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This image deserves some degree of expansion.  Isn't it fascinating that a pyramid with a "missing capstone" is created this way, from the stacking of products using the power of ONENESS, by increasing powers of 10? I stopped at NINE "ones", or one hundred eleven million Even the products of each successive multiplication create their own "pyramids", going up and then back down from the number of one's being multiplied by each other! I like to imagine that the "missing capstone" would be a kind of "pyramidion" or some equivalent of a prism that refracts this pyramid from an original source of undifferentiated light, that very well could be equivalent to the concept of ZERO, making this image relate to the Fibonacci Sequence (and Spiral), which starts from Zero, and then come 1,1,2,3, etc.  The concept of "11:11" is to be found encoded in the Fibonacci Sequence, in a very interesting way.  The number 1 can be represented as "I" (individual unit of consciousness).  II is quite the multidimensional symbol.  Whether 11, or II; we are reading "Eleven", although written as II, it is both Eleven AND Two. The Fibonacci Sequence, starting from ZERO, gives us 1,1,...without the commas, from zero we have II.  Two ones make two, and it is Eleven, beginning the Golden Spiral.  

















When the Fibonacci Sequence is illustrated this way, we can see the "0,1,1,2"  appearing as Eleven above Two, which may remind us of 11:11, which is "double eleven", 2 of 11, or perhaps...eleven mirrored.  It is something that is at the root of existence, not only in the Spiral, but as dualism, two complementary things the "plug into each other", Yang and Yin.   









The plug and the outlet demonstrates the basic concept, which has sexual connotations.  Positive and Negative need each other, they complete each other.   I like to show this to people who have been lied to that they should "only be positive", positive and negative are both necessary.  A person who is only positive, will not engage in negative activities such as taking in information, reflecting, searching within, absorbing a situation, observing, listening, being able to say "I don't know..let's wait and see" Negative thinking is crucial to balance "positivity", which is focused outwardly.  A person must balance acting (positive) with reflection on one's actions (negative) to be intelligent.  The person who is "only positive" never questions or doubts themselves, but will always believe that they are right, which naturally leads to deluded and obnoxious arrogance.  People ascribe much mystical meaning to seeing "11:11", there is a dimension of it that certainly means to remind us that "within and without" must come together for things to operate.    



“I think much good will come from recovering a sense of life in the heavens. We are coming to see the Earth, Gaia, as alive. I think we also have to take seriously the idea that the Sun is alive and conscious. If one wants a scientific rationale for this, it comes ready to hand through the discoveries of modern solar physics. We now know that the Sun has a complex system of magnetic fields, reversing its polarity every eleven years, associated with the sunspot cycle. With this underlying rhythm of magnetic polar reversals are a whole series of resonant and harmonic patterns of magnetic and electromagnetic change-global patterns over the surface of the sun of a fractal nature; patterns within patterns, highly turbulent, chaotic, sensitive, varied and complex. As electromagnetic patterns within our brains seem to be the interface between the mind and the nervous system, here we have a parallel in the physical behavior of the sun. It is perfectly possible that the Sun has a mind which interfaces with the solar system itself as an organism. This is largely what astrology has concerned itself with.”-Rupert Sheldrake

I use the above quote quite a bit, I love it. 



The Fibonacci sequence has an interesting way of interacting with my birth, and connecting with what I prefer to imagine is my father, or my feather.  I once received a very incredible and intense energy field reading, that went double overtime, and at the end of the reading, she insisted on giving me a red-tailed hawk feather.  She never gives anyone else a red-tailed hawk feather, and the information I am sharing in public, something I have been thinking of ever since then, since this reading from a woman who used to play a role in a 60's Western, Jill Townshend, I believe (fitting, anything of the Western Genre dove...or should I say hawk-tails with my magical trajectory very hawks and I have a thing)


She mentioned that my symbol is "X".  This wasn't the most important thing, but it is all I would share.  X? What am I supposed to make of that? The X and Y planes? Then it hit me, X in the X-1.  This is the first plane, piloted by the first person, to break the sound barrier....on my birthday, October 14th 1947.  Brian Hoffmann, the mohawked situation that plays guitar at stuff, did not exist in the form it did...and it turns out that October 14 1981 is plotted as if on a node of the Fibonacci spiral spinning out from the moment that the X-1 broke through to the other side of the sound barrier.  BOOM! So, this moment is my father, actually.  


Long story short, the father I got was too much of a pussy for me.  He didn't count on what he got, and what the both of them really wanted was Forrest Gump for a son. Someone that they could relate to.  My actual father always told me that being my father was a complete waste of his time and I was his punishment for what he couldn't tell me about that he used to do, which was be a date rapist.  For more explanation, I had this will of steel and a strong moral nature, that was doing everything in my power, which included synchronicity, to expose him after he thought he could hurt me and have nothing happen to him.   All of my uncles pushed me away also, it is NOT okay or appropriate to be honest, noble, moral and upright around these Hoffmann characters, and lest you get the wrong type enters into situations, into enemy territory in disquise, in order to study the nature of the enemy as a necessary experience to know their weak points (extreme fear of the child felt when being dominated by a complete and total loser christian cowboy, who would never cop to clinging to his mommy's leg because when she went on vacation to Hawaii, it was bad for him, and made him unable to leave childhood...and what authority does, it automatically valid. Somehow.  

Someone is my father, if the one I have, while being too much of a twat to look me in the eye, tells me that being my father is a waste of his time, and the coward couldn't bother to abandon us.  That was so lame, and I thought other kids who had their parents get divorced or go to jail had a better relationship with Santa.  He ignored my requests, and instead of divorce, it was cargo pants and hysterical screaming, and swedish meatballs.  "My parents got divorced and I'm so sad now"----so? That's as big a deal as falling off of your bike.   He invested a lot of time and energy telling everyone that I was rotten and to never be nice to me, and they listened, because a child who acts like more of a warrior than how much they play pretend needs to be dominated and made into a bitch that they can spit on.  This is what their manhood is built on, that and raping women and playing domination games with other men, like artists, to project their pathetic nature upon.  

I don't care if you aren't comfortable with me.  I enjoy my own company.  



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