect mass consciousness, at this point I wouldn't say things are balanced and holistically aligned.  I suggest that there could be something going on more profound than merely influencing values and hairstyles. People today are disconnected and bizarre, a statement proven by the amount of phones that attend concerts with people attached to them. Perhaps our decades of cultural discharge have been various vibratory ways of planting image-seeds into space and time (which includes our minds), and the world we are stuck with now is the harvest of Dada.  Fuck.  If seeds of plants contain DNA, which I mentioned is said to be structured like language, it is worth considering the ways we might be planting the seeds of situations with broadcasted shite.  Broadcast truth, broadcast the sacred ways of the Uni-Verse.  


I say, the more high energy or intense the genre, the more mighty a wave to carry transformative images to everything that matters...metal and hard rock, are able to get images into metal and hard to get images of truth, freedom, sovereignty, and geometry through thick steel walls and concrete.  Campfire music will just not do, we're in a consciousness war, dammit!   

I find it interesting that religious folk would believe that "In The Beginning was the Word" and consider a book to be "god's word", rather than Creation itself, primarily.  When "God" (Consciousness) created the Universe "with the Word", surely it wasn't by writing on paper... this idea "The Word" would make more sense of being "spoken aloud"--or simply, sound, light, energy and idea resulted in this Uni-Verse.  There is a lot of verification for what I am talking about in the field of Cymatics. With Cymatics, you can SEE the sounds.  You ever hear people going to SEE some music? They never say "going out to hear music".  SEE some music, it's not just the mushrooms.   

We create reality in the aggregate, not by ourselves like a lot of dorks want to so badly believe...many minds focused on certain ideas and images are a great power, consider the weirdness of Super Bowl Halftime shows.  The world is idea and manifestation, spirit and matter, God and Goddess.  It's time to use this knowledge to work for us.  

The preceding insights are what have grown from a simple daydream that was happening while driving a 27 ft. rig on the Arizona HWY, with my wife and 2 cats.  This was a period of "separation from the normal world", a rather transformative time.  Briefly, I grew up being subjected to a lot of "my way or the Highway" attitude from people who wanted to control me as compensation for denying the creative function within themselves, so the HWY it was.  When confronted with that choice, I will always take the High Road.  That's what the High Way is anway, the High Road, a phrase that refers to choosing the moral path. People who use the phrase "my way or the highway", don't even realize what they're actually saying.  Most importantly, it is called the Highway as a tribute to the path of the Sun through the sky.  It seems obvious, at least to me. Choosing the high way, rather than the low road of obedience, was the equivalent of embarking on the eternally iterating and returning Hero's Journey.  My way, or the Highway! Then I did it my way, we did it our, the cats and m'lady. 


"I am the persistent traveler on the highways of heaven"-Horus.  See what I mean? Path of the Sun.  


My wife was reading "The Once And Future King" at the time, which triggered me to think about certain concepts, like "The Sword In The Stone".  While driving down a stretch of deserted desert HWY on Route 66, I went to a place in my mind and actually managed to pull "the Sword from the Stone",which was so exciting that I pulled over to show my wife my accomplishment, because I was stoned.  This experience seemed to fit in quite nicely with our motorhome monomyth.  "Hey, honey! Look!" We were parked at a nice vista, I got a pen and journal and wrote down the phrase "The Sword And The Stone", and then wrote directly underneath it "The Words In The Tones", underlining the two letters S and shifting them to the RIGHT...what I wrote looked like this:

                                                                           THE SWORD IN THE STONE

                                                                           THE WORDS IN THE TONES

"It's simply an anagram!"  Two five letter words  with an S at the LEFT side of the word, become two five letter words with an S on the RIGHT side of the word.  This began with a thought in my head becoming an excuse to pull over and enjoy some scenery, as we weren't in a hurry...just on the way to a middle of nowhere place in the desert to stay for the next month or so.  The more I sat and looked at this simple phrase, the more it sank in, and the more profound the implications became to me.  

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

― Nikola Tesla

I was reminded of that concept, are not "words" and "tones" forms of energy, frequency and vibration? Wow! "Hey, honey guess what?! I'm the 'Once And Future King'! How 'bout you make me a sandwich!"  I was feeling important, but ended up making my own damn sandwich.  The Words In The that not what music is? Lyrics set to music?  I doubt I'm the first person to realize this, but it's quite interesting.  On many further HWY drives with TEZCAT, (the cat who became the name for my solo EP), riding the dashboard, this concept occupied my mind.  Words In the Tones...Excalibur...Lyrics to Music....King Art, (King Arthur) whose 12 Knights could....correspond to 12 chromatic tones, if I feel like going there.  Why not? Words and Tones...Idea and Vibration, Spirit and Matter.  EXCALIBUR, High Ideas In Royal Tones.  


The Sword In The Stone by the way, are two symbols denoting male and female, the sword is a phallus "the penis mightier than the sword", the stone (mound) is a Goddess symbol.  Metal and Hard Rock united, can be inferred from this symbol.  Also, as the author Ralph Ellis has pointed out, the Sword In The Stone is an implied Cross on a hill.  Considering that image, The Sword and Stone becoming the Words and Tones is to go from death to resurrection.  The Sword/Stone deal can also imply rigid paralysis of masculine and feminine, the "removal of Excalibur" as the Words In The Tones" is to be in a state of spiritual androgyny, squaring the circle, as "words and tones" correspond to spirit and matter, yang/yin, fire and water, idea and manifestation, lyrics in music, etc.  various complementary opposites.

When the S in "Sword In the Stone" is shifted to the Right Side, this is when the "words in the tones" are revealed...that this is Right, is correct, the truth.  This also seems to affirm that "the pen is mightier than the sword" (you can write easier with ink than with a sword in a guy's chest). 


Two five letter words have S shifted to the RIGHT side, which is certainly the side of the road to drive on instead of the wrong side...that is where death occurs.  The Right side: Right is correct, Truth is always Right (as opposed to wrong). Death in The Left lane, a collision with the consequences of the "wrong side of the road" If I drive on the Left side of HWY, I will die.  The concept of FIVE as either left or right, makes inverted and upright stars come to mind.   To be upright, is to be upstanding, to be true.    5 and 5 are both hands, 55 is the speed limit. 


Freedom is an inalienable RIGHT.  Truth is Right, rather than wrong.  A right is also a rite, "a religious or other solemn ceremony or act", such as a "rite of communion"...but rather than communion in a controlled indoor structure of symbols, communion, or the RITE, is by Right understanding of Words (ideas, images) and tones (frequency, often expressed numerically).  The way to the inalienable right to self-ownership, necessarily involves enduring RITES of passage, initiatory experiences where one must die to childhood (dependence on external guidance) to adulthood, individual response-ability for discerning between right and wrong.  When one survives RITES of Passage, a person does not require authority, which is a word rooted in "author"...a person who writes passages. A master is merely someone who has to push someone down to feel high, and the slave gets to be free of response-ability...a victim, a person who points that the problem is "out there".  The only Master is the fader, the optimal volume ends up implying a cross.  There's that cross associated with music again.  Find the optimal volume of your words within your tones, there is Excalibur.  

Right, Write, Rite...Words In The Tones can be multiple.  The three words Right, Write and Write are the same sound (tone) yet three different meanings...that interlock with each other in very interesting ways.  They parallel the concept of the three as one deity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit triune Being, (since we're talking about a Sword In A Stone that is really a Cross on a hill).  ​Right? At it's best, a concert is a ceremonial rite, a rite of passage when being exposed to certain words in tones.  At it's worst, another dumb show circus in the world of bread and circuses. That's all we have anymore.  


The key letter S in "Sword In The Stone", I suspect there is something vital about what this letter symbolizes.  Is that not the shape of frequency, S? Turn the shape on its side, it is the crests and troughs of a soundwave as seen through an oscillator.  Shifting frequency from Left to Right, death to the RITE of Communion.  S is also the sound of blank electromagnetic tape. SSSSSS.  Falling Rain.  The Sound of Water and Fire, (pissing into a campfire) and rattlesnakes.  

S, is a serpent.  This is what the serpent represents (presents is an anagram of serpents) There are two S's involved, two Serpents involved in this simple word trick.  Two serpents, can be....the DNA.  DNA is said to be structured like language, as already stated.  DNA is said to possibly have a role in generating our experience of reality, consider the work of Bruce Lipton.  We are made of language and frequency, we are made of words in the tones...and so is the universe...a section of song, a line of poetry.  God wants to do a line with you.  U n' I-Verse....or Con-verse.  Conversation.  The prefix "con" means "with"...which implies others.  Verse with others, Converse-ation.  That is communion: a conversation.  Words in the Tones (serious, sarcastic, smarmy, silly) tones of voice to convey the words. 

S, two of them spiral around....such as the caduceus.  Five is also our physical senses...from useless to communion.  The doors of perception are cleansed.  SWORD STONE five and five, I notice again the Speed limit, 55 mph. Five and Five fingers on the wheel.  Five is head, arms and legs with five senses. 55 is a quick code for yourself. 


Are you a sword in a stone? A cross on a hill? or are you Words in Tones? You are either stuck, or living poetry.  

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